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Lilly held her hands up above her head as Candy stopped playing with her own tits and reached down and pulled Lilly’s top up over her head.

“*giggle* See how much more fun it is being naked!” the blonde bimbo said as she threw the top on the floor with the skirt and sweater that had preceded it.

“But… but… I’m not naked…” Lilly pouted and looked down at her panties.  She’d only put them on a few minutes ago just before the two of them had left the latest in a long line of stores at the mall.  Lunch had become a shopping trip with Candy dragging her from store to store, buying sluttier and sluttier outfits that Lilly just couldn’t get enough of.

They’d finally ended up here, a salon that Lilly had never heard of before, in a private room in the back of it.

Candy reached around and squeezed Lilly’s small breasts and leaned in to whisper in her ear, “Well, like, you totally know what to do with those…” she said as she stuck out her tongue and traced around the edge of Lilly’s ear lobe.

“Mmmm…” Lilly moaned as her fingers hooked over the sides of her panties and she pulled them off, letting Candy’s fingers slide down her abdomen and in to her waiting pussy.

Suddenly a new voice echoed through the room, “So Candy, this is the new one?” the masculine voice asked and Lilly’s pussy twitched with excitement.

“Oh my god Johnny!” Candy squealed and pulled her fingers from Lilly’s pussy before trotting over and wrapping her arm around the man, planting a kiss full on his lips and Lilly could tell there was a lot of tongue involved in it.

Eventually the two of them broke it off and Johnny looked over a Lilly, “Kind of small isn’t she?” he asked.

“Like, that’s totally why I brought her here!”

Johnny rolled his eyes, “No, not her tits Candy.  I mean, yea, obviously her tits too, but she what.. not even 5’ tall?  You usually don’t bring me anyone under 5’10” to work on.“

“Like, yea, but Miss Dover said we needed more div… div… diver…”


“Yea, that’s totally it!  Like your soooo smart Johnny!”

“Sure, sure, Candy.  Anyway, what does Miss Dover want me to do with her?”

“Like, bit tits, big lips and a totally big ass!” Candy said bouncing up and down in excitement.

“That doesn’t sound very diverse to me… but whatever.” he replied and walked over to a cabinet and brought out several vials and syringes sealed in plastic.

Lilly’s face contorted in to a concerned look, “Wha… what’s that?” she asked.

“This, just a little something I get on the black market.  Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.  Candy, if you wouldn’t mind calming her down a bit?”

Candy giggled and dropped to her knees, pushing between Lilly’s legs and before she could mount an objection, Candy’s tongue was deep in Lilly’s pussy and Lilly let out a gasp as her head titled back.

The pleasure blocked out everything else as Johnny did his work, first putting two small injections in to Lilly’s lips.  Then two larger ones it to her breasts along with two more in to each side of her ass.

Lilly’s moans grew louder and louder until she finally came once, twice, three times as Candy worked her pussy like a pro.

“Like, is it my turn Johnny?” Candy said as Lilly finally came out of her bliss induced haze, “I totally can’t wait to felt those big fat lips on my pussy!”

“Fwat wips?” Lilly asked as her eyes opened wide at the sound that came from her mouth.  Her fingers reached up and touched her inflated lips, sending waves of pleasure through them and she moaned once more.

“Sure, but just a second.” Johnny said and grabbed Lilly’s legs, pulling her bulbus ass down the leather of the chair until her pussy was just at the edge of it.

Lilly looked down to see what was happening but two large, round orbs blocked her view and she realized they were her tits.

She looked up just in time to see Candy’s naked body stepping up on to the chair and straddling Lilly’s face, the sweat smell she’d inhaled all morning hit her like a ton of bricks and her tongue instantly shot out and in to Candy’s waiting slit.

Lilly’s hands shot down to her own pussy but were blocked by Johnny’s stiff cock sliding in to her he sopping wet snatch.

Johnny grabbed her hands and pushed them up to her tits before letting go and reaching up to Candy’s ass that was right in front of him.

The mix of pleasure from Johnny’s cock, Candy’s pussy and her own hands squeezing her tits sent her in to a spiral of orgasmic bliss in which she hardly heard the loud smack of Johnny’s hand on Candy’s ass or her cries telling him to do it harder.

Candy orgasmed, she orgasmed, Candy orgasmed, she orgamsed, Johnny orgasmed, she orgasmed, Candy orgasmed, she orgasmed, she orgasmed, she orgasmed, she orgasmed, she orgasmed!

Candy stepped off the chair to the side and leaned over and kissed Lilly passionately as Johnny pulled out for the final time and he flicked the last few drops of cum from his cock and on to her pussy.  Lilly reached down and scooped it up with her fingers, raising them to her inflated lips and sucking them clean.

“Some of my best work, don’t you think Candy?”

“Oh my god yes!  Her lips are totally heaven on my pussy! *giggle*”

Johnny walked over to the other side of the chair and Lilly’s gaze followed his swinging dick, when he stood right beside her, her head naturally lowered and her lips wrapped around his deflating cock to suckle every last drop from it.

“I love how you folks get them so well trained so quickly.  Look at that, it’s like she was born a cock sucker!”

“*giggle* Yea, Miss Dover is the best!”

“Well tell Miss Dover to send this one over once a week for a while, I really want to see that ass bouncing on my cock real soon.”

“You got it Johnny…” Candy replied, her lower lip quivering slightly.

“Oh don’t worry Candy, you can come too… you’re still the best bimbo fuck I’ve ever had.”

Candy’s face lit up with a thousand watt smiled and she giggled and bounced her titties up and down, “Thanks Johnny!  You’re totally the best!”

“No problem Candy… hey, out of curiosity, what’s this one’s name?”

“Lilly.” Candy responded.

“Lilly… hummm… no that won’t do, not now that she’s bloomed at least… how about Holli.”

Holli sat at her desk and answered the phone, “Hiya honey, you’ve got Holli!” she said from between her puffed up lips.  It had taken a while to get use to them but her lisp was gone, at least most of them time, she tended to backslide when she was in the throws of passion, but the guys and girls didn’t seem to mind that at all.

“What are you wearing Holli?” the man’s voice asked.

“Oh, I’ve got on a tight white top that’s stretched to almost the breaking point, you can see my hard nipples right through it.  It only comes down to just below my tits and my abdomen is bare right down to my little red skirt.  I’ve got the best bright red pumps on that I just adore!”

“Can you do a video chat?”

“Of course baby!” she said and accepted the incoming connection, she couldn’t see him but she knew he could see her.

“I love those lips Holli!”

“Awe, thanks baby!” she said and pursed them together as best as she could and blew him a kiss before pulling back and holding her tits in her hands and giving them a jiggle.

“You want to see these baby?”

“Yes!” the man said a little too fast.

Holli pulled her top up and squeezed her nipples to make sure they were good and hard and let out a little moan.

“God baby, I love showing off my tits to you!” Holli said as she played with her tits.

She watched the minutes rack up on her display as she continued the show until the the counter stopped and was replaced by a pink square.

“Thank you so much baby, you won’t regret it!” Holli said and pulled her top back down as the computer screen went blank.  She grabbed her tiny purse and pulled her work phone from it as here heels clicked against the floor of the tile in the office until she arrived at Candy’s desk.

“Oh my god Holli, you’ve got another one?!” Candy half asked, half squealed in excitement.

“Yep!” Holli replied, leaning over the desk and meeting Candy half way for a kiss in which their tongues intertwined.

Holli pulled back and checked her phone, her new clients address prominently displayed in her calendar.

Opening the office door to the waiting car, she turned her head back over her shoulder, “And don’t forget we have a 4 o’clock with Johnny this afternoon!” Holli called out to Candy.

“Oh my god how could I forget that!  Can’t wait Holli!” Candy said and waved to her as she left.

She breathed in the fresh air and wrinkled her nose, she always hated leaving the office, the sweat perfume that filled her nostrils in the office was so much better than anything else that she couldn’t wait to get to work each day.

So much so that she’d dropped out of school and started working full time for Miss Dover as soon as Miss Domina had offered her the full time position at the company.

How could she argue with such a generous offer, and the benefits, god the benefits; Candy licking her pussy, licking Miss Domina’s pussy and getting fucked by Miss Dover.  What else could anyone ask for in a benefits package?

Holli smiled as the car pulled away and she knew it wouldn’t be long before Candy and her were at Johnny’s for their weekly appointment.  She only hoped he’d fuck her like he had last week, bent over the chair, her face buried in Candy’s pussy as Candy played with Holli’s tits.  That was the best, though really, as long as she was getting fucked, she wouldn’t complain.