“Fuck it!  Why not.” Denise said aloud to no one in particular as she sat in her room and snapped the selfie and fired it off to her ex.

“Fuck you looser, you could have had this!” she added to the caption as she hit send.

She was still bitter about the divorce, it had been a marriage of convince, as in his wallet was convenient to take money from, but she put up with a lot of shit in it anyway.

The last straw had been when she’d put on a few pounds and he’d complained about it, she’d thrown a full blown temper tantrum and dedicated herself to putting on as much weight as she wanted to.

Though that had turned out to only be a few more pounds, it had sunk the unspoken arrangement they had and he’d filed the paperwork just a few days later.

It had sucked of course, he’d made her sign an iron clad pre-nup and she’d gotten almost nothing from him.  Just the downtown condo and a stipend of $1000 a month.

Of course as soon as the split up she’d gone right back to the gym and lost all of the weight she had put on, even a few extra pounds just to shove it in his face.  By the time she signed the final papers she’d already had started thinking about upgrading her breast implants to something a little bigger.

Now, six months later, she was hotter than ever and she was just about to head out to her new boyfriends place.  God he was so much better than her ex.  He was strong and masculine, he took charge and made her feel like a real women every time he fucked her.

She stood up and walked to her front door, letting it close behind her as she left her condo and walked down the hallway to the elevator.  Once inside she pushed the button for the penthouse and a shiver of pleasure ran through her, hardening her nipples and moistening her pussy.

She stepped from the elevator as the doors opened and smiled broadly as he stood waiting for her, she stepped forward and without saying a single word he grabbed the back of her hair and tilted her head back, pushing his lips to hers and darting his tongue in to her mouth.

She let out a moan as her hands want to her tits and squeezed them, then he pulled away, pushed her around in front of him while still holding her hair and guided her towards the living room.

She felt his free hand come down and smack her ass, “Oh god yes!  Slap your horny little slut’s ass!” she cried out, he loved it when she talked dirty, calling herself a slut or a whore and it turned her on too.

He stopped just in front of the arm of the couch, still holding on to her hair he titled her head back and to the side so her could once more force his tongue in to her mouth.  His free hand snaked around her waist and up to her tits, pushing each side of her dress over until both of her tits were free of it.  Then his fingers squeezed her nipples one at a time as he twisted.

He once more broke the kiss and she moaned, “That’s right baby, twist those nipples hard!”

He obliged her as he let go of her hair and took both nipples between his fingers, pinching, squeezing and pulling hard on them as she threw her head back and gasped in pleasure.

Before she was ready for it to end, he let go and pushed her down over the arm of the couch, grabbing her skirt and pulling it up over her ass.

“Are you going to fuck my slutty little cunny now baby?  Please?  Please?” she almost begged as his pants hit the floor and he slide his dick over her dripping wet pussy lips.

“Oh god yes!  That’s it baby!  Slide it right in there!” she begged in earnest but she felt him pull back and then land another slap on her ass.

“Yes!  Yes!  Spank me baby!  I’ve been a bad girl!” she cried out and flipped her hair over to one side as she looked back as another blow landed on her ass, then another and another.

Then she felt him push up against her sphincter, “Yes baby, fuck your anal whore!  Fuck me like the slutty little whore I am!” she cried out and he pushed deep in to her ass.

He pounded her ass, slapped her ass, used her ass and she was in heaven!  She couldn’t believe how good it felt to be nothing more than a set of wholes for him to use!

His cum flowed in to her ass and her orgasm exploded from it.

He pulled out and left her lying there, his cum dripping from her ass and a stupid grin across her face as he went to clean up.  When he returned he gave her ass another slap before pulling her to her feet.

“Alright whore, your job is done, time to leave.” he said, holding out a plain white envelope.

Another small orgasm washed over her as he said ‘whore’, she loved being called that.

“When… when can I see you again?” she asked, taking the envelope form his hand.

“Same time next week, I’m not paying a whore like you any more than for once a week.” he said with a huff as he face flushed at the word once more.

“I… I… could just… you know… come over and you could… fuck me… you know… free of charge?” she said, desperately hopping he’d say yes.

“I don’t have time to fuck a whore more than once a week.” he replied and he shoulders slumped, “But maybe if you were to get those ass implants we were talking about…”

Her whole face lite up as she nodded her head, “Yes!  Yes I have an appointment with my surgeon on Monday!” she cried out.

“Good, why don’t you see if he can make those tits any bigger while your there?”

“Of course!  I’ll ask!” she nodded as he slapped her ass once more and she headed to the elevator to head back home.

Dan watched his ex-wife’s ass sway as she headed to the elevator and wondered if she would ever realize who she was really “dating” or if the programming from The Perfect Divorce company was so strong that she would never be able to see him for who he really was.

He guessed it didn’t really matter, he’d already had his fun over the last six months, the rest was just a bonus.  If it came to an end, so be it.

Though he had to admit he was interested in see exactly how far he could push her.  He’d been visiting a lot of sites on the Internet and what he’d found out about extreme plastic surgery had intrigued him more than he thought it would.

Of course he might have to up her “allowance” if he wanted her to go that far, after all most of the most extreme proceedures weren’t legal here and she’d have to go over seas to get them done.  But he was fine with that, after all he’d saved a fortune on the divorce.