‘Ugh…’ Darla thought as she looked down her nose at the small, dumpy, balding man approaching her, ‘Doesn’t he know I’m way out of his league?’

Most men were of course, at least in her own mind.  She was here with David, her current boy toy doing some window shopping.  He didn’t have any money per say, only pulling in $150k a year from a small trust fund, but she did like the way he performed in bed.

She was just between sugar daddies at the moment and he provided an adequate distraction in the mean time.

“Hello Miss, I’m Mr. Schwartzel, is there anything I can help you with?” he asked an Darla raised an eyebrow as a smile crossed her lips, perhaps she had been too quick to judge… Schewartzel’s Fine Jewelery was legendary and the owner… well he was more than just a legend, he was single.

“A pleasure to meet you Mr. Schwartzel, I’m Darla.” she replied, extending her hand and he took in in his own and laid a gentle kiss on the back of it.

“What is a beautiful woman like yourself doing in my humble shop, my wears pale in comparison to your radiant beauty.”

She smiled her best back at him, “Why thank you Mr. Schwartzel, but you know what they say, diamonds are a  girls best friend… and you can never have too many friends.”

“True, true.  Perhaps I can show you something from my private collection?”

“Why that would be wonderful!” she chirped and threaded her arm through his as the walked back in to her depths of the store.

Darla looked around the the walk in vault, jewelery sparkling in every nook and cranny, “Now this one is especially nice.” Mr. Schwartzel said and pointed to a large diamond ring, picking up the case and showing it to her.

Her lips formed an O as she let out a small gasp as her finger reached out to touch it, stopping just before reaching it, “Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Schwartzel, may I?”

“Of course my dear.  And call me Larry.”

“Thank you… Larry.” she replied and gave her most innocent look as she took the ring from the case and slipped in on her finger.  It only made it ¾’s of the way down but it was still magnificent.

Then, just to spoil the mood, her phone buzzed once more and she knew it was David again.  Couldn’t he get the hint and go away?

“You know, Darla,” Larry said as he took the ring from her finger and replaced it in to it’s box, “I think I have something just perfect for you.  Just wait here for a moment would you?”

“Of course Larry, I’d be delighted!” she replied and stroked his arm just before he walked out of the vault.

She quickly pulled her phone out and texted David, ‘Busy. Go ahead without me. Will text you later.’, and then stuffed it back in to her purse.

A few minutes later Larry walked back in, holding another small box.  He came over and opened it up for her to see, another stunning ring, but this time it had a deep red gem as its center piece.

“This is a very old gem, passed down for generations in my family, though I’ve had it recently reset in to a new setting.”

“It’s incredible.” she said as her fingers touched it and a tingle went up her arm.

She thought she might drop it the sensation was so strong but after a few attempts she managed to slip it on her finger and slide it all the way down.  It fit perfectly.

“See how deep and flawless the gem is?” Larry asked as he took her hand and held it up slightly.

“Yes… so beautiful.” she replied as the tingling continued.

Larry ran his finger across the face of the gem and Darla let out a gasp as it felt like his was rubbing her clit.

“Oh god… Larry…” she let out as a small orgasm crashed over her as he continued to stroke the gem.

Her mind was spinning as he continued and the orgasms did as well, eventually she felt him slip his had around the small of her back and started to lead her from the vault.

He was still rubbing the gem, she was still orgasming, she found it hard to walk and so she leaned against him for support.  That only made it worse and her knees almost gave out from under her.  Be he held her stead and they walked deeper in to the store until they arrived at his office.

Her mind was still spinning when he finally stopped rubbing the gem and she felt… disappointed?  Sad?  Empty?  

The feeling was hard to describe but she knew she didn’t like it.

“There are a few other thing I’d like you to try on, you don’t mind do you Darla?”  Larry asked as he took her purse from her hand and set it on his desk before walking around behind her.

“I… I…” she stuttered as she tried to understand what was happening, something told her she should say no, but she was finding hard to form the words.

Then Larry reached around from behind her and stroked the gem once more and she shuttered with another orgasm, any thought of saying words vanished from her mind and she stood there as Larry unzipped her dress from behind.

It fell to the floor and Larry bent down, lifting each of her feet in turn and pulled the dress out from under her.  Then he walked over to his desk and picked up three small pieces of jewelery before return to stand in front of her.

She didn’t recognize what they were until after the first one was attached to her nipple.  The clamp sending ripples of pleasure through her body as her head slumped backwards and her moans grew louder as the second one was attached.

He stroked the gem on her ring finger several more times and the orgasms pushed out the last thoughts from her mind as she only barely managed to stay upright.

He then bent down, used his fingers to spread her pussy lips apart and attached the third one directly to her clit.  She came so hard that she thought she might snap her own spine, but she somehow managed to stay upright.

He returned to his desk and picked up one last one item, she could see the same dark red gem on it but it was bulbous and far too large to be a ring or other piece of jewelry she would wear. He returned to stand behind her once more and pushed her forward a few steps until she was just in front of his desk and then bent her over at the waist.  The nipple clamps touched the desk and sent several orgasms though her until she felt him spreading her feet apart.

The next thing she knew something pushing up against her sphincter and she managed to stutter out, “N… n… nnnnnnooo!” until she felt the same rubbing of her clit and the orgasms that followed it.

Somewhere, deep in her mind she realized he was rubbing the same red gem on the bulbous thing he had taken from his desk, the thing he was pushing in to her anus, the thing that was sending orgasm after orgasm through her.

He rubbed it and she came.

He slide his dick in to her and rubbed it and she came.

He pushed deep in to her, sending her nipple clamps slide along his desk and she came.

He pounded her pussy as he rubbed the gem in her ass and she came.

She came and came and came as he continued to rub the gem until she finally lost consciousness.

Darla woke up some time later, she wasn’t sure how long she had been laying on Larry’s desk, but it was long enough for him to take the ring from her finger and the clamps from her body.

She smiled as she felt the gem still firm in her ass and managed to push herself up from the desk to she Larry standing behind her.

“How are you feeling Darla?” he asked.

“Horny!” she cried out honestly and smiled from ear to ear.  It was true, her nipples were still rock hard, her pussy was still dripping wet and she wanted nothing more than to jump him right where he stood.

“I’m sure you are, but right now I need you to get dressed and go home.  Then you’re going to dump your boyfriend so you can be my horny little sex kitten.  You’d like that wouldn’t you Darla?”

She nodded vehemently, “Oh god yes Larry!  Yes!”

“Good girl.  Oh and go get your nipples and clit pierced as well.  I have some permanent jewelery I’m going to install on you.”

“Of course!” she said as she grabbed her dress and pulled it up, the reached behind herself and pulled the zipper up as far as it would go.

“Could you… please?” she said as she pointed to the zipper and Larry finished pulling it all the way up.  Then his hand ran down her back and on to her ass, his fingers pushing between her cheeks and stroking the gem once more.

She came one last time before she left the store and headed straight for a piercing place she knew.

She couldn’t wait for Larry to give her more jewelery, she knew it would make her cum like the horny little sex kitten she knew she was going to be for him.