Welcome to my first post here on WordPress.com, I’ve downloaded the full backup from Tumblr and will no longer be posting anything new there (well, perhaps one last “important links” reminder).

I wanted to give a quick update on what I’ve found so far for alternatives:

  • Sharesome: Didn’t like the post formats as it wasn’t tailored to my longer post style.
  • Blogr: Very limited text fields.
  • Mastodon: A better Twitter than Twitter, but it’s still Twitter 😉
  • bdsmlr: I do have an account her, but it’s mostly just to follow some of the other blogs that have gone to it.  At the moment it seems pretty unstable, will keep an eye on it.
  • Discord: There are a couple of servers that have popped up trying to keep the community together, I’ve joined a couple but I don’t really like Discord.

I’ve also been looking around at some self hosted options, I’m very much interested in the ActivityPub standard and if that can take off (which it looks like it has some pretty good traction so far) I might look in to hosting something myself.

Anyways, welcome everyone and thanks for following me once more!