Cupid, or at least a Cupid, looked down at the human sulking on the park bench and winced. She’d seen so many like this; middle-aged, set in their ways, and with no prospects. But here she was, assigned to find him love.

Her tiny white wings flapped as she hovered, invisible to all around, above him and contemplated the options. A young redhead on the other side of the park was single, but there was too much of an age difference. An older blonde was just getting out of her car but Cupid could tell she “batted for the other team” and that was a big no-no.

The rest of the people in the immediate area were already spoken for.

She looked down at the bench and nearly panicked as it was empty, but she caught sight of him walking along the sidewalk towards his home and she flew over to him.

As he walked she checked the others that passed by for a match; wrong religion, too dominate, not dominate enough, way too young… the list just went on and on.

Finally he arrived at his building and walked up the steps and in. Moments later he was in the elevator and then at his apartment door. He unlocked it and went inside, closing the door behind him.

Cupid frowned and phased through the door to see her assignment once more and was met with a sudden jolt of electricity as she fell to the floor and gasped.

She looked up and saw the room’s walls covered in writing and glyphs as the power continued to flow in to her until she suddenly realized he was looking down at her.

Not through her, but right at her. Theirs eyes meeting as a smile crossed his lips.

“What’s happening?!?” she cried out as the energy pulsed once more and her body convulsed.

He didn’t reply as she felt her body collapse on to the floor as she passed out.

Que held her hands behind her head, holding her long hair up in a bun as she looked over at Kevin, a small smile crossing her lips, “Like this?” she asked.

Kevin smiled back, “Oh that’s wonderful Que.” he replied and her smile broadened.

Kevin had been a god send, he’d found her naked and with no memory and taken her in to his home. Giving her everything she could ever want and in return she’d found herself hopelessly falling in love with him.

So she didn’t mind playing these little games he liked to play. He especially like this one, where she wore the special harness with the two little black wings on it. She didn’t know why, but for some reason they felt like they should be there.

Kevin stepped over to her and kissed her on the lips, their tongues intertwining as she held her hair up.

He broke it off too soon, but placed his hand on her shoulder and guided her to her knees, his hard shaft bobbing up and down in front of her face until she took it between her lips.

Kevin looked down at Cupid and smiled, her lips around his dick, her two small wings along her collar-bone. They had once been attached to her back and white, but the spell he’d written on every wall of his apartment had corrupted her, turning her wings black and causing them to falling from her back.

He had spent decades waiting for a Cupid to finally arrive. His power in the dark arts was far too great for the gods to not want him to procreate and pass on his gifts, so it was only a matter of time until one appeared for him.

He had of course taken her immortality for himself and so there was no need to procreate now, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to enjoy the fruits of his labour none the less.