SolarGirl raised her hand to her head as she set her heel on the coffee table and stood in position as she could hear Dex coming in the front door of her condo.

She placed her hand on her waist right where the tight band squeezed in to her waist as she held the frilly skirt with the other hand and then looked straight forward and put on a wide smile and pushed her tits out.

She could still feel the chip in her head gently guiding her, though it was nothing like it had been for the first few months. She could still remember it’s firm grip on her mind as it squeezed her every thought in to the direction that it demanded.

She had fought it of course, with every fiber of her being, but it had turned out to be impossible to resist. She could still picture her naked reflection in the full length mirror when she’d woken up from the surgery that had installed it.

Her head devoid of hair, the scare encircling the entire crown of her head, and not being able to move a single muscle as Dex stood beside her gloating.

At the time she hadn’t know what had happened, but Dex had taken great pleasure in describing it to her in excruciating details. How he’d captured her and used a Rayton laser and scalpel to literally open her head and insert the control chip that held her in place.

It had only taken a day or two for the scare to heal and disappear. At the same time stubble formed on her head and within a week she had a full, if short head of hair back.

Of course during that time she was also being put through her paces, a series of tests and commands had been given to her and she’d fought them the best she could but the chip simply puppeted her body until each one was complete.

Days had turned in to weeks, weeks in to months, until she had finally given up. If she fought the chip, she was forced to do the tasks anyways. If she didn’t fight it, she at least didn’t have the crushing disappointment of failure once more.

Once Dex was satisfied that the chip was fully functional, he’d turned her loose. Letting her return to her life unable to tell anyone what had happened. All she could manage to tell her teammates and friends was that she’d been captured, held and escaped.

But she knew the truth, she had spent the next few months slowly withdrawing from her life. Retiring from superhero work, cutting off friends and family until finally she was alone.

She’d sold her condo and moved in here, one of Dex’s many buildings across the city.

The first time he’d shown up, unannounced and with his own key, she’d wanted to scream at him and throw him out. But instead she’d smiled and welcomed him to her home.

Moments later she’d been bent over the arm of the couch and had the fucking of her life.

She’d never imagined sex could feel that good, and she’d fucked some of the most powerful hero’s on Earth and a few other planets as well. But something about his cock slamming in to her pussy had satisfied her in ways that no man had before.

And so here she was, months later, dressed up like some two-bit floozy of a mistress, waiting for Dex to walk in to the room.

When he did her knee almost gave out from under her as he stepped up to her side and ran his fingers long her raised leg, then down between her legs as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

“I see your already wet Kiri.” Dex said, it wasn’t a question but a statement.

“Yes Dex! I’m so horny… please Dex…” her eyes pleaded with him as he smiled and played with her body.

“Please what?” he half sneered at her.

“Please… I… I need you inside of me. I need you to fuck me. Fuck me like the horny slut that I am Dex!”

He grabbed her waist and pulled her back between the couch and the table until she was at just the right place for her to bend over at the waist and steady herself with her hands on the table. Then he grabbed her skirt and ripped it from her body in one swift motion, exposing her bare ass and pussy to him.

She heard his pants hit the floor and she wiggled her ass and moaned. Then she felt his hard cock slide over her dripping wet pussy and bit her lower lip, emitting a much louder second moan.

Then, without further ado, he pushed his cock in to her ass and she cried out in pleasure, “OH GOD YES DEX! FUCK SOLARGIRL’S ASS!”

She wiggled her hips and pushed back against him with each stroke in and out of her ass, her body needing no guidance from the chip as the pleasure coursed through her.

When he finally came inside of her it was like she had been bathing in a thousand sun’s, the energy running through her body exploding in pleasure.

By the time she had recovered, he had already left, leaving her splayed out on the floor between the couch and the table, his cum dribbling out of her ass.

She knew what she had become of course, just a booty call for her arch nemesis. But she also knew that he had a dozen other’s like her, ex-heros that he’d captured, chipped and put up in buildings across the city. She’d seen the announcements of as one by one the most beautify heroines in the city “retired” from hero work and the public life, never to be heard from again.

If Dex got bored with her and decided she was no longer worth the money to keep, well, who knew what he might decided to do with her. So if that meant she had to be the best booty call he had in the city, well, she’d be damned if she wasn’t going to do everything she could to make sure she was.

Even if that meant going beyond what the chip in her head wanted her to do and cumming like a complete anal slut each and every time Dex cam in her ass.