Vicki looked up at the fluffy cloud and a giggle escaped her lips as she laid back on the pool float. The oddly shaped cloud reminded her of her past as a crime fighter for some reason, and whenever she thought of those times the silliness of it all made her giggle.

What had she been thinking back then?

Oh, sure, her powers made her fast and strong, but it just seemed so ridiculous now that she’d dressed up in the tight blue and white spandex to traipse around the city. Ok, she had some success, capturing a few minor villains and all, but the Doc had explained how it was all just not what she was meant for.

It was a little fuzzy, the memory of her first meeting with the Doc, but she’d left it with a nagging suspicion something was wrong with her life, even if she hadn’t captured him.

The second time was clearer, she’d burst in on him and his henchmen and taken them out quickly, only to stumble when she’d finally confronted him. There had been something different about him, he seemed… larger? More confident? More… imposing?

It was hard to pin down, but by the time she recovered he had escaped a left her looking around the room confused.

That confusion had remained with her for the next several days and she managed to make a fool of herself in public several times, botching simple robberies and other hero work that should have come easily to her.

Their third encounter had been humiliating for her, so much so that it still turned her on when she thought about it. His henchmen had managed to pin her down when the Doc stood over her, telling her how much of a silly little hero she was thinking she could defeat him.

His presence was like a ton of bricks on her shoulders, she looked up at him and whimpered, her lower lip quivering as she apologized… apologized!… to him.

He’d shook his head and walked around behind her and told her how she’d been a bad girl and proceeded to spank her for several minutes as the henchmen all chuckled around her as they held her firmly in place.

They’d left her laying there on the floor, a mess of need and shame, the confusion so strong that she only managed to get up several hours later. And unlike the last time, the confusion never really left, oh it had passed slightly, but it was still there. Every few days when her head seemed to be clearing she found herself masturbating to the memory of the Doc spanking her, which brought it back every time.

By the next time they meet, she didn’t even try to fight his henchmen. Instead she let them guide her back to him and she dropped down on to all fours without their assistance. He spent several minutes telling her how much of a needy little slut she was, spanking her ass, right up until he slide his cock in to her pussy.

It was the most incredible feeling she’d ever had and without even thinking about it she eagerly agreed with everything he’d said.

When he’d finally pulled out and cum all over her ass, her own orgasm had rocked her so hard that she’d collapsed on to the floor.

She’d woken up some time later, the Doc had left, but beside her on the floor was a small card with an address on it. Some how she’d known exactly what to do and headed home to change.

When she arrived at the address and rung the bell, the butterflies in her stomach threatened to over take her, but she managed to keep them down until the door opened and the Doc stood in the doorway.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her in, closing the door behind her as she let out a gasp as their bodies bumped up against each other. Her pussy was buzzing, her nipples were hard, her mind was awash in need and she didn’t hesitate to drop to her knees and fish his dick out from his pants.

She swallowed every last drop of his cum, sucking on his deflating shaft well after the last of it has flowed from his balls.

She’d left any silly thoughts of being a hero behind that night and moved in with him right away.

The Doc had told her what a silly little slut she was and she knew it was true. Just like he’d told her she needed big fake tits and lips, and a new wardrobe too.

“Vicki, get your ass over here!” the Doc called from the other side of the pool and Vicki looked over at him.

“Like, right away Doc!” she called back and swung her legs in to the water before stepping out of the pool, toweling off her feet and putting on her six-inch heels. She clip-cloped her way around the pool, swinging her hips and tits as she did so until she stood in front of him as he reclined on the sun cot.

“Like, what’s up Doc? *giggle*” she asked as she jiggled her tits.

“Quit flapping those lips and get them wrapped around my cock!” he said and she didn’t need to be told twice.

Doctor Metronome looked down at the city’s champion sucking his dick and smiled. She’d thwarted so many of his colleges in the past that he’d feared she’d do the same to him, but like so many, she had succumbed to his power without even realizing it.

Normally it only took a few seconds for him to put someone in to a deep hypnotic like trace with the subsonic sound waves that emanated from him, but it had taken longer with her, if not much.

She was more resistant as well, but after a few encounters she had been putty in his hands and soon she was no threat to him at all.

He had very much enjoyed watching her flail around on TV after the first few encounters they had, her mind no longer able to keep up with her body, she quickly became a laughing-stock in the hero community. He’d considered just leaving her like that, forever trying to fight crime, only to embarrass herself each time, but she’d stirred something deep inside of him.

He wasn’t sure how long he’d keep her for, but as head bobbed up and down in his lap, he was pretty sure it would be a good long while.