Lindsay snapped the selfie and sent it to John before leaning back in the chair, pushing her tits out, opening her mouth slightly and pressing a finger against her lower lip and sending another one.

God she was so horny, “OMG… like I totally need your cock baby!” she texted him and her free hand slipped down between her legs and rubbed her pussy.

Her phone vibrated and she checked her messages, “Hang tight slut, be there soon.”

She gasped and rubbed her pussy through her cut off jeans, desperate to cum but knowing that she wouldn’t until he let her.

Eventually she gave up trying and pouted, heading in to the house once more and going straight to the bathroom to get ready for his arrival. She applied a coat of glossy pink lipstick, did her hair, and shaved every inch of her body below her head just to be sure.

When she was satisfied with the results, she stood before the mirror and smiled before a frown crossed her lips as she looked down at the empty holster that was strapped over her shoulders.

It… it had been her fathers, yes she was sure of that. He’d given it to her when she’d graduated from the police academy… hadn’t he?

Of course he had and he’d been so proud of her when she’d made sergeant… though he’d passed before he saw her make detective…

That was right… she had made detective quickly and been partnered up with John. They’d worked for a few years together and then… and then…

She shook her head, what had happened? She tried to remember. Something had felt off… hadn’t it?

Yes, she’d become suspicious of her partner, he’d looked the other way in several cases that all seemed to be related to… something.

She concentrated as hard as she could and an image suddenly flashed in her mind… the sign for the Pink Bunny club. She gasped as it was accompanied by a wave of pleasure throughout her body.

A flood of memories came racing back; confronting him about it, his denial, her following him to the club afterwards, her bursting in to the back room catching him talking to the owner, threats from her and him as she stormed out of the club. And then… and then… nothing.

She bolted from the bathroom straight to the front door, desperate to leave before John returned. She opened the door and ran right in him, his strong arms wrapping around her as she looked up in to his weathered face.

“Hey now Lindsay, where do you think you’re going?” he asked, squeezing her tightly to him.

“I… I’ve got to… got to go…” she managed to get out before he lifted her from her six-inch heels and took her back in to the house.

“Go… but I just got home? Didn’t you say you needed me?” he said as he set her back down on to her feet and closed the door behind him.

Her lips parted and her eyes went wide as another flood of memories came racing back. Waking up in a dark room, naked strapped to a chair, the owner of the Pink Bunny club smiling in front of her. The drugs and physical stimulation ravishing her body as the sound of his voice played over and over again in the room, until she could take it no longer and she’d let his words in to the deepest parts of her mind.

Eventually she had been set free only to resign from the force and start working at the Pink Bunny club. She spent months dancing for the customers, learning how to be the perfect sex object for them, shaping her body through exercise and surgery, until she had been called in to the owners office.

He had a special assignment for her, something that she was made for and she’d been so happy about it.

“John… please…” she managed to get out before his hands found her waist and twisted her around, pushing her forward towards the couch in the living room.

“Oh come on Lindsay, you know you want it. Just say it and it will be yours.”

Before she could reply he pushed her down over the arm of the couch and in one swift motion pulled down her shorts. She felt his fingers run across the lower part of her back and the memory of the tattoo gun came flooding back.

“After all, you do know what day it is, right?”

The memory of the reflection of the words that adorned her lower back sent a shiver of pleasure through her, “Happy Birthday Johnny!”, her lips moved silently as she formed the words and her entire body shivered in response.

Her pink lips quivered as she fought the growing need to say the words, but eventually she lost, “Oh my god baby… I… I… I need your cock!”

An instant later she felt him drive in to her ass and she cried out as the pleasure washed over her. He grabbed the leather straps that criss crossed her back and pulled her up from the soft cushions of the couch as he slammed in and out of her tight rear entrance until she finally felt his cum enter her bowels and her own orgasm crashed over her.

John looked down at the quivering body of his ex-partner and slapped his deflating cock against her perfect ass several times before reaching down and pulling his pants up.

Three years ago she’d almost ruined him with her constant snooping in to his affairs, but she’d made a mistake in confronting him in the Pink Bunny. The owner didn’t take well to threats and he knew she wouldn’t be a problem after that.

Though he had to admit he was a little surprised when eight months later the owner had called him in to his office and instead of asking for another favour, which John would have only been too happy to provide, Lindsay had been standing there beside him, all wrapped up with a bow on top. She had been facing away from him, her ass standing out proudly displaying the tattoo just above it.

He’d taken her home and she hadn’t left since.

But his favorite day each year was his birthday when just a little bit of the old Lindsay bubbled up to the surface until he fucked it right back out of her.