Karen got up on to the counter and placed her hands on the surface of the mirror, letting her face go slack it slowly twisted in to a visage of fear and panic. Taking back control she grin wickedly, she liked to do it every once in a while to see how Karen was making out on the other side of the mirror.

The poor little thing had thought she was so smart, conjuring a demon inside of a mirror so it couldn’t effect her. But Karen knew far less than she though and it had been easy for the demon to wiggle around the spell and swap places with her.

By the look on her face, Karen was not enjoying the company of the other demon’s as much as she was enjoying having a human body once more.

Karen stepped back to the floor, smoothed her leather pants and posed in front of the mirror for a moment before heading back out the floor of the club.

The old Karen had wanted such simple things from the demon; to be more popular, more confident, more successful. But the demon had much bigger plans and had quickly made more significant changes.

Leaving Karen’s old life behind had been easy, she was hardly missed. Starting her new life had been just as easy after the demon had made a few improvements to Karen’s body.

Karen wiggled her ass as she strode through the club, passing by men with half-naked women on their laps as several dancers spun around poles on the stage. She moved easily through it, her confidence obvious to anyone that caught a glimpse of her until she eventually found the man she was looking for. He was unimpressive, in his early 20’s, with thick rimmed glasses and a nervous disposition, but she knew what he would become.

She put on her best smile and wiggled her ass as she passed by him before turning around and siting beside him, “Well hello handsome, do you mind if I join you?” she asked with complete sincerity.

The man blinked and stuttered… “Ugh… s… sure?”

She placed a hand on his chest and leaned in even closer, “Well thank you, I’m Karen.”

“Oh…oh I’m David.” he responded hurriedly.

“A pleasure to meet you David, tell me, I saw you staring at my ass, do you like it?”

“Ugh… ugh… yes!” he replied and jumped a bit as her hand moved down his chest towards his crotch.

She leaned in until her lips were just a hairs breath away from his ear, “You know…” she whispered, “I love a man in glasses…” then her tongue darted quickly in to his ear as her hand reached his stiffening cock.

Pulling away, she grabbed his hand and stood up, “Come with me David…” she said as she turned around and placed his hand on her ass. She took a step forward and his hand didn’t leave it as he stood up and followed her to the VIP room.

She grinned as a dark red glint passed across her eyes, he would be so easy to lead down the path she had been sent to take him. He would be putty in her hands as he rose from mayor to governor, from governor to senator, from senator to president. And she would be right there at his side, guiding his every thought and decision until one day her lord and master took him for his own.