“Master I hope you are happy I have brought her to you… I know you have wanted her for quite a while.” Chrissy said as she held her friends head in her hands and looked at me with reverence.

“Christine! What are you saying! What’s happening!” Tonya half whispered as her friend gently stroked her hair and for some reason it seemed to calm her.

I smiled as Tonya turned to look at me as well, confusion in her eyes as her mouth hung slightly open, “How… how did I get here…”

“Well, if I had to guess, I’d say Chrissy slip a little something in to your wine at the book club meeting… Chrissy?” I replied, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes Master.” Chrissy said, lowering her head in mock shame and pouting.

“A little something to make her pliable… and something else?”

“Yes Master *giggle*” Chrissy said as her hand slide down from the side of Tonya’s face to her latex bra and squeezed Tonya’s small breast.

“OH GOD!” Tonya let out as a half exclamation, half moan as her mouth opened and Chrissy took the opportunity to kiss her, probing her friends mouth with her tongue as she did so.

Moments later Chrissy was on her knees, her face buried in between Tonya’s legs as she lapped at her friends pussy.

I could see Tonya’s breath growing ragged, her pupils start to dilate and her hips move in time with Chrissy’s licking so I stepped in close, placed my hand on the side of her face and turned her until our eyes met.

“Puh… puh… please…” she begged as my mind pushed past her diminished defences. She was so close to orgasm that I almost missed my opportunity, but I managed to just take control of her and stop if from cresting as Chrissy continued her assault.

Tonya’s eyes were wild, she knew something was wrong, she should have cum by now, but it wasn’t happening.

I smiled wickedly at her, “You understand, don’t you?”

Tonya managed to nod her head in agreement.

“I control your orgasms now, if you want to cum, you have to submit to me.”

Her eyes darted back and forth as I watched the cascade of activity in her mind. It was so much fun to watch each pathway light up from an idea of how to get out of her situation, only for it to go dark as more and more pleasure came from Chrissy tongue.

Finally there was only one pathway left lit up, the only one that could be left and Tonya’s lips quivered for just a moment before forming the words, “Yes Master.”

I released the block on her mind and an earth shattering orgasm was released. Every pathway in her mind was alive with pleasure as her body twitched and spasmed, pushing as hard as it could against Chrissy’s face still buried between her legs.

When it finally ended, Tonya’s body hung limp on the wall and Chrissy rose up once more, taking her friends head in her hands and holding it as she kissed her once more, sharing the taste of her pussy between them.

“When she recovers let her down and get her cleaned up. I’ll expect the two of you in my bed tonight.” I said as I walked from the room and shook my head.

“Yes Master!” Chrissy enthused after breaking off the kiss for just a moment.

This was the second of Chrissy’s friends that she’d brought home, perhaps I was going to have to have a talk with her… but then again, her friend Angela had some of the most impressive tits I’d seen in a while. I was curious to know if they were natural or implants. Perhaps I’d wait to have that chat with Chrissy for a while and see how things developed.