“Uhm, like, how did I do? *giggle*” Patti asked as she swiveled out from behind the wheel.

“Well, let’s take a look.” Gary said as he tapped on his tablet, “It looks like you came off the power in turn 1…”

“*giggle* Yeah, like, my toes slipped off the pedal! *giggle*” she replied, lifting her foot from the ground showing off the bright yellow stiletto heel that had to be at least 6 inches high forcing her to basically walk on her tippy toes.

Gary ignored the shoe and continued on, “And in corner 3 you missed the apex by… a lot.”

“*giggle* *snort* I totally know, like I thought I saw a bunny in the field!”

“And corner 7, well, I just don’t know what happened there…”

Patti counted out the numbers on her fingers and when she got to 7 smiled and bounced up and down in the seat, “Oh! Oh! OH! I know what happened on that one! Like, my lipstick got smudged and I had to totally fix it in the mirror! *giggle*”

“And the straight away… I mean… you didn’t even get past 50.”

“Uhm, like, yeah… after I fixed my lipstick, like, the tube fell down between my boobies and I had to totally find it.” she said as she shook her tits from side to side and bit her lower lip.

“Well your lap time ended up being just slightly faster than the pace car.”

“OH MY GOD! I’m totally faster than the pace car! *giggle*” Patti said jumping from the car and throwing her arms around Gary and jumping up and down, squishing her tits against his chest.

Eventually she let him go and took a step back, crossing her arms behind her back, crossing her feet in front of her, tilting her head down but looking up in to his eyes as she swayed her tits from side to side, “So, like, does that totally mean I get the job?”

“As our new driver? I’m sorry, no. But I hear we’re hiring a new umbrella girl for the grid.”

“Oh my god, like, what do I have to do?”

“Well, why don’t we discuss it in the office.” Gary replied as he wrapped his arm around her tiny waist and placed his hand on her ample ass.

“Mmmm…” Patti let out a soft moan as she once more bit her lower lip and her eyes fluttered as Gary guided her to the office.

Once inside Gary told her all about the umbrella girl job, like how she’d have to get down on her knees and suck guys off, which of course she did for Gary.

Or how she’d have to use her big fake tits to wrap around any dicks that were placed between them, which of course she did for Gary.

Or how her pretty little pussy would have to be available for any cocks that wanted to slide in to it, which of course it was for Gary.

By the time Gary sprayed his cum all over her face and tits, and she’d had her own orgasm, she was sure she’d gotten the job.

Gary looked down at the former race car driver, the fourth woman this year to try out for the team, and smiled as his cum dripped from her face on to her tits. The influx of female talent in to the racing series had been a real problem until the title sponsor of the series had suggested a solution. The conglomerate had their fingers in all kinds of things, including the latest brain washing technology.

And what better delivery system than a helmet that the person had to wear for hours a day during testing?

Patricia had come to the team during the winter testing season, and now, as they approached the first face of the year she was all ready to take her place wiggling her ass up and down the pit lane.

Though he wondered if perhaps, just maybe, they’d gone a little overboard with Patti. She’d already been hot when she arrived, a large set of natural breasts and a round ass as well, but by the time she returned from her surgeries she was more of a Barbie doll than a person.

Oh well, who was he to second guess the higher-ups?

He flicked the last few drops of cum from his dick on to Patti’s face and then put his pants back on. Patti just giggled and scooped the newly deposited drops in to her mouth, licking her finger as if it had ambrosia on it.

That made four umbrella girls the team had, he wasn’t sure what they’d do if yet another woman came to try out for the team, but then again that wasn’t his problem either.