“And now ladies and gentlemen, our next item up for auction is lot #8173. Better known to many of you as the former crusading District Attorney, Vivian Anderson!”

A low mumble of voices came from beyond the stage, the bright lights shining in Vivian’s eyes made it impossible to make out any of them but she could guess who most of them where.

Little Anthony Ferrero, she’d indited him on countless RICO charges last year and he’d only managed to get away on a technicality. It would only have been a matter of time before she refiled the charges and put him away for life.

Madam Lee, owner of the cities high-profile escort service that always seemed to be on just the right side of legal. But Vivian had found one of the women who had escaped her clutches willing to testify against her.

Akihiro Hamasaki, the head of the Yakuza in the city, she’d dug up enough dirt on him to get him deported back to Japan, along with over half of his gang as well.

Sugar Jones, head of the most violent drug gang in the city, she’d cut off his drug supply with a series of raids last month.

And finally Emmanuel Damus, the upscale lawyer that control most of the back room gambling in the city. She’d tracked down his money laundering fronts and put dozens of them out of business so far and she was just getting started.

There would be other as well, here for the dozen of so other women that had been sold so far, but those were the ones that were here for her.

“I will take an opening bid of $100k… do I have $100k?” the man standing at the podium beside her said as she knelt on the reflective surface in her skin-tight latex outfit. A small smiled sat on her lips as she stared out in to the brightness of the crowd.

A week ago she’d been in her office, working late as usual, when she finally called it quits at just after 10pm. She now regretted scoffing at her security services recommendation for 24 hour protection, but at the time she’d wanted to send a message that she wasn’t afraid of the scum of the city.

She’d gone down to her car and driven out of the parking garage, ten minutes later she’d been run off the road and in to a lamp-post by a huge black SUV. Then she’d been grabbed from her car and tossed in to the back of it. Stunned and confused she couldn’t stop the men from injecting her with something. It didn’t knock her out, but instead made it impossible for her to do more than limply flop from side to side.

As the men worked at doing something in the back of the SUV, she didn’t know what to make of it, but they stayed there for several more minutes until they all piled back in to the SUV and drove off. She managed to just catch the sight of her car, still wrapped around the lamp-post, catching fire and going up in a huge fireball.

The next day they’d showed her of course, the headlines sent a dagger through her chest, “DA crashes and dies in car fire!”

A few days later they showed her other headlines, “Deadly crash blamed on exhaustion! DA fell asleep at the wheel! New DA dismiss multiple counts against high-profile defendants after irregularities found in old DA’s files!”

Of course by then she no longer cared, they’d had her tied down in a chair, a constant drip of drugs slowly numbing her mind as her eyes and ears were covered with a headset. Her body was being assaulted with vibrators and dildo’s constantly as images and words easily moved past her normal defenses that had been brought low by the drugs.

Now, as the hammer fell and she was sold off to one of her former enemies, she no longer cared which one it might be. Whichever one it was would use her, degrade her, humiliate her, in ways that she had never imagined before and her pussy was dripping wet with anticipation.