Hitomi pushed herself out of the pool and looked down at her bulging breasts, “What the hell!” she exclaimed as she twirled herself around and sat her perfect ass down on to the warm stone that surround the pool.

She reached up and grabbed the two globes that seemed to defy gravity and strained the sparkly bikini top tried to contain them. Looked beyond them, as hard as that was, she ran a finger over her tight, flat abs down to the tiny pink thong that somehow covered her modesty, if only barely.

It was all wrong, she wasn’t some perfect sex goddess, she was overweight with no fashion sense and a bad case of acne!

Finally she managed to take her eyes off of her own body long enough to look around the pool, where several other women were, like her, sitting at the side of the pool, confused expressions on their faces.

One of them was a top-heavy blonde that Hitomi found hard to believe that had been able to get anything below the massive flotation devices on her chest, wet.

Another was a redhead with perfectly white, porcelain skin that looked as though she should be sun burnt having been in the pool for more than a minute.

A third was another blonde, but her long lean frame had to be at least six feet tall and her chiselled features seemed to be carved out of some Icelandic glacier.

That was when she saw a man walk up to the first blonde, touch her shoulder and lean down to whisper something into the woman’s ear. She saw two other men walked towards the other women but before she could say or do anything, she felt a hand touch her shoulder.

A shiver of pleasure erupted from the spot where the fingers touched her skin and she gasped as her whole body shook, “What’s your name?” the masculine voice at her ear asked.

“Hitomi…” she managed to get out from between her quivering lips.

“Well Hitomi, do you want to keep your new body or do you want to go back to how you were?”

What kind of question was that? Of course she wanted to keep this sex goddess body, but she knew it would be that simple.

“What… what’s the catch?” she stuttered out.

“Ah, a smart one, eh? Well the catch is that if you keep that new body, you get a new mind to go along with it. A horny, sexy mind, that’s going to use that new body to its full effect.”

The pleasure coursing through her from his hand on her shoulder was almost too much to take. Her nipples were hard as rocks, her pussy was pulsating with need and her breath had become ragged and quick.

“I… I… yes… I want to keep it!” she cried out as a wave of confusion raced across her mind.

Finally she blinked her eyes several times and turned to smile at the man beside her, as he stood up he extended his hand and she took it, raising up herself to stand before him.

“Like, hi! I’m Hitomi! *giggle*” she coed as she wiggled her tits.

“A pleasure to meet you, I’m David.” he replied and snaked an arm around her waist and a hand on to her ass.

“So, like David… are you gonna fuck me by the pool or so we like, totally go back to your room?” she said, coyly half looking away as she gently bit down on one of her manicured nails.

“Oh, we’re going back to the room babe. Definitely back to the room.”

“*giggle* Awesome! *giggle*” she replied and snuggled in closer to him as they started to walk away.

David looked down at the sex kitten at his side and smiled. It had taken almost three days for them to get just the right mix and number of women to be in the pool at the right time for the spell to work, but it had been worth it.

The four life long friends had taken this trip together each year since they graduated high school and found this place. Each had sensed the magical properties of the local water as soon as they’d arrived and spent the rest of that week coming up with the spell.

They’d used it for the first time on the last day of their trip, indiscriminately casting it on the pool when it was filled with people. They’d spent the last few hours of their trip trying to contain the chaos that they’d created. When they were done, the magic of the water had waned, apparently used up in the casting of the spell.

But they could tell it was only temporary, that it would regenerate given some time and so they knew they would return next year to try again.

Since then, each year had produced a new bevy of beauties for them to enjoy while they were here. And when they had to return home, it was easy enough to cast a small compulsion spell on them to have them moved from where they were and join them later.

At the moment they each had at least 6 drop dead gorgeous, horny strippers working in clubs around the city. Each one earning more than enough to keep the guys well taken care of, with this years batch, they might have to start thinking expanding beyond just one city.

But for now, that didn’t matter. Hitomi would be a fine plaything for the rest of the trip and when she arrived a few weeks later, he could talk to the other to see what they thought.

He squeezed her ass and she let out a giggle and snuggled in closer to him as they enter the elevator to his room.