A hands on kind of leader...

Friday March 22, 2019

Miranda looked over at John and once again questioned the validity of what they were doing, “John, is it really helping? I mean…”

“I think so and hey, it was *your* idea after all…” John replied with a shrug of his shoulders as he then turned to find another interested party at their booth.

She couldn’t really argue with the idea, she had been the one to suggest it after all, but it still seemed a little weird that John had fully supported her in it. John had been a problem from the day she’d hired him, oh he was a genius for sure and his work was impeccable, but he’d fought her on almost every decision she’d made.

She hefted her chest and let out a sigh as she put on her fake smile once more and looked around the convention center, it was filled with men as far as the eye could see. It was just the reality of the tech industry, it was still a boys club and even though her new VR glasses were small, lighter, higher resolution and didn’t need any external equipment, it had been a complete flop last year at the show. She raised a finger and pushed the VR glasses up her nose just a bit as more statistics about the booth scrolled by, John was right of course, they’d had more inquiries in the first hour this year than the entire show last year.

A man came up to her, a smile across his lips as his eyes never made it past her bust line and she stared her memorized speech anyways. After a few minutes he made a pass at her, which she easily deflected and he then went to talk to one of the guys that were in the booth as well.

A mix of emotions filled her, a little rage at him ignoring her, a little humiliation that his eyes never met hers, and a little pride that her idea was working so well.

The convention had banned “booth babes” several years ago, and it was better for it in her opinion, but when it became apparent that if she didn’t get some investors from the show this year, that she’d be out of business a few months later, she’d done what was necessary. So while the show had banned paid models, they couldn’t do anything about real employee’s. And as CEO, she certainly couldn’t ask one of her staff to do something she wasn’t willing to do, so she floated the idea to John and the rest was history.

She’d spent the last six months working out and getting ready for the show, but she’d seen enough booth babes in her time to know that alone wouldn’t be enough. It had been a hard decision to go under the knife, but John had taken care of the company while she recovered and it was now obviously paying off.

Miranda looked around the empty show floor, well empty but for a few other booths like hers that had stayed behind when the doors closed to clean up, “So John, the stats look good so far.” she said as the glasses displayed the day’s total.

“Yes they do, I’ve even spoken to a few investors that are interested in learning more details of the technology.”

“Do you think any of them are serious? Or just window shopping?”

“A few seem to be a bit flaky, maybe just fronts for Chinese companies trying to steal our tech, but one really stood out. If your up for it, he’d like to talk more as soon as we’re done here.”

She looked down at her outfit and inwardly moaned, “Do I have time to change at least?”

“He did say he was meeting with others as soon as we were done, so…”

“Fine, let’s go.” she replied and John lead the way.

To her surprise it was just to the elevators in the hotel attached to the convention center and a few moments later they were headed up to one of the top floors. John knocked on one of the doors in the long hallway and it opened to reveal a pretty young women in business attire, obviously a PA, how waved them in to the large suite before leaving and closing the door behind her. Something about her niggled in the back of Miranda’s mind but she couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

As they walked in to the living room, a man seated away from them stood up and turned around, “What the hell! Kevin!” Miranda shouted out as she instantly recognized him.

He’d been trying to buy her company for over a year to add to his own conglomerate, not to mention the various vulgar passes he’d made towards her. She was about to turn to John and rip him a new one when her glasses flashed for just a second.

“Like, oh my god, Kevy! *giggle*” Miranda squealed and danced her way over to Kevin. She wrapped her arms around him and squeezed her tits in to his chest, her nipples instantly hardening.

His hands wrapped around her and found her ass, giving it a squeeze, her eyes closed and she let out a soft moan as he did so.

After a few moments Kevin broke the embrace and sat back down the couch, tapping his lap and she plopped down on to it, wiggling her ass as she did so.

The boys started to talk, but all Miranda could think about was the harden shaft she could feel pressing in to her ass.

“That’s amazing! It was instantaneous!” Kevin said as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

“Yes well, once the programming is complete, switching between programs is instantaneous. Of course the initial programming phase takes longer, at the moment somewhere between 20 and 30 hours of usage.”

“That long?”

“Yes, which is of course why I’ve only been able to use it on the employee’s so far. I wouldn’t be here talking to you if I’d been able to use it on our bankers or investors. I’m sure we can get the time frame down even farther, maybe to 10 hours, but we need a significant amount of research for that and just don’t have the funds.”

“Well that’s why we’re talking.” Kevin replied with a wicked smile as he squirmed under the continued wiggling of Miranda’s ass on his lap.

For her part, Miranda’s pussy was getting extremely wet, a cock so close to it and yet so far away was starting to really drive her nuts. One of her hands slipped up under her top and found her erect nipple, as she played with it she bit her lower lip and let out a moan.

“And the programming, how… flexible… is it?”

“Very flexible. For example you’ve seen Miranda’s ‘bimbo mode’ here. At the moment she’s a completely sex obsessed bimbo. But just a few minutes ago she was mostly the Miranda you remember; cold, bitter, controlling, type A personality. There were a few small changes in that version of Miranda of course, for example she thought those tits were her own idea.” John replied, waving a hand at Miranda’s heaving chest.

“Much like the Miranda that walked a few minutes ago, the rest of the staff have had a few small changes made to them. Mostly so if they stumble across my modifications to the VR glasses they’ll simply ignore them.”

Kevin raised a hand up to Miranda’s free breast and gave it a squeeze and she gasped as he did so.

“So, what kind of deal are you looking for John?” Kevin asked.

“Nothing you haven’t already offered Miranda I’m sure. Buy out the company at a fair value, you can integrate the majority of the people in to your existing projects. I just need a small staff, 4 of the engineers and 2 software developers, to continue on the development. Of course the project will never officially be on the books.”

“Of course, but why should pay fair value for the company, I’m sure you could have Miranda here sign it over at pennies on the dollar.”

“True, if she still owned the company of course. She signed over all of her stock to me a few months ago. We’ll not quite all of it, I distributed some to the staff as well.”

Kevin chuckled in response, “And what of Miranda?”

‘God yes, what of Miranda? Why wasn’t anyone fucking her?’ Miranda thought to herself at the mention of her name. At least Kevin had started squeezing both of her breasts.

Her glasses flashed again and suddenly Miranda was herself again, “What the fuck!” she screamed and jumped up from Kevin’s lap, his hands flying from her breasts as she did so.

She spun around and was about to unleash a flurry of hatred on them when John spoke up, “Shut up Miranda and get undressed.”

She was stunned at his words, but more so when her mouth slammed shut and her hands quickly started to remove her dress. As she did so, she looked down at the massive implants that were stuck to her chest and couldn’t believe they had ever been her idea. But they hadn’t had they? No, it had been the VR glasses that had implanted the idea in her head, just like all the other things she’d done in the last six months.

Signing away her company, traipsing around the office like some over sexed bimbo, and all those nights at John’s place… oh god!

The last of her clothing fell to the floor and she stood there standing between the coffee table and the couch, naked in front of the two men she despised most.

“I personally like this program the best.” John said, “She’s fully aware of everything that’s happened to her over the last six months but is also compelled to obey and direct order given to her.”

“Any order?” Kevin replied, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, here, let me show you. Miranda, sit down on the coffee table, lean back and start masturbating. In a normal, calm voice, tell us how you feel.”

Her body obeyed and her fingers dove to her pussy after she sat her ass down on the cool surface of the coffee table, “Fuck you assholes. You won’t get away with this. I’m going to call the cops as soon as I get a chance.” she spoke, no louder than if she was talking to a friend on the phone.

“May I?” Kevin asked.

“Of course, be my guest.” John replied.

“Miranda, slap those tits, hard.”

Her fingers pulled out of her pussy and landed a hard slap on her breasts, then did the same with the other one, “Fuck you Kevin. Are you getting off on this? Bastard fucking perv. You’re going to go to jail for so long.”

When the second slap was done her fingers went straight back to her pussy and continued their assault on her. It didn’t take much longer until she felt an orgasm building.

“Miranda, don’t orgasm until you’re given permission.” John said just as she was about to crest and she felt her orgasm hold at the precipice.

She continued her verbal assault on the two men in front of her as they watched her masturbate until it was too much, “Fuck you assholes, let me cum!” she cried out.

“I’ll tell you what Miranda, I’ll give you permission to cum if you get down on your knees and give Kevin a blow job. Then, when you swallow his cum, you may cum as well.”

“Fuckers, no.” she spat out a loudly as she could, which was little more than if she had spoken across the room.

But the continued need made her eyes dart over to the tent in Kevin’s pants several times before she finally slipped off the coffee table and on to her knees. A few minutes later, his dick between her lips, one hand on the base of his shaft, the other in her own pussy, she tasted his cum and her world exploded in her own orgasm.

Miranda came around a few minutes later, her mind reeling both from the orgasm and the realization of what John had done to her. She turned to see the two men shaking hands by the doorway.

“I’ll have my lawyers draw up the papers and send them over right away.” Kevin said.

“Perfect. I’ve sent you a link to the control program, it’s pretty straight forward to use.”

“Great. Can I remove the glasses after I’ve set a program?”

“Of course, she’s programmed to hardly notice them, but once a program is running it will continue to run until a new one is selected. You can remove the glasses for as long as you like, part of her base programming is to put them back on if it seem appropriate to do so. For example if you’ve gone to sleep, or left after having played a scene out.”

Miranda fumed as they spoke about her like some kind of object, “You fuckers, I’m going to…” she started to say but John tapped his phone and her glasses flashed once more.

“…like, totally suck your cocks and stuff! *giggle*” Miranda finished as a self-satisfied smile cross her face, god she loved giving blowjobs!

“I’ll be back to pick her up Sunday night after the convention is done. After that we can set up a more permanent arrangement if you want.”

“A pleasure doing business with you John.” Kevin said with a knowing smile on his lips.

“And you as well.” John replied and left the hotel room.

Miranda smiled and played with her hair as Kevin walked back over to her, her wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her in tightly, placing a firm kiss on her lips which she returned with her tongue.

God, she was so horny, she couldn’t wait for him to stick his cock in to her. Maybe, if she was lucky, he’d stick it between her tits, or in her pussy, or even… a shutter ran down her spine at the thought… her ass!

God, it just didn’t matter to her, just as long as he stuck it somewhere and she was pretty sure that wasn’t going to be a problem. She let out a giggle as Kevin broke off the kiss and dragged her towards the bedroom.

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