Emma entered the main hall of the cyber security expo, her swag bag looped over her right arm and her lanyard hanging around her neck with her show pass hanging from it.

There were quite a few men staring at her as she walked amongst the thousands of professionals that filled the hall, she couldn’t see another woman, let alone one as beautiful as herself, for as far as she could see.  But it wasn’t a surprise to her, she had long ago accepted the fact that her chosen profession was an old boys club.

She walked right by all the big booths, their flashy signs promising total security and delivering nothing of the sort. She’d been to all of them the day before and had been disappointed to say the least.  Today it was time to head to the back of the show where the small independent booths were and see what they had on offer.

The first few were clearly desperate for money, with no chance of ever bringing their product to market, the next booth was all decked out like it should be manned, but no on was there. Instead a simple printing sign sat on the table at the center of it, “Bought out by MegaSec, deal closed last night, party time!”

She smiled and gave a little laugh before wandering off, it was a while later that she came across the last booth in the hall, all the way in the back corner all by its self. The banner and graphics were clearly low-cost and hastily done, inside was a single man working away at his laptop at a table with several chairs in one corner and a stand up table with some kind of device on it in the other. She read the banner, “Bipedal Security… securing your most vulnerable assets!”

She stepped in to the booth and the man looked up and smiled, “Good morning!” he said with a warm smile.

“Hello, that’s an interesting company name… what is it that you do exactly?” she asked.

“Ah, yes, well I have to admit I’ve just started the company and I’m still working on a better name. I really wanted to get into the show though and so I just went with it. As for what we do, tell me what’s the biggest security threat to a company these days?” he asked, his smiled widening with excitement.

“Well, I’d normally say hackers from the Internet, but based on your name, I’m going to go with employees.” she replied with a knowing smile of her own.

“Exactly right! Most hacks are inside jobs, or facilitated by fishing or other social engineering methods. They all attack your employees! I’ve developed a system to secure your staff against these kinds of attacks.”

Emma raised an eyebrow in disbelief, people couldn’t be secured could they?

“So, some kind of new process verification system or staff training?” she asked.

“Something like that, would you like a demonstration?”

“Sure, why not.” she replied and set her bag and purse down on the table before taking her jacket off as well.

“Alright, come over here.” he said and walked towards the other table with the device on it.

She followed him over to it and stood on the opposite side that he stood on, “I’m Roger by the way.” he said extending his hand across the table.

“Emma.” she said as she took his hand and shook it.

“Alright Emma, now I want you to think of a number, or a phrase, or anything else and write it down on this piece of paper.” he said, sliding a small slip of paper and a pen towards her.

“Do I need to keep it secret?” she asked.

“No, absolutely not. In fact, once you have written it down I want you to read it back to me.”

“Alright…” she replied and wrote down one of her favourite security quotes, “Security through obscurity is no security at all.”

“Ah, I like that one quite a bit too.” he said and then fiddled on the device between them, “Ok, just look straight ahead then…” he said and she did. A moment later a strange feeling passed over her and she grabbed the sides of her head.

The feeling passed quickly enough, but Emma blinked several times before she managed to focus her thoughts once more, “What… what was that?” she asked.

“Let me demonstrate…” he said, “Emma, can you tell me the secret you wrote down?”

She blinked once more and looked down at the paper, her lips parted but no words came out. She scrunched her forehead and tried to say the phrase, she could hear herself saying it in her own head but her voice refused to make a sound.

“You see, even though you know I know what it says, my technique has made it impossible for you to divulge the secret to anyone! Even to someone you know already knows it!” he said, throwing his arms in to the air in some kind of victory celebration.

“That’s… that’s incredible!” she enthused in utter amazement. She was still trying to say the words, but she found it completely impossible. This kind of technology could revolutionize a dozen different industries.

“And it can be reversed as well I assume?” she asked.

“Of course, here…” he said and the strange feeling came over her once more.

As soon as it passed her lips parted, “Security through obscurity is no security at all! Oh god that felt so good to get out!”

“Hahaha, yeah, everyone says that.” he replied with a smug self-satisfied smile.

“This is amazing, why isn’t your booth swamped with people?”

“Well, as you can see, there aren’t many that come all this way to the back of the convention. And I don’t have the flashiest of booths or anything…”

“I know… but still.” Emma said, shaking her head.

“Well if your interested in learning more…” he said and she nearly cut him off before he finished his sentence.

“Yes! Of course I do!”

“Then the day is almost over, why don’t we grab dinner?”

She frowned, she should say no, it was just another guy trying to get a date with her… but then a smile cross her lips, “Ok, sure, why not.”

“Great, I’ve got a reservation at the roof top restaurant for 8 pm, see you there?”

She nodded and went back to pick up her jacket and bags before wandering off. She had a few hours before dinner and she was trying to think of what she could wear.

Emma stood on the roof top patio, just a little bit away from the bar and looked out over the city. She’d gone back to her room right after meeting Roger and been frustrated with everything she’d brought to wear. Fashion had never been a high priority for her, but something in the back of her mind nagged at her that she needed something else to wear.

She’d finally given up and headed out to a mall that was just a few blocks away from the convention center. She’d gone to her normal stores and found nothing, finally wandering the mall and stopping in a shop she’d never dared go in to before. Inside she’d found the perfect outfit and bought it immediately.

“Hi Emma.” Rogers voice called from behind her and she turned to him, a smile crossing her lips and a tingle running down her spine as soon as she laid eyes on him.

“Roger!” she replied, stepping over to him and throwing her arms around him, placing a kiss on his cheek.

He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a hug and she melted in to him. It wasn’t at all like her, but something about him made her feel all gooey inside.

He slipped his arm around her waist and escorted her in to the restaurant, where his table was waiting for them.

Emma pushed her tongue in to Rogers mouth as her hotel room door slammed shut and they both stumbled towards the bed. Falling back on to it, Roger managed to get his fingers under the lip of her top and pull it down, exposing her hard nipples. His lips locked on to her right one as his hand squeezed the other.

“Oh god Roger! That feels so good!” she cried out as her hand found the back of his head and pulled him in tighter to her.

Soon he had her naked, his tongue lapping at her pussy as her hips bucked in response, “ROGER! Lick my horny little cunny!”

It wasn’t long before the first of many orgasms crested.

Emma stood in the lobby of her hotel and waited for Roger, she ran her fingers through her hair nervously as she did so. Would Roger like her new dress? She’d spent all day shopping and going to the salon to get ready for their date and she wanted everything to be perfect.

Roger entered the lobby and looked over to her and her knees quivered, her nipples hardened and her stomach did back flips.

‘OH GOD! I should have gone blonder! I should have gone with the shorter dress!’ she thought to herself in a panic, but before she finished her thoughts, Roger wrapped an arm around her waist, pulled her in tightly and kissed her.

She returned the kiss with her tongue and all her doubts were washed away with the buzzing in her pussy.

‘OH GOD! He likes me! He really likes me!’

He guided her out to the waiting taxi and soon they were off to another restaurant.

Emma looked out from the booth at the back of the restaurant, her eyes darting from side to side as she looked for anyone coming their way.

Dinner had been amazing, the food superb and Roger a delight. She’d giggle and laughed at his jokes and played footsie with him thoughout the meal. But now she hungered for something else and it wasn’t on the menu.

Confident that no one was coming, she slipped beneath the table and crawled over to Roger, her fingers unzipping his pants and her lips wrapping around his hard shaft. Her head bobbed up and down as she took him deep in to her throat, she’d been desperate for his cock all day and she would not be denied any longer!

Minutes later she tasted his cum and sucked every last drop of it from him, her own orgasm rocking her as she did.

Emi sat on the side of the couch and pushed out her tits as Roger talked to the man by the bar. He came back over to her a few minutes later with two drinks in his hands. A pink frilly thing that he handed to her and a scotch for himself.

“*giggle* Like, thanks baby!” she said as Roger sat down on the couch and she wiggled her ass over to him and sat on his lap.

She sipped her pink drink through a tiny straw as Roger placed a hand on her ass and the other one on one of her tits. She jiggled both and let out a giggle while keeping her lips around the straw.

God she was horny! She could feel his hard dick pressing in to her ass and all she wanted to do was get down on her knees and suck it!

She’d spent the day shopping once more, finding the gold sparkly dress almost at the last-minute and knew it would be perfect for their date that night.

Roger was talking about something or other, but Emi didn’t really care. Instead she slipped the straw from between her lips and leaned in to Rogers ear, placing her lip on it and blowing her warm breath in to it before extending her tongue.

“Like, Roger…” she whined in a whisper, “I’m sooooo horny! Can’t we, like, go back to the hotel and totally fuck like bunnies!” she wiggled her ass to emphasize the last point.

In response, Roger pinched her nipple and gave her ass a small slap.

“Fuck Emi’s pussy Roger! Fuck it hard!” she cried out as Roger did just that. Her legs were bent up beside her head, Roger’s hands on her ankles as he rammed his cock in to her sopping wet pussy.

“God Emma, I knew it was going to work, but I never thought…” he said as he hammered her pussy once more.

“*giggle* Like fuck Emi Roger! Fuck Emi!” she cried out as an orgasm crested, then another and another. The large one coming when she felt his hot seed enter her.

Emi posed by the pretty plant in her long flowing dress and looked over at the two men standing across from her. Roger was talking to the second man, but she didn’t care, Roger was the only one that was important.

Finally Roger looked her way and spoke, “Emi, recognize new user Johnathan.” he said and a shiver ran down her spine as the other man came in to clear focus. He was her boss at MegaSec, the VP of Research and Development.

She wiggled her way over to him, wrapped her arms around him and said in a breathy voice, “Hello Johnathan, how may I serve you tonight?”, before leaning in and kissing him passionately.

“Simply amazing!” Johnathan said when she finally broke the kiss.

He reached around and grabbed her ass, giving it a squeeze and she let out a moan. Then he twirled her around, pulled her back on to him and reached up and grabbed her tits, squeezing them as well.

“Oh god baby! That’s it, squeeze my big titties!” she let out in a moan.

“Unbelievable! Do you know how many sexual harassment complaints this bitch has filed against MegaSec?” Johnathan said, looking over to Roger.

“I’m guessing quite a few.” Roger replied as Johnathan continued to fondle Emi’s tits.

“And your tech did this in just three days? A total rewrite?”

“Yes, I’ve effectively hacked her mind. Though simpler hacks can be done almost instantly. More major hacks like this do take some time to settle in.”

“Well, in that case, I don’t see any reason why MegaSec won’t be interesting in partnering with you Roger. Though I think I’m going to have to have a little chat with my employee ‘Emi’ here. After all she’s been delinquent from work for several days and needs a proper reprimand.” Johnathan said with a chuckle.

“Oh, I’m sure she’ll be more than willing to make up the lost time… under your desk when you get back to the office.”

Johnathan smiled and guided Emi towards his hotel room and she wiggled her ass all the way there. She had seen him many times watching her ass in the office even though he’d never done anything but look.

Now, with his hand firmly on it, she knew he’d be doing much more than looking, and that was the only thing she wanted.