“Tom! What are you doing here!?!” Diana almost squeaked in surprise at seeing her ex-boyfriend standing in her living room.

It wasn’t the only thing that confused her, she had just finished getting ready for her date with… with… why couldn’t she think of his name?

She’d been seeing him for several weeks now, almost since she’d broken it off with Tom. She’d ended it with Tom because he was too demanding, wanting her to dress up like some kind of slut and act like a silly air-headed bimbo of some kind. It hadn’t always been that way, when they’d first starting dating and he’d been out of work, something she hadn’t known at the time and she likely would have never gone out with him if she had, he’d been a complete gentleman.

It had gone down hill quickly though when he’d gotten the VP position at the same company she worked for. In fact, technically, he had become her boss, even if it was a few level removed. After that, he’d become unreasonable and she’d finally broken it off.

Then she’d met… met… damn it why couldn’t she think of his name?

“Why I’m here for our date of course Diana.” Tom’s voice interrupted her train of thought and she looked up and frowned.

“We… we broke up Tom… I want you to leave… right now.” she replied, her voice filled with confusion as to what was happening.

“Yes, I’m sure, but why don’t we ask Didi?” Tom replied as he held up a small black stick with a single button on it. He pressed it and spoke in to it, “Does Didi want Tom to leave?”

He released the button and Diana felt as if she was yanked back in to the depths of her own mind at a thousand miles per hour. And then a voice, her own but not her own, answer.

“Oh my god Tommy NO! Like Didi totally wants you to stay! *giggle*”

Then, just as quickly has she had been yank away, she was thrust back to the forefront of her mind, “What… what just happened?” she asked in utter confusion.

“Well Diana, it seems Didi doesn’t want me to leave so I think I’ll stay a bit.” he said with a chuckle.

“Who… who is… Didi?” Diana asked as she raised her hand to her forehead and rubbed it.

“Oh, well, Didi is the second personality the boys in R&D installed in your head. She’s been slowly become more and more dominant, but we still have to have these little session to check to see how you’re making out.”

Diana tried to understand what he was saying but it was just plain nonsense. She didn’t have a “second” personality, did she?

She tried to think back over the last few weeks, but there were gaps in her memory. Starting just after breaking up with Tom and increasing in frequency after that. In fact, now that she tried remembering the last few days, she could only really remember maybe an hour or two of them clearly.

“Tell me Diana, what’s the last, really clear, thing you remember?”

“Last… last night. Getting ready for bed and walking out of the bathroom… then… then there was something on the nightstand… but I can’t remember what…”

Tom held down the button once more, “Didi, what was on the nightstand last night?”

Before she had a chance to object, she was once more yanked back in to the depths of her own mind, “Like, oh my god, it was totally by vibrator! *giggle*”

And then Diana was thrust back, “S… stop doing that…” she managed to get out.

“What else do you clearly remember Diana, before that?”

She wanted to tell him to go jump off a cliff, but just like be told *not* to think of an elephant, her mind had already started to search her memory, “Two… two… no… three days ago at lunch… talking to Jen…”

“Good, that’s very good. Shouldn’t be more than another week or so before your just a passive passenger in your own mind for good.”

“N… no… you can’t do that…” she protested as he held the device up to his lips once more.

A wicked smile cross his lips, “Oh, I can and I will. But don’t worry about it, Didi and I are going to have a lot of fun without you getting in the way.” he said and pressed the button once more, “Time to come out and play Didi.”

“NO!” she screamed, but too late, the sound never leaving her lips and only echoing inside of her own mind.

She watched Didi bound up from the couch and wrap her arms around Tom’s shoulders, and then kiss him passionately. Then she dropped to her knees and started to suck his cock.

Diana railed against it, trying to fight it with every ounce of her being, “NO! I’m not some stupid bimbo slut! Don’t do that! Get up off your knees! Slap him across the face! I don’t want to suck his cock… I… I’m not some horny little slut…” he inner voice started out strong but by the end it was more of a whine than anything else as she couldn’t deny the pleasure that filled Didi’s mind and body.

As the taste of Tom’s cum filled Didi’s mouth, the orgasm that washed over her body was impossible to deny and she was forced to ride the wave all the way to her own orgasm.