“*giggle* Like Master, how may Bambi serve you?” Bambi called from beside my desk as I walked in to my home office.

I had to admit, I’d gone over board with poor Nicole. I’d hired her as the CEO of one of my many subsidiaries three years ago and she’d done a fine job for me in the role. But when she came to me with a break through discovery that the R&D folks had made, well, I just couldn’t help myself.

I want to be clear though, I didn’t hire her for her looks, I hired her because she was the best candidate. And beside which, the dull brown hair, pulled back in to a bun, combined with the plain clothes really didn’t do anything for me. It wasn’t until a few months after I’d hired her that I’d gotten a look at her ass in something more flattering, and I’d gotten a raging boner each time I saw her afterwards.

She’d brought the two researchers, and their manager, that had found a way to subvert the mind’s natural defences and implant any idea they wanted in to the target’s mind, to my home office to give me a demonstration. She’d been smart enough to keep the discovery quiet, only the five of us had any idea what it was and by the time the researchers and manager left my home, there were only two of us.

She’d been very devious about it, making sure that they still understood the technology and how it worked, she’d just implanted the idea that it wasn’t a mind control device in their heads. And it worked like a charm, even after demonstrating it on one of the researches, the other two refused to admit it was a mind control device.

Then Nicole had demanded a significant raise and a seat on the board, which I was more than willing to give her. She deserved it and over the next few weeks we worked on a strategy for what to do with the device.

But in the end, I just couldn’t help but come back to Nicole’s fine ass each time we talked about it. Eventually I invited her over to my home office to work one night and as soon as she entered my office, I turned the device on her and she stopped dead in her tracks.

Within a month she’d moved in with me. In three months I’d replaced her as CEO and she’d had her first set of implants. In six months she’d legally changed her name and stopped wearing anything but latex. And now, a year later, she was nothing more than an empty-headed blonde bimbo that pranced around my home like a bitch in heat.

I reached over and took hold of her fake tie and pulled her forward, then spun her around, pushing her down on to the counter top she’d been leaning against. My hand came down on one of her ass cheeks and the sound echoed through the room, “Oh my god Master! Spank Bambi’s ass!” she cried out as she wiggled her ass and I landed several more blows on it. Then I pulled up her dress over her ass and landed several more.

Each time I saw Nicole, I did feel bad about what I’d done to her, right up until she reached around and pulled her own ass cheeks apart, like she was now, exposing her tight little asshole to me.

I pushed by tip right up against her sphincter and then pressed onwards in to her, she moaned and squealed, giggle and whimpered with each stroke I made until I exploded in to her bowels. Her body spasmed from the force of the orgasm she experienced and a series of soft giggles escaped her lips.

I smiled and shook my head, I still hadn’t figured out what to do with the device, well other than turn Nicole in to my personal anal fuck toy of course, but at least I’d made one other good decision.

Hiring Jeremy, one of the two researchers that had made the discovery as Nicole’s replacement and new chairman of the board had freed up my time to focus on what was important, fucking Nicole’s ass. Which seemed to take up almost all of my day’s recently. But what to do about the discovery didn’t seem to really matter, after all, I’m sure Jeremy would come up with something.