“Oh god, what’s happening?!? Why am I on a stage? Who are all these men?” Kassandra’s inner voice asked as she gripped her head and tried to understand what was going on. But there was something wrong, all she wanted to do was rush from the stage and hide, but instead her body continued to gyrate as she pushed her breasts out and jiggled them for the crowd.

She gasped for breath, the tightness around her waist crushing her lungs, depriving her of the oxygen her body needed as she danced across the stage to the pole and grabbed hold of it.

Her body was moving on its own, no that wasn’t true. She could tell that her mind was telling it what to do, but it was like there were two competing Kassandra’s in her head. One that was climbing up the pole, wrapping her legs around it and then sliding down as she twisted herself upside down. The other, screaming at the top of her lungs to run away and hide.

As she landed on to the floor, the other Kassandra leaned in to the pole, wrapped her breasts around it and pushed them together with her hands as she moved up and down the pole a few inches.

“Put your hands together for Kassandra! She has two more songs to go before Lexi takes the stage!” a voice boomed over the PA system and the other Kassandra stood up and started dancing once more as another song started.

It wasn’t long before the other Kassandra had removed the two pasties from her nipples and begun twisting and tweaking them to the applause of the audience. She knew it was exciting the other Kassandra, she could feel their pussy moistening with each passing minute. She fought against it, trying to push it out of her mind, but by the time the third song had started and the other Kassandra had removed her shiny black panties, there was no way to deny it.

The other Kassandra was laid out on the stage, their back arched, one hand pushing their fingers in to their pussy as their hips bucked in time with the music. Their other hand squeezing their breast as they masturbated on stage for all the men to see.

Kassandra thought it couldn’t get any worse, until the song was almost over and rose in a crescendo that released their orgasm with it.

And then… and then it was over and they were finally walking off of the stage. Several men came up to the other Kassandra immediately, but she brushed them off, gently, promising to come and see them soon. Instead of taking one of them up on their offers, the other Kassandra guided their body back through the club and in to he back offices, where she went straight in to the manager’s office.

She recognized the man sitting behind the desk, his thin face and beady eyes unmistakable as the owner of the club, Tony Roberts, that she’d been sent there to investigate. The memory came back to her, her client, the family of a missing girl that had last been seen working at the club, had hired her to track the girl down. After being stonewalled by a the bouncers and other staff, she’d decided the only way to get any info was to get in with the strippers.

That had proved harder than she thought and she’d finally had to “apply” for a job at the club… and then… and then… it was right there, but she just couldn’t quite remember.

“What are you doing back her Kassandra, you just finished your set, you should be in the VIP.” Tony said, a mean look on his face.

The other Kassandra raised their hand up to their forehead and rubbed it, “I… it’s that other voice…” the other Kassandra said and Tony’s face softened.

“Is that bitch giving you a headache again? Well we can’t have that now can we?” Tony replied, standing up from his chair after opening his desk draw and taking out a small baggie of baby blue pills.

“Yeah… she’s been yelling like crazy…” the other Kassandra replied as Kassandra screamed even louder.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got just the thing.” Tony said as he arrived just in front of them and fished a single pill from the baggie.

The other Kassandra smiled, titled their head back slightly and then opened their mouth, sticking their tongue out. As soon as the pill touched their tongue a tingle went through their entire body and a moan escaped their lips as their mouth closed and swallowed it.

Kassandra’s mind suddenly started to spin, as the tingle grew stronger and stronger, “How’s that feel Kassandra?”

“Mmmm… so much better baby.” the other Kassandra said as she leaned their body in and kissed Tony on the lips, pushing their tongue in to his mouth.

“God baby, it always makes me so horny… are you gonna fuck me now?… God I want you to fuck me so bad…” the other Kassandra coed as she pushed their tits in to his chest.

Kassandra could hardly follow along with what was happening, but she did feel Tony’s hands grip her by the waist and twist her around, bending her over his desk. It was only a moment later that she felt his hard shaft enter their pussy and the other Kassandra gasped in pleasure.

“Oh god baby, yeah! Fuck your horny sluts pussy! Fuck me like the cheap whore I am!” the other Kassandra cried out as Tony proceeded to do just that.

Kassandra could hear her own voice crying out; “harder”, “faster”, “deeper”, “use me”, “fuck me”. With each one her mind spun faster and faster until she could no longer tell if it was her of the other Kassandra saying them.

And then the orgasm exploded, spending their body into convulsions and it no longer mattered who was saying what, all that matter was the pleasure coursing through their body.

Kassandra turned over and spread her legs, snaking her hand down to her freshly fucked pussy and sticking a finger in deep, pulling it out covered in her own juices and Tony’s cum. She raised her finger to her lips and sucked it slowly and purposefully.

“God baby, your cum tastes so good!” she let out in a moan as she pulled her finger from between her lips and smiled from ear to ear.

“Of course it does, after all whores like you love any cum they can get.” Tony replied as he zipped up his pants and walked back around his desk, “And the bitch?” he asked.

Kassandra smiled and closed her eyes for a moment, trying to find the other voice in her head. When she did, all that was there was a soft whimper, like a wounded animal curled up and ready to die.

“All good baby, feels like this time it might be at least a week before she crawls back out of her hole.”

“Good. A few more doses and she’ll stay in that hole for good. Now get your ass cleaned up and back on the floor, you’re losing me money.”

“You got it baby!” Kassandra replied as she turned and wiggled her ass as she walked out of his office, a wicked grin on her face. As much as she hated the whiny little bitch that screamed in her head, she loved feeling her get fucked back in to her hole each and every time.

The other Kassandra was a goody little two shoes, eager to do the right thing and never looking out for herself. That was her, Kassandra was Tony’s go to stripper and whore and she loved every minute of it. Dancing on stage, turning guys on, getting them hard in the VIP, sucking their cocks, get fucked again and again. There was nothing better.

The irony of it of course was that the other Kassandra had failed to find the missing girl she’d been hired to locate, but Kassandra knew exactly where she was. Like all the girls that worked at Tony’s club, they were all for sale and in this particular case, the girl had been sold off to one of the rich business men that frequented the club. From what Kassandra had heard, she was a permanent fixture in the private dungeon he had in his basement, eagerly begging him to flog and fuck her each night.

Kassandra’s pussy twitched with the thought of it… to be owned and used like that. Maybe the next time he came in she’d spend some time with him, see if she could convince him to add her to his dungeon as well.

Then maybe, just maybe, she’d let the other Kassandra out one last time, to see what had become of the girl… and herself.