“Excuse me Sir, do you have a moment?” Jessi asked as she sat down across from my desk, her normally well-kept hair looking disheveled as she tilted her head slightly downward an almost looked over the top of her glasses.

“Sure Jessi, what’s up?” I replied, smiling as I took in the view of her plump breasts.

“Well Sir…” she hesitated as she bit her lower lip, “It’s… it’s about the dress code…”

“Ah, yes, well, what about it?”

“Well… I know since I started as your s… s… secretary…” she managed to get the word out but it was clear it was almost painful as she did. Since the day she had started working for me she’d insisted on being called an executive assistant, making it clear to me she wasn’t some bimbo secretary that got down on her knees whenever the boss looked at her.

“Yes…” I encouraged her to continue.

“I… I know I complained about the skirts before…” she was clearly having trouble getting the words out, which wasn’t much of a surprise really. To say she had “complained” about having to wear a skirt was the understatement of the year. She’d yelled at me for a good hour after she’d read the policy and had taken every opportunity after that to take a shot at it.

“Yes, I seem to recall your… reservations… about the policy.” I replied, trying not to smirk too much.

“Well… I was wondering… wondering if I could get an… an… exemption from it?” she finally managed to get out.

“Oh, what kind of exemption?” I replied and her eyes widened, clearly hoping I wouldn’t press for details.

“The… the policy says… a skirt has to be at least… 18… 18 inches long… and… and… black…” her cheeks flushed with embarrassment as she spoke, “and… and I have… have this cute little skirt… that’s… that’s pink…” she trailed off, lowering her head even more.

“And I presume you’d want an exemption for the blouse as well then?” I asked and her head snapped upright as her mouth opened with a gasp.

“I… I… yes Sir… I have… have a matching top for it.” she admitted as her head slumped back down.

“Well, I don’t know if I can make an exemption just for you…” I replied and her shoulders slumped, “But there is an alternative dress code for the office if your interested?”

“Alternative… dress code?” she responded, her head popping up again and her whole face coming alight.

“Yes… I think I have it here somewhere… ah, here it is.” I said as I rummaged around on my desk for a moment before ‘finding’ a piece of paper and sliding it over to her.

She tenderly took it between her fingers and started reading it, her lips parting slightly as her breathing grew heavier. Here eyes darted between me and the page several times as she read it.

“Sir… I… I…”

I leaned forward an extended a pen in my hand, “Of course you can stick with the current dress code, but I will have to insist you follow it to the letter.” I replied, waving the pen in the general direction of her exposed cleavage.

Panic formed in her eyes behind her dark rimmed glasses and she reached out and grabbed the pen, setting the paper down to sign it.

“Before you sign, why don’t you read out the dress code so I know you understand it.”

Her lower lip quivered as she picked up the paper once more, “A S… S… Secretaries Dress Code. One, hair must be mid back length and be one of the following colours; blonde, platinum blonde, or bright red.”

“Two, makeup but be applied heavily and be bright colours.”

“Three, no glasses are to be worn.”

“Four, blouses must not cover the arms or shoulders and must display as much cleavage as possible. Allowable colours include; pink, red, yellow and light blue.”

“Five, skirts should be no longer than 18 inches and must be at least one size too small. Vinyl is the preferred material. Allowable colours include; black, pink, red, yellow and light blue.”

“Six, high heels of at least 6 inches are mandatory, open toed preferred. Colour should match the skirt worn.”

“Seven, nail polish on both fingers and toes must match lip gloss.”

As she read each point I watched her lips quiver, her hands shake and her breathing quicken. By the time she was finished, I was standing beside her. I placed my fingers on her chin and tilted her head so she looked up at me, “Do you understand what this dress code makes you Jessie?”

I could see the conflict in her eyes, but her flushed cheeks and ragged breath told me all I needed to know, “Y… Yes Sir.” she managed to get out before setting the paper down and placing the tip of the pin on the signature line at the bottom of it.

“And what are you going to be from now on Jessi?” I asked as I released her head and she turned her gaze to the paper as she started to write her name.

“Your… your bimbo secretary… oh god… you slutty bimbo secretary… that drops to her knees… whenever you want!” she let out in excitement as she finished her signature and quickly pushed her chair back, getting on to her knees and attacking my zipper until she had me between her lips.

A knock on my office door was followed by it opening and Jessi stepping through it, today she had on a tight red top that squeezed her tits together and up, along with a black vinyl miniskirt that barely covered her privates. Her matching black pumps offset the mass of bright platinum blonde hair that cascaded down her back, though it still didn’t quite reach the required length naturally, she was still wearing the extensions to make up for it.

“Like, Mr. Franklin, your 10 am appointment is here Sir! *giggle*” Jessie said and stepped to the side to let a man step by her.

She turned to leave, “Jessi, why don’t you sit in on this meeting.”

“Like, of course Sir!” she replied and wiggled her ass over to the second chair and sat down, beaming a broad smile at the client.

When Jessi had started, she’d been very curious about the work I did, after all how could a small employment agency like my own compete with the big on-line services? And honestly, if that was the kind of employment agency I was running, I would be able to. But, unknown to Jessi at the time, I specialize in finding just the right kind of executive assistants for some of the most powerful CEO’s in the country.

In Mr. Franklin’s case, he was looking for a more traditional secretary and Jessie had been the perfect starting point. Jessie was still as competent as she had been at doing the work the Mr. Franklin needed done, she was just no longer so uptight about titles or job responsibility.

It had only taken six weeks for the software on her laptop to burrow its way deep in to her mind and make the required changes. I’d kept her around for the last two weeks just to make sure everything was in order, but now it was time to turn her over to Mr. Franklin.

“Jessi, Mr. Franklin has a job offer for you, would you be interested in being his secretary from now on?” I said.

“Oh my god! YES!” Jessie let out in a squeal as she jiggled her tits and turned to Mr. Franklin. Then she knelt down between his legs and got right to work.