Tami half laid back on the bed and puckered her lips before sending a kiss towards the camera, “Like, hiya boys! *giggle*” she coed and then let her hand come down and take hold of her breast and gave it a jiggle.

“So, like, who’s first?” she said as she looked over at the laptop sitting beside the camera, dozens of men, and a few women, were logged in to her stream. She scanned down the list and found a name that stood out to her.

“Oh my god, like, hiya Chuck! So, what do you want me to totally start with? *giggle*” Chuck was one of her regulars, he’d sent her the dress she was wearing and paid for a good part of her implants as well over the last six months.

She read the words as he typed them, her mouth hanging half-open as her lips moved as each one came up on the screen, “Like, your such a total boob guy Chuck! *giggle* I love it!”

Tami swung her legs over the side of the bed and sat upright, then leaned forward, slowly pulling her dress down over her tits until it “popped” all the way off. Her fingers immediately went to her nipples, tweaking and twisting them as she let out a low moan. It wasn’t long before she had her favourite dildo stuffed between her tits, her lips wrapped around the top of it as she fulfilled Chucks request.

Tabitha couldn’t believe the apartment was so cheap, let alone that it was still on the market, even if the decor was a little… pink, for her liking.

“There’s a local market just down the street and the subway is only a block away.” Evan, the building manager said as he showed her around the apartment.

She wasn’t quite sure about him, he seemed far to young to be a building manager and the whole thing kind of felt off, but she’d just arrived in the city and she hadn’t found anywhere that was nearly as affordable.

She brushed back her long brown hair over her ear, “Would you mind if I painted the walls?” she asked hopefully as the returned to the small living room.

“Not at all. Now then, if your interested, I need two references and first and last months rent.”

“The rent’s no problem…” she lied, it would take almost everything she had to just cover first and last, “But I just arrived and I don’t have any references…”

“Ah, well, you seem honest enough. Did you come to find your fame and fortune?”

“Yeah, something like that…” she replied, not wanting to admit she’d followed her boyfriend there only to be dumped a week later.

“Well, I wish you luck. Come on down to my office and we’ll do up the paperwork.”

Tabitha tried holding the pillow over her head but it did little good, she now knew why the apartment had been so cheep. The low, constant, hum that seemed to emanate from the floor and ceilings each night had kept her up each night. She turned over on to her back and stuffed the pillow under her head once more, staring at the ceiling until her eyes finally fluttered shut and she drifted off.

When she woke up the next morning, she’d only managed to get three hours of sleep, but her bed sheets were sopping wet with sweat. And to make matters worse she was horny as hell!

She got up from bed, the humming having disappeared like it did every morning, and headed right to the shower. The hot steamy water cascaded over her shoulders and down her back as her fingers dove to her pussy and she masturbated for at least 20 minutes before finally finding release. After tossing on her house coat she went out to the living room and crashed on the couch for a few hours.

The pattern continued for weeks, with her masturbation sessions getting longer and longer until she hardly left the apartment for anything.

“Hi Evan.” Tabitha said as he stood in her door and smiled.

“Hello Tabitha, I haven’t seen you around much, everything ok?”

“Oh, yeah, everything’s good.” Tabitha said, beaming a wide smile at him, her pussy tingling as she played with the ends of her unkempt hair.

“I’m glad to hear that. Well, I’m here because it’s that time of the month… rents due…”

“Oh, of course… come on in…” Tabitha said and turned back in to her apartment, Evan following along behind her.

They arrived in the living room and she turned back towards him, “I was wondering if maybe… you know… you might take something in trade for the rent?” she said as she licked her lips and undid her house coat, letting it fall over her shoulders on to the floor.

Her small frame was well maintained and she wiggled her hips from side to side as she took each step towards him. She sank to her knees and undid his pants, his hands pushing through her brown hair as he held her head and her lips wrapped around his dick.

“Oh god Evan, fuck me! Fuck me harder!” Tabitha cried out as she was bent over the arm of her couch.

One of Evan’s hands was firmly on her ass cheek, the other entangled in her long blonde hair, holding her head upright so she could stare in to the camera that was setup at the other end of the couch.

She wasn’t sure about the camera at first when Evan had arrived with it to collect the rent, but as soon as the little red light had come on, all doubt had fled from her mind.

She’d been horny all day and had been looking forward to Evan arriving, but as soon as that light had come one it was like she had been sent in to over drive. It wasn’t long before she felt him cum in side of her and she cried out as her orgasm crashed over her.

Later that night, after she’d watched and masturbated to the video several times, she frowned as she realized how small her breasts were. She had never been unhappy with them before, the small C cups had always been enough, but now for some reason, they seemed so inadequate.

Tabitha couldn’t believe she was actually going to do it. Sitting there in front of her computer, dressed up like some kind of sleazy stripper, already logged in to the cam site for her first performance.

As much as she loved trading sex with Evan for the rent, she knew she needed to earn money somehow and without any real skills or experience, the idea of camming had popped in to her head one day while she was masturbating. After all, if she was already masturbating several times a day, why not get paid for it?

She’d let out a giggle when the thought had come in to her head for some reason and it had felt so good that she’d been doing it more and more ever since.

She start the stream and smiled in to the camera attached to her laptop, “Hi… I’m… I’m Tami…” Tabitha said to no one in particular but smiled and waved as she did so.

A few minutes later the first visitor to her cam show popped up and she blushed with embarrassment as they started to chat.

Evan watched Tami’s stream as she performed as per Chuck’s request, there was already a queue of other requests for her lined up. He switched over to Abbi’s and then Lexi’s, making sure each of them were online.

There were twenty units in the building and he had eighteen of them filled with brainwashed sluts running streams twenty-four hours a day for him. Of course they thought they were doing it for themselves, but at the end of each month each and every one of them happily paid their “rent” based upon what they earned.

He had inherited the building, along with the significant debut that came along with it, from his parents when they died in a car accident when he was in university. He’d managed to save the place for being foreclosed by the bank and even get to earn enough of a profit to let him finish his PhD.

His PhD research had been pretty boring, dealing with audio processing in the brain, until he’d found a strange side effect of subsonic resonance that let him introduce new ideas in to the mind as if they were the mind’s own. The problem was how long the process needed, as well as the size of the equipment. It didn’t make it practical to use, until he thought of the apartment building.

He’d re-mortgaged the property and set about installing all the equipment he needed, until he finally had his first unit ready to test. He simply put in an ad in the paper, offered the rent at a low price and waited for the right tenant.

It had turned out to be a pretty little red-head named Heather, having just graduated university she was looking for something close to work and cheap. A month late she’d quit her job and was on her knees sucking his cock.

He’d spent the better part of the last two years, slowly filling his units, until now there were only two more to go. Then all of his debt would be paid of in just a year or two and he could start thinking about how to expand.

His thoughts were interrupted with a knock at his door and he turned off his monitor and walked over to it and opened it.

“Hi! I’m Kacey, I called about the apartment for rent?” the small brunette with caramel skin and the most amazing lips Evan had ever seen said in a chipper voice.

“A pleasure to met you Kacey, come on this way and I’ll show you the unit…” Evan replied and closed the door behind him as they walked towards the stairs.

He watched Kacey’s ass sway as she walked in front of him and started up the stairs, his smile broadened as he hoped he’d only have 1 more unit to rent after tonight.