V had once been a dower little thing, spending her days travelling around the country with her friends and a dog investigating strange and unusual happenings, that always ended up as some hokey scam.

But that was before she stumbled upon my little corner of the world, where there was nothing hokey about the disappearances of beautiful young women.

Her friends had been easy enough to take care of, a few little tweaks of their minds and they all had new priorities.

The up tight one found a new fascination with making money and last I heard he was doing well on wall street, ascot and all.

The stoner found himself diving deeper and deeper in to drug culture until the law finally caught up to him.  I hear he sold his dog to a travelling freak show for drug money.

The redhead was another story, her tendency to be tied up was an easy in to her psyche and after reaching out to a few of the people they had crossed paths with in the past, I found a good home for her.  I’m told she hasn’t been out of the dungeon since she arrived.

But V,  V I kept for myself.

There was just something about those intelligent eyes behind those thick black framed glasses that caught my attention.  I spent weeks moulding her in to something she had never been before, something sexual, something needy, something perfect.

The laser eye surgery, the breast augmentation, the strict diet and workout regime… they all just added to the effect.

But the one thing I kept was her trademark assertiveness, just redirected in to a more appropriate direction.

V noticed the smile on my face and smiled back, standing up she swayed her hips as she walked over to where I was standing.  She placed her arms over my shoulders, slowly leaned in and kissed me on the lips, probing my mouth with her tongue as she did so.

Pulling back, she smiled and moved her hand to my chin, running it along my jaw line and then down to my chest, “Like, jinkies, I think it’s well past time I give you a proper fucking for the day Master!”

Her eyes darted down to my crotch as her fingers made their way towards it as well.  Soon enough my pants were on the floor and V was on her knees looking up at me.

I have to admit that I sometimes miss the intelligence in those eyes  that has long since been snuffed out, but then again, her ability to suck me all the way in to her throat more than makes up for it.