Danella sucked on her finger and chuckled at the thought of her ex as she squatted on the bed, waiting for her latest boy toy to come out from the bathroom.

Her ex-husband, Tom, had been terrible in bed. A lazy lover and only interested in his own pleasure, he was at least rich and, if not famous, well-known in the right circles. It’s why she had pursued him in the first place. It had been hard work, not in the way of a construction worker or miner worked hard, but hard work none the less.

She’d denied herself the little pleasures of life, to keep herself in shape and gone through several surgeries to mold herself in to a walking wet dream. Of course the real work had come when she’d finally lured him in to her bed. Pretending to enjoy his juvenile sexual prowess, letting him suck on her breasts, stick his dick in her pussy and even her ass. These were all things that took hard work to make him believe she enjoyed them.

Though the one thing she’d always denied him was oral sex. Oh she’d had oral sex many times, she’d gotten the lip fillers to plump up her lips to ensure no one doubted what they were for, but she’d never let Tom stick his disgusting dick into her mouth and now that was never going to happen.

She half smiled at that thought, being rid of him was good in a way, but she did miss his money. The prenup that she’d signed ensured she was kept in opulent comfort, but still, it was how the marriage had ended that irked her the most.

Tom had seemed quite satisfied in bed and while she knew that whatever blonde bimbo of the day batted her eyes at him would probably end up with her lips around his dick, he had never shown any sign of keeping any of them around.

That is until Lexi showed up. The bottle blonde bimbo didn’t have a brain cell in her head, but what she did have in her head was Tom’s dick. Repeatedly.

Lexi let Tom use her mouth just like any other hole, and it didn’t take long for the bimbo to convince Tom to make use of her other two as well. During the divorce, Danella even found out that Tom had paid for Lexi’s new tits, that were even bigger than her own.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard the bathroom door open and her current lover walked over to the end of the bed, naked and beautiful, unlike her ex. She popped her finger from between her lips and ran her tongue over both of them as she crawled to the end of the bed and took his dick in her hand, raising it up and running her lips over its length.

Then, as it hardened, she slipped it between her lips and sucked it deep in to her throat. As she did so she balled up her hands and planted them on the bed between her legs, pushed her tits out as best she could and titled her head upwards slight to look up at him.

He reached down and took hold of the sides of her head and pulled her all the way down on to his shaft. He stroked in and out several times, before pulling all the way out and slapping his dick against her face and lips, then plunged back between them.

God she loved how he did that, it made her pussy twitch and her stomach muscles do back flips. She was lost in the pleasure until she felt a pair of hands touch her ass and pull aside her lingerie. She tried to turn her head, but his grip made it impossible, but it wasn’t long before the two large breasts were at each side of her head with the long blonde locks falling down in front of her face and she knew he’d brought his girlfriend with him.

His hands moved from the sides of her head to the outside of the two new tits that engulfed her as he continued to pound her face. Then she felt the tip of the strap-on push up against her sphincter and her whole body quivered in pleasure as it slid in to her ass.

Her whole body spasmed from the assault at both ends, when finally his cum erupted in to her mouth her eyes rolled back in to her head and her own orgasm crashed over her as her ass continued to be violated by the strap-on and she lost consciousness.

Tom looked down at his ex-wife, Lexi furiously pounding her ass with the strap-on, a wild, manic look in her eyes, “That’s right you slutty whore! Tom can fuck your face any time he wants too now! Just like I can fuck your ass any time I want to!”

He had to admit he loved Lexi’s enthusiasm, something that Danella had been sorely lacking, but he did wonder once in a while if it was a bit too much. He watched another orgasm crest over Danella as Lexi landed a hard blow on Danella’s ass and then cum bubbles form on Danella’s lips just as her entire body fell limp.

Lexi, not noticing, continued to ream Danella’s ass, landing slap after slap on it.

Tom shook his head slightly and smiled, well, if Lexi was too enthusiastic with her strap-on you couldn’t blame her for it as she brought the same level of enthusiasm to bed when he was fucking her ass as well.

But then again, Tom had learned his lessons well. When his first wife walked away with half of everything he’d learned a prenup was necessary, and The Perfect Divorce service provided the absolute best prenups. Danella was proof of that, just like Lexi was proof that he’d learned his second lesson just as well. The dating pool was filled with gold diggers and using The Perfect Match ensure he got exactly what he wanted after Danella had been a disappointment.

Tom turned and walked towards the bathroom, Lexi still pounding away at Danella with the strap-on. He wondered if he should stop her, but the sound of his ex and new girlfriend going at it was music to his ears and instead he hummed to himself as he enter the bathroom and started to clean up.