“Mr. Roberts, can I, uhm, like talk to you?” Lexi asked as she stood before me, lightly touching her head and a confused looked on her face.

“Of course Lexi, why don’t we talk in my office.” I replied, knowing exactly what she wanted to talk about.

We walked through my club and a smiled crossed my lips, a year ago it had been on the verge of bankruptcy, now it was the talk of the town. The complete renovation, redesign and new crowd were all thanks to Lexi. Though if you’d asked her she would have simply giggled and told you how silly that was.

But a year ago, Alexandria was the VP of my bank, and held all of the cards. She had been determined to take revenge for some perceived slight, maybe it was just the fact that I was a man, and close me down. But even that hadn’t been enough for her and she’d decided to go one step farther and emasculate me completely, demanding oral sex right in her office.

With no other choice, I’d done the only thing I could and knelt down between her legs. But partway through, something changed. Her condescending remarks and belittlement seemed to fade away, replaced with heavy panting and moaning.

And I felt something strange as well, almost like some kind of force was flowing through me, through my tongue right into Alexandria’s clit. Soon she was begging me to fuck her, and I wasted no time in obliging.

When she finally came, I watched just a little something vanish from her eyes, though I didn’t think much of it at the time.

After that Alexandria was much easier to get along with, offering to extend my mortgage and reduce the payments. Our weekly meetings devolved into sexual romps that left her more and more desperate for sex.

It wasn’t long before I realized something had changed, and I took advantage. The mere suggestion of withholding sex from her sent her into a panic and she’d agree to do anything I wanted. Extend me more credit from the bank? Of course. Give me her contact list of the biggest clients the bank had so I could market the new club to them? Sure. Work at the club on nights and weekends, dressed up like a floozy? What time should she be there.

Of course, she’d eventually had to quit her job at the bank, but by then everything was going smoothly and the new VP had no problems with my account.

We walked into my office and I closed the door behind me, “So Lexi, what did you need?” I asked.

Lexi pouted and clasped her hands behind her, swinging her body from side to side slightly, “Like… Lexi needs her medicine…”

“Well, you know what to do then.” I replied with a smile and Lexi reached up behind her back and undid her dress, slipping the straps over her shoulders, she let it fall to the ground.

Alexandria had kept herself in good shape, but Lexi took it to the next level. Her tight, toned body was beautiful to look at, and I almost regretted the changes I’d had her make so early on.

Both of her nipples were pierced, along with her belly button and clit. Just above her shaved pussy was a tattoo that read “Free Use” with an arrow pointing down towards it. As she turned and bent over to grasp the edge of my desk, the tattoo just above her ass came in to view, “Deposits Here”, it read, with another arrow pointing to her sphincter.

“Like, please baby! Lexi needs her medicine!” she cried as she tossed her head over her shoulder and I stepped up behind her, dropping my pants as I did so.

I gave her ass a good hard slap and then shoved my dick into her, deep into her bowels. I could feel the force or whatever it was flowing through me and Lexi responded like she always did, crying out for more.

I still don’t know what it is, or where it came from, or why it only seems to work on Lexi. But I don’t think about it too much, especially when I’m dumping another load of cum into her ass.