Cindy ran her fingers along the edge of the counter and giggled. There was no one around to hear her, master had left an hour ago to do… something… play golf?

She giggled again at how empty headed she was that she couldn’t even remember what he’d told her, but then again he’d just finished fucking her and she was always a total air head after that!

Her nipples hardened at the thought of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy and her free hand headed for it without any hesitation. It only stopped when the front door bell rang and she pouted at the interruption.

Walking over to it, she opened it and smiled, the warm sun coming through it on to her exposed tits and she gave out a little squeel as she raised her finger to her mouth and wiggled her ass, “Like hi Mr. Donaldson!”

“Hi Cindy, how ar you today?” he replied.

“Like, horny of course! *giggle*” she replied. She’d moved in to the house just over two years ago, and every day and Mr. Donaldson had been her neighbour ever since. He was significantly older than she was, but not old per say, he was still young enough to notice how hot she was even in her borning pants suits and business attire.

Though for some reason, something at the back of her head seemed to remember how much she’d hated his sidelong leers… at least until master had shown up one day. Ever since Mr. Donaldson no longer gave sidelong leers, but instead oggled her body openly… and it made her wet every time.

Her thought was interrupted by the sudden grip of his hand on her exposed nippled and she moaned out loud as he pushed her back in to the house and closed the door behind him. It was only a moment later when he’d bent her over one of the kitchen table chairs and flipped her skirt up over her ass and was fucking her dripping wet pussy.

“Oh god Mr. Donaldson! Yes! Yes! Fuck your slutty neighbours needy little pussy!” she cried out as he grabbed her hair and pulled on it hard, releasing in to her and she felt her on orgasm crest as well.

She managed to regain some semblance of cohesive thought just as the front door slammed shut behind him. It never took as long with him as it did with master of course. Sure she came like a slut with any cock, but masters was just so much better it always left her dazed for at least half an hour afterwards.

She giggled once more and managed to get herself upright as his cum dribbled down the inside of her thigh towards the top of her knee high socks. She quickly reached down and scooped it up with a finger and licked it clean before heading back to the bathroom for a shower.

Master would be returning shortly and it wouldn’t do to have someone else’s cum dripping from her pussy.