‘Oh god, what have I forgotten!’ Diana thought to herself as she sat on the couch, her finger coming up to her lip as she tried to remember what it might have been.

She cast a quick look down at her breasts and then her legs and finally her shoes, all were perfect. Her fingers went to her earrings and then her hair, they were both in place as well.

‘Maybe I should go back to the bathroom and check my makeup again…’ she thought but before she could act on it the door started to open and she quickly folder her hands on her lap and put a big smile on her face.

The short stubby man walked in, she’d seen him many times at the club and as the hostess had guided him back into this very room. The memory of her revulsion she felt seemed so far away now as she rose to her feet and walked over to him, looping her arm through his and pushing up against him.

“Good evening sir, welcome to the club. How may I serve you tonight?” the words came from between her lips even as she felt a little shutter run down her spine.

It was what all the girls in the private room said and she had never thought it would escape her mouth. She’d only taken the job in desperation, her college degree in art history being nearly useless in the real world and her student debt nearly crippling her otherwise.

The hostess job only required her to escort the men that visited the club from the main entrance to their designated room, she never had to see what happened after that, though she obviously knew none the less.

Strictly speaking the club was legal, the clients paying for the room only, the girls were theoretically nothing more than decorations in them, like the couch or the lamps.

“It’s good to see you Diana, I’ve waited too long for you to get promoted.” he replied, an evil grin on his face as his hand snaked down to her ass and gripped it firmly.

It was true, she’d held out much longer than any of the others that worked as hostess’, she’d seen almost a dozen others get “promoted” during her time and she’d fought against it as long as she could. But in the end she’d given in, mostly because of the money, at least that what she had told herself to avoid the little voice in the back of her head that kept whispering something she couldn’t quite make out.

“Yes sir, I’m glad to see you as well.” she replied as they sad down on the couch and he placed his hand on her leg.

“You know…” he started to say as his hand slowly moved up her leg, across her stomach and then slipped between the fabric of her dress and her bare breast, “… I’ve had a standing order on you for months.”

She let out a moan as his fingers found her hard nipple and gave it a pinch, she turned her head towards him and their eyes met, she could clearly see the lust in his. She half closed her own and leaned forward, placing her lips on his and pushing her tongue in to his mouth.

For the first time should could finally make out what the voice in her head had been saying, ‘Your body is made to please men.’

She gasped and broke the kiss, her eyes wide as his hand was still firmly on her breast.

“Is their something the matter Diana?” the man asked, in mock concern.

Before she could answer the voice spoke again, ‘Your concerns do not matter, only that you pleasure men.’

She shook her head as she rose from the couch and stood before him, ‘You should always be on display.’

Her whole body tingled as her fingers reached around behind her and undid the dress, letting it fall to the floor around her feet.

“Oh my Diana, I think you may have been worth the wait!” the man said as he undid his belt and pants, pulling them down and freeing his dick that stood at attention.

She paused for just a second before the voice returned, ‘You must perform for men whenever they want it.’

She stepped forward and straddled the man, lowering herself on to his shaft, her hips bucking in time with some unseen metronome.

Ashley stood at the front of the club, a fake smile plastered on her face as she waited for the next pervert… member of the club, she corrected herself, to arrive.

She’d only been a hostess for a few weeks, but the clubs seemed to go through them pretty fast as she’d been called in to cover several shifts for one of the other hostess’ that had just been “promoted”.

She scoffed at the term inwardly, it hardly seemed like a promotion to be one fo the girls in the back, even if the money was a lot better. She shook her head and once again did the math, 6 months working here would get most of her debt paid off and she’d be able to get a regular job again.

Her thought was interrupted by the squawk of the headset the club made her wear so the hostess in the back could keep her up to date on which VIP rooms were in use, “Room 3 is available again.”

Ashley looked down at her map and rubbed off the name in room 3 just as the transmission finished and the same weird noise came over the headset that had been happening since she started. It was a series of tones and mixed with static that both gave her a headache and a shiver down her spine at the same time.

She put it out of her head and smiled as another member approached her podium and she put on her best smile once more.