Tom just stared in disbelief as his finance looked over towards him, her expression showing no sign of recognition behind the mirrored sunglasses, let alone any kind of surprise at the changes that had occurred to her. They’d arrived at the resort four days ago and this was the first time he’d seen her since they initially checked in and they’d whisked her away to the “free” spa treatment.

She’d hesitated at first, wanting to get settled in, but the resort had been quite convincing that it was now or never and after Tom had assured her he’d get her luggage to the room, she’d relented.

Of course he’d disposed of her luggage as soon as she’d left his sight, not just because it was filled with more of the drab, boring clothing she wore every day at home, but because he knew by the time he saw her again, she wouldn’t fit in to any of it.

Tom smiled and walked over to her, setting his hand on her knee, “Hi, I’m Tom.” he said and a smile crossed her face.

“Hiya Tom, like I’m Jazzy! *giggle*” she replied, lowering her glasses as he tongue gingerly encircled her lips.

Tom’s smile widened even more as he ran his hand down her leg to her ankle, then taking hold of it, lifted her let straight up in to the air. With his free hand his ran his finger across the set of numbers that were tattooed in to the back of her leg and she moaned at his touch. It was her registration number, the resort added one to each of the women it worked on and it was programmed to act like the most sensitive part of their body.

“So tell me Jazzy, what’s a hot slut like you doing here?”

“Oh god, like, I’m just totally waiting for a hot stud to come and use me Tom! *giggle*” she replied as Tom pulled her down the sun coat and rotated her on it so her ass was hanging just at the edge of it. He grabbed her other leg and pushed both of them back towards her head and her hands grabbed her ankles and held them in place beside her.

Tom reached up and pulled her top to the sides, exposing the two large tits that now adorned her chest, “Oh god yes Tom!” she cried out and then moaned some more. He then reached down and pushed the bottom of her outfit to the side, exposing her pussy as his fingers ran over it.

His dick was out of his swimsuit in a flash, and then it was inside of her. Her voice echoed across the pool, moans and grunts, giggles and squeels between cries for him to go deeper, harder, faster.

When he released inside of her, her whole body shook at the force of the orgasm that came over her.

Tom looked down at her and knew that there was still more work to be done on her. Oh sure, they’d finished their work on her body, but there was still more to be done on her mind. If he’d taken her home like she was, there would be too many questions from family and friends. Just as she hadn’t recognized him, she wouldn’t recognize them either.

The resort still had to bring back her old memories and integrate them in to her new persona. But that was alright, they still had just over a week left before the two of them would be heading home. Tom was quite sure that by the time they arrived home, Jazzy would be just as happy with her new role as Tom’s horny little sex kitten, as he was.