Jennifer, or as she was being called around the office these days Junko, stared daggers at Dan as she leaned against the desk.

“Come on Junko, you lost again and we all agreed to the rules of the game.” Dan said as he held out the baseball cap with a dozen small slips of paper in it, jostling it slightly to mix them up.

She regretted agreeing to the “game” as the other sales agents had called it. In fact, she still wasn’t sure why she had as it wasn’t so much of a game as a way to humiliate the loser.

Each month, the sales agent with the lowest sales would have to pull a “punishment” from the hat. The other sales agents choose what the punishments were as soon as the sales figures for the month were released.

She guessed she’d thought it would be some harmless fun or something, but now after losing for six months in a row, it wasn’t fun or harmless. In fact, with each new punishment it was getting harder and harder to make sales.

The first month it had been shoes, she was no longer allowed to wear anything but heals.

Then it was skirts, her name, cleavage and finally only black and white as colours.

She couldn’t look professional enough any more to make sales to any serious clients and she was not looking forward to what was next.

But in spite of the desperate little voice in the back of her head, she stepped forward and picked on of the slips of paper from the hat, unfolded it and frowned.

“And so?” Dan asked?

Jennifer tossed the paper at Dan’s face and stomped out of the office, or at least as best she could in her heels.

Dan picked the paper up from the floor as he watched Junko’s ass sway from side to side as she stormed out of the office. He knew what the paper said, after all the software he’d installed on everyone’s laptops had been working it’s subliminal magic for almost a year and each of the salesmen had written the same punishment on their slips, “bleached blonde”.

He knew Junko would show up tomorrow with her hair bleached out almost as white as the tops she wore, but he did kind of like the spirt she showed in trying to resist the urge to comply.

It was pretty much the only reason she wasn’t under his desk all day, every day. He was simply having too much fun changing her one step at a time.

Anyway, there wasn’t really all that much room under his desk with Daliah, the receptionist, there morning, noon and night.