Suzanne leaned back on the couch, surrounded by her latest purchases, her nipples hard and her pussy buzzing at the feel of the shiny material on her skin. It had all started with that one package, delivered to her front door, obviously by accident as she would never have ordered such a thing. A single set of shiny black leggings.

She’d been surprised when she’d opened the package, expecting another shipment entirely. She’d dug through the box for any kind of return slip, or identifying mark of the company, but found nothing.

She’d tossed the box to the side of her kitchen table and thought nothing more of it, until she woke up in the middle of the night, sweat pouring from every part of her body as she orgasmed from the dream.

It had taken a while to remember what it was about, but when she finally did, she quickly headed to the kitchen and retrieved the box, her fingers running over the material, sending a tingle up her arm. The next night, she’d gingerly wiggled her way in to the tight fitting leggings and masturbated for hours, coming a dozen times or more before falling asleep.

After a week or so, she found herself looking online for more and more, until she now had an extensive collection. But none of it compare to the leggings and she still wore them every chance she had, even under her normal pants when she went to work.

She ran her hand along her leg just as the doorbell rang, getting up, she strode confidently in the towering heels until she reach the door and cracked it open just a big. Standing on her front stoop was Edward, her next door neighbour, Edward. He was her least favourite person by far, always staring and smiling at her. She’d even caught him looking over the fence at her one day as she took a swim in her pool.

“Hi Suzanne, how are you on this fine Saturday?” he asked with a smile.

“Good Edward, good. What can I do for you?” she said, still half hiding behind the door.

“Well, I was wondering if you’d received a package recently that was for me. It would have been about yeah big…” he replied, holding his hands up outlining the size of the box.

She knew instantly what he was referring to and her one hand instinctively reached down and caressed the side of her thigh, “Ah… no… I don’t think so…” she lied, poorly.

“Really? So if I said… my latex slut… it wouldn’t mean anything to you?”

Suzanne gasped, bit her lower lip and the tilted her head back as a wave of pleasure washed over her. Before she could do anything else, Edward pushed the door opened and stepped in to her home, then closed it behind him.

“Well Suzanna, you look great in latex, just as I knew you would…” he replied, placing one of his hands on her shoulder and the other on her hip.

“Oh god!” she managed to get out before the pleasure caused her to moan aloud.

He twirled her around and holding her abdomen with one hand, tilted her forward until her hands meet the door to steady herself. Then his hands grabbed her latex covered ass and her whole body shook with a small orgasm.

“Do you have anything to say Suzanne?” he asked.

Her mind was filled with pleasure, but before she knew it she could hear her voice speaking, “Please… please use your latex slut…”

His fingers roamed down between her legs and over her encased pussy lips, “And what will you do for me if I do?”

“Any… anything… please… I’ll do anything you want Edward!”

“Prance around your pool naked while I watch?”

“Yes! Yes!”

“Show off that tight little body of yours whenever I ask?”

“Yes! Anything!”

“Be my live in latex maid and trophy wife? Clean my house and cock everyday?”

“YES! YES! I’ll do it!”

Suzanne felt the zipper of the leggings open and then Edwards cock slide in to her pussy, she cried out in pleasure as he pumped in and out of her.

Suzette bent over at the waist, extending her feather duster to the lower shelf as Edward watched her latex covered ass come in to view.

“Suzette, please dust that bottom shelf as well.”

“Oui monsieur!” she replied and bent over even more, sending her ass farther in to the air.

When she finished she stood back up and walked over in front of Edward, “Pardon monsieur, ze dusting iz complete!” she said with a curtsy in her latex french maids outfit.

“Very good Suzette,” he replied and opened his house coat, “you can move on to the washing…”

“Oui monsieur!” she replied and lowered herself to her knees, taking his cock between her lips and continuing her duties.