Lucy stretched and took in the warm spring air as she smiled and thought of the last few hours. She’d come to London on business, to close the buyout of her company, and signed the paperwork the previous evening.

It had made her wealthy, well more wealthy than she had already been, and had decided to go out and celebrate. She’d been at a club when she’d met him, tall dark and handsome, or at least he appeared that way to her. She’d gone right up to him and suggested they have a drink, to the horror of her friends that had come with her.

Well, calling them friends was perhaps not the right term. They worked for her, and with the buyout had come into a lot of money as well, but they never did anything together otherwise.

The three of them, Nancy, Tamara and Cynthia, mocked her openly when she came back to the table with him. She ignored them as she was entirely entranced by her new beau.

And then they suddenly fell silent. Lucy turned to watch the surprised expression on their faces fade as they slumped slightly in their seats.

Nancy was the first to move, standing up and letting her jet black hair fall from the bun she always kept it in. She removed her suit jacket and let it fall to the floor as she walked to the dance floor and started rubbing up aginst the first guy she found. It wasn’t long before her tits were hanging out and she was rubbing her ass in to some guys crotch.

Tamara and Cynthia moved at the same time, turning to each other and leaning in, kissing each other passionately as their hands fanatically roamed over each other’s bodies, pulling at each other’s clothing.

It was then that she felt the tug on her hand and she was lead from the club, down the street to a hotel room she had never been to before. Then she was on her knees sucking his cock, then she was on the floor with her ass in the air, his cock pounding her pussy, then finally his cum was all over her face and tits and she was cumming like never before.

Just the memory sent a pleasant tingle through her and so she turned around on the balcony and leaned over the railing, jiggling her tits to the empty street belowe. She smiled and let out a soft giggle before turning around and returning to the room.

She looked around and felt completely at peace. She knew this was her new home, though not really how she knew that, just that there would be other men that would come to her door and she’d invite them in and fuck them any way they wanted.