Amber laid back in the chair, unable to move her own limbs, as the woman who held her legs repositioned her.

It had been a silly mistake on Amber’s part really, not reading the employment contract carefully, but now that it was done, there was nothing to do but ride it out.

Ever since the machines had taken over so many of the day to day jobs that employed the majority of the country, new and more niche positions had started to show up. And with them, the new employment laws that made them possible. Employment contracts could now include any number of clauses that could land the employee in a position like the one she was now.

In her own contract there had been a buried clause that allowed the employer to take control of her nanobots to ensure compliance with company policy. She’d assumed it had been for appearances, there were a lot of people who used the nanobots to do extreme modifications on their bodies and obviously a company had to maintain a certain look for it’s staff.

The only problem was that she hadn’t read the company policies before hand and as soon as she’d reported to work they’d taken control and turned off all of her motor functions.

She sighed inwardly, at least it was only a short term contract, just one year, and it did pay exceptionally well. She really should have known there was something else going on.

The other woman finally finished positioning Amber’s body and took a step back, double checking her from several angles until she was stratified. Then, she stepped to the wall and touched a small pad and the once opaque surface of the wall suddenly became transparent. On the other side were several shopper, all eager to see the latest display.

Amber knew it wouldn’t be long before someone purchased the outfit she was wearing, and then it would start all over; the dressing, the positioning, the unveiling.

With no other option, she mentally connected to the web and started to browse around to find something to pass the time.