“Uhm, like, happy fifth anniversary Master!” Jenny giggled and ran her finger over the top of her breast, leaving a trail of icing behind.

I looked at her quizzically and raised an eyebrow, “But I’ve know you since we were kids and we’ve been married for 10 years…”

“*giggle* No silly… it’s been five years since you made me your horny bimbo slut! *giggle*” she replied, taking another scope of icing in one finger as she stepped forward, putting it on her lips and leaned in to kiss me. Her tongue pushed the icing in to my mouth as she rubbed her tits up against my chest.

Had it been five years already? Maybe it had, it was so hard to tell, the time flying by in a haze of lust and sex.

Jennifer had always been “the one”, since the first day in public school that I’d laid eyes on her, she’d captured me totally and completely. I’d spent my entire high school career chasing after her and it was only when she’d figured out that my family had money that she’d finally said yes.

Of course I wasn’t a fool, I knew what she was after and that was fine with me. It was a good deal for both of us, she was a good actress and made sure to attend to my desires, and I was a good provider and made sure to attend to her needs as well.

But when I’d caught her cheating on me with some lowlife, well that had been too much.

I’d always know where my family money had come from, and we’d been trying to “rehabilitate” our image for years, but that didn’t mean we still didn’t have contacts from the past. It was easier than I’d thought, a few phone calls later and I as meeting with a “fixer” that could take care of my problem.

When I’d given Jennifer the “gift” of a two week vacation to an upscale spa, she’d been thrilled. When she returned as my horny bimbo slut, I’d been the one that was thrilled. Well, technically Jenny was as well, but she really didn’t have a choice in the matter.

I broke the kiss with Jenny and reached down and undid my pants, letting them drop to the floor. I turned my gaze to the cake and scooped some of the icing off of it and applied it to my dick, “You’re turn.” I said with a wicked smile and Jenny dropped to her knees, setting the cake down as she wrapped her lips around my hardening shaft.

Her head bobbed back an forth as she eagerly took me deep in to her throat as I looked down at her. The icing still on her tits, I smiled and wondered if it might be time to send Jenny in for some upgrades, after all, those tits were five years old now.