Tabitha stood in front of me and smiled, her hands lightly clasping each other just under the mountain of exposed boob flesh that was barely contained by the skimpy top she was wearing.

“Oh, hi… uhm…”

“Brian.” I helpfully offered.

“Right Brian.” as her pupils dilated slightly and she gasped just a little as her fingers went up to her hair and she started to play with it.

Of course she’d walked by me a hundred times before this and never batted an eye, let alone stopped to say anything. She’d moved in next door almost a year ago and immediately made it clear, without ever saying a word, that she was better than her neighbors and she wanted nothing to do with them.

Most of all some dirty old man like me.

Of course I wasn’t old, well, not really, but in her eyes anyone more than 5 years older than her was over the hill and so someone in their forties like me was ancient.

I’d paid it no mind at first, after all she wasn’t the first neighbor I’d had that didn’t want to socialize and she certainly wouldn’t be the last. And yes, she was certainly beautiful, but she downplayed it, wearing baggy clothing and didn’t spend much time outside.

It was only a few months ago that I’d realized what she’d been hiding all those months, when her dryer had gone on the fritz and she’d had to hang some clothes out to dry in the back yard. I guess she didn’t have much to wear and so she’d put on a tight set of jean shorts and a cut off t-shirt, not expecting anyone to see her in her own back yard. But I’d caught a glimpse of her from my second floor window as I was repairing the screen on it.

Of course it was only a fantasy, something to think of on a lonely night once in a while, that is until last week.

At work, I lead the R&D lab of a conglomerate and one of my teams leads came to me with a breakthrough. Subliminals that actually worked. They could completely bypass the conscious mind and insert ideas directly in to the target’s mind.

I quickly scheduled a team meeting to go through the research with them and by the end of it they were all very convinced they had completely failed. Their tests were just false positives that they couldn’t reproduce and the research was a dead end. The team was broken up and I assigned them to new projects, all with a minor pay bump of course, after they transfered their research to me and deleted their personal copies.

It took me a few days to combine what they’d done with some off the shelf additions, but in the end I had a laser based subliminal transmitter. Pointing it at any pane of glass would generate a subsonic vibration that would induce the subliminals in to any subject within 10 feet. And I had a perfect line of sight to Tabitha’s bedroom window.

It wasn’t as effecient as a regular speaker or headphones of course, but last night, I’d turned it on and let it run over and over again, all night long.

With her free hand Tabitha reached out and touched my arm, “So Brian,” she said, smiling broadly, “I know I haven’t been a very good neighbor, but I was thinking I could make it up to you…”

She let her fingers slide down her hair to the side of her top and pulled it to the side, letting her nipple pop free, “… you know, with a blowjob or anything else you’d like?”

I smiled back, “Hum, well… what do you think of a good hard titty fuck?” I asked.

Her eyes lit up and her mouth opened in to a near perfect O, “Ah god Brian! I love a big hard cock between my tits!” she replied and slipper her finger over to her other tit and exposed it’s nipple as well before giving them a shake.

She flicked her hair back over her shoulder and then stepped up beside me as I turned back to my house, wrapping her arm around my shoulders.

“Mmmmm… almost as much as a cock between my lips, in my pussy or my ass! Oh god Brian, in my ass it the best! I could have a cock in my ass every day! Would you do that for me Brian? Fuck my tight little ass with your big hard cock every day? I’d really appreciate it if you did Brian. I mean I could be your hot little trophy wife that you show off to all your friends. I could tell them how much of a real man you are, how big your cock is, how horny you make me, how I worship the very ground you walk on…”

My smile grew even wider as we walked up the path to my front door, sure maybe I’d gone a little overboard with the subliminals last night, but it was better to be safe than sorry. And after all, now that she would be spending a lot of time at my place I could always slap a set of headphones on her and make any changes I wanted.

Though, as my dick threatened to break through my pants, I was having a hard time thinking of anything I’d *want* to change.