Tammy sat in her room and looked at the doorway, it was empty at the moment and so she could still frown, a bit a least. It wouldn’t last of course, she could hear the soft footsteps of his approach down the hallway, and when he appeared in the doorway there would be a broad smile on her face.

Before the divorce they had been married for only 2 years, but in that time their relationship had gone from lovey dovey honeymoon, to hell on earth. She’d married him for the money, and he’d married her for her appearance, she had been well aware of both facts. What she hadn’t been ready for was the change in his attitude, before the wedding he’d been all peaches and cream, asking her what she wanted, bringing her gifts and surprises all the time.

Just a few months after the wedding he’d started treating her like property, telling her what to do and where to go and what to wear. After a year she’d had enough and filed for divorce.

She had signed the pre-nup willingly enough, knowing that she would get a generous settlement even if neither she nor her lawyer had heard of this “The Perfect Divorce” arbitrator before.

Tammy felt the corners of her lips turn upward and her face brighten just as she clasped her hands behind her back and pushed her chest out. The footfalls had become loud enough and she knew he was about to come in to view. When he did, she remained completely still as he walked in to the room and stood in front of her.

He looked down at her, his eyes scanning across her chest, a smile coming to his face as he reached down and placed his finger under her chin. Tilting her head upward, and then from side to side he geve a small nod.

“Not bad. Not too bad at all. But more makeup and I think the hair needs to be lighter.”

“Thank you Sir, Yes Sir.” she replied and stood up as he pushed his finger upwards under her chin.

He reached out and grabbed her breasts, giving them a good hard squeeze, “What are these?” he asked.

“Your property Sir.”

His hands slide down her tight abs and around to her ass, he squeezed it even harder, “And this?”

“Your property Sir.”

He let go and stepped to the side slightly, one of his hands slipping down between her legs and cupping her pussy, “And this?”

“Your property Sir.”

“And what rights does property have?” he asked.

“None Sir.” Tammy replied and her mind flashed back to that day at the arbitration.

They had been going through pages and pages of documentation and Tammy had let her lawyer deal with them, but looking back on it now she could tell there was something wrong. Her lawyer had started responding slower and slower and Tammy’s head had begun to spin.

The man across the table, who had been droning on and on, finally took a slight break before punctuating his next statement, “Property Rights.”

Tammy had let out a gasp and sunk back in to her chair at the words. Her lawyer seemed to whimper and protest for a minute, but soon Tammy heard the clicking of her lawyer’s heels leaving the room.

Then the man started talking, telling Tammy how her tits and ass and pussy were property to be settled in the divorce. How her lips and face and hair were property to be settled in the divorce. How her arms and legs and feet and hands were property to be settled in the divorce.

She had scrunched her forehead and tried to shake her head, but the words borrowed themselves too deep into her mind to be shook loose so easily.

By the time Tammy’s lawyer returned, a silly looking grin on her face, her hair a mess and the smell of a fresh fucking hanging in the air, the man had finished the final divorce agreement and Tammy had eagerly signed it.

She still wasn’t exactly clear on how her Ex had gotten property right to her entire body, but there was no denying it.

Tammy felt his hands grab hold of her hips and turn her to the side, pushing her over to her bed and standing right behind her. He reached around and grabbed the bottom of her shirt, pulling it up over her breasts. His hands the grab hold of her breasts, his fingers finding her nipples and squeezing them hard before pulling them out from her body. He let them go after a moment and then slapped her breasts one after the other repeatedly.

Then his hands moved down to her belt and undid it, slipping it out from the loops before undoing the button and zipper. His hand pushed in the middle of her back and she fell forward on to the bed, his hands quickly pulling her pants down around her ankles. The sting of her belt coming down on her ass elicited a squeal of delight from her as her head popped up so she could watch him land another blow across her ass in the reflection of the mirrored closet doors.

“Harder Sir! Harder!” she cried out until her ass was red and throbbing.

He finally stopped, but it was only a moment before she felt the belt slip around her neck and tension come in to it, pulling her even farther upright. Then, what she knew had been coming, arrive as the tip of his cock pushed up against her sphincter.

“Yes Sir! Use your property Sir! Use it Sir!” she cried out as he pushed in hard and pulled back on the belt equally so.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked in to the mirrors of the doors, his smiling face was clearly visible above her own, the word “Property” still clearly visible on her bunched up shirt just above her breasts which shook with each thrust.

Her face reddened, her voice crackled as her air supply was restricted, “Use your property Sir!” she managed to repeat over and over again until she felt his cum fill her ass and her entire body shook at the force of the orgasm that followed.

He left after he’d pulled out of her ass and flicked the last few drops of his cum on to her lower back, she waited until she could no longer hear his footsteps and then took the belt from around her neck and headed in to the bathroom to clean up.

As she finished, she applied her makeup, heavier this time just like he had said. She flicked a few strands of hair with her finger and frowned, knowing she wouldn’t be able to lighten it until her salon appointment later that week.

Then she returned to her seat by the bed and stewed some more. Sure, she was his property and he could use her any way he liked, but that didn’t mean she had to like him ignoring her the rest of the time.

After all, property was happiest when it was being used.