A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday July 04, 2020

Kimmy smiled as she sat at the bar, completely humiliated but not showing it even in the slightest, as the man pulled out the chair and sat down next to her.

He returned the smile as he pulled in the chair, “I like your top.” her said, looking through the transparent top she was wearing and instead stared at the black tape that covered her nipples.

“Thank you sir.” she replied and she blushed and turned her upper body towards him and pushed her tits so he could get an even better look at them, “My nipples are soooooo sensitive, I must always protect them.”

“I can see that… is there anywhere else you have to keep protected?” he replied with a wolfish grin.

She rotated her lower body around, “Oh yes sir…” she replied as she spread her legs and lifted her skirt revealing another piece of wide black tape covering her pussy.

He reached over and grabbed a hold of one of her breasts, giving it a squeeze, “Kind of hard… ” he muttered.

“I’m sorry sir, they are very new. I am told that if enough men squeeze them and play with them that they will become soft and more desirable.” she replied, lowering her head in shame.

Or at least mock shame as all she really felt as anger and disdain for the man in front of her.

If she was honest, the anger wasn’t really at the man, it was at Tom.

Tom was the manager of the restaurant, she’d hired him not even six months ago to run it for her.

She’d taken it over from her parents when they’d headed back home to retire, but she had no interest in running the day to day operations of it. So she’d looked around for a manager that could deal with it and found Tom. He’d come highly recommended, having turned around several other restaurants in the city, and while her’s wasn’t failing by any means, it was dated and needed to change.

Tom had been charming and knowledgeable in the interview and everything seemed fine for the first couple of months as he started to make changes. Business improved and profits rose. It was only after she’d dropped in one night, something she rarely did as she preferred to talk to Tom during the day when it was less busy, that she’d noticed something was off.

She hadn’t been able to put her finger on it at first, but after a half hour or so she’d finally figured it out, there were a lot of provocativly dressed single women in the restaurant.

There wasn’t anything wrong with that, but it wasn’t what she had expected.

Tom had waved it off as simply a new clientele that was finding the restaurant, but something just didn’t feel right about it.

She had decided to come back a few nights later as she had other things to do that night. When she did, found the same thing, but this time she spent several hours watching what was happening.

The women didn’t seem to be alone really, each one would wait for a while until a man came to join her. Then after talking for a bit they would leave, or more precisely they seemed to leave for a while and then only the woman would come back. She would retake a place at the bar or a table until someone else came and joined them again.

It was almost closing when the realization finally hit her that they were all hookers.

She’d nearly jumped through the roof as she got up from her seat and rushed back to the office where Tom was. She’d thrown the door open, ready to fire him on the spot for condoning such activity in her family restaurant, but just stood there gaping at what she saw. One of the women that she’d seen in the restaurant was kneeling down between Tom’s legs and giving him a blowjob.

Even how she had no idea how he’d done it, but as soon as his eyes met hers, instead of screaming at the top of her lungs, her mouth had slammed shut, she’d stood bolt upright, turned on her heels, and closed the door as she left the office. She’d stood outside of the office like a school girl standing outside of the principals office waiting to be punished. Her hands clasped in front of her, her head bowed down and not saying a single thing.

She stood there waiting, listening to the muffled slurping sounds and moans coming from inside until she finally heard a grunt and the the shuffling of feet.

A few minutes alter the door had opened and out stepped the woman, her hair and makeup all fixed up along with her clothes. Everything except a small drop of cum just on the side of her lips. She’d turned her head to Kimberly, smiled, licked the cum from her lip and then gave a little moan before smiling and winking and then walking away.

“You can come in now Kimberly.” Tom’s voice had said from inside the office and her body obeyed before she’d even had a chance to consider doing what he said.

“Have a seat.” he said and she did, “You know I usually don’t have this problem with the owners, after all, most of them are men. They tend to be more than happy to simply partake of the girls and not ask any questions.”

She simply sat their and stared at him, unable to say things she’d wanted to, or do anything else for that matter.

“I think that’s why I agreed to ‘work’ for you in all honesty. Kind of a challenge to see if I could pull it off without having to alter you. But I guess I wasn’t quite as clever as I thought I was because it really didn’t take you all that long to figure it out. Well no matter, I think we can make it work anyway…”

She could still remember the splitting headache that had formed in her head in that instant, it was like someone was using a not butter knife to slice her brain in two. When it was over, the headache still lingered, but was no where near as bad as it had been.

“Ok, you can go now.” he’d said and she’d blinked at him several times in confusion.

“That… that’s it?” she said before even realizing she could speak again. When she did fully realize it, she opened her lips and scream a stream of vulgarities at him only find nothing coming out.

He simply smiled, looked back down at some paperwork on his desk and waved her away with a single hand.

She had sat there for a moment more, trying everything, until finally in frustration she’d stood up and left.

Over the next few weeks everything changed. Or more precisely, she changed everything.

The next day she’d gotten up to go to work and instead had gone to the gym. Something she hadn’t done since high school.

Later when she returned home she’d gone to do her laundry, but instead had thrown her clothing away and gone shopping. She’d only bought scandalously skimpy things.

When she’d gone to ready her favorite news sites before bed, she’d instead started browsing porn.

By the end of the week she had put her house up for sale, owned nothing but lingerie and clubbing outfits and had dropped that freshmen 10 pounds she’d never been able to.

Instead she had a small apartment close by the restaurant, was sleeping till noon and staying up all night masturbating. That is until her first night working at the restaurant. After that her nights will filled with a parade of men coming back to her new apartment and fucking her in any number of ways she’d never have allowed before.

She’d scheduled the breast implants after the third week of working at the restaurant and this was her first week back with them. She hated them of course, the hadn’t settled yet, they were too hard and her skin was too tight over them.

She hated just thinking about them, but she also knew she was going to have to go back and have them done again. She hated that thought even more. She’d asked for them to be larger, much larger, than they were but the surgeon hadn’t been able to go any bigger because of her small breasts that she had always thought were just perfect.

The man stood up in front of her and took her hand, “Well I guess I can help out by squeezing those tits for a while. Though I think I’m going to enjoy holding on to those braids as I fuck you doggy style.”

She raised her hand to her lips and slipped from the stood, “Oh thank you sir, I hope you enjoy it very much. I know I will enjoy your big hard dick in my pussy or ass, which ever you choose to use.”

He grunted in reply, wrapped his arm around her waist and grabbed her ass as they walked out. He was her third customer of the night and she knew if she had at least two more that she’d meet her quota.

She hated Tom for it, but the one thing she hated even more was one of the other girls beating her and getting to suck off Tom in his office at the end of the night.

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