A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday July 25, 2020

“OOOOOOOOO YYYEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!” Tami cried out as the nameless man drove deep in to her ass. She knew he was recording it and that only made it hotter.

He continued to pound away at her ass until she finally felt him stiffen and unload in to her bowels. She screamed at the top of her lungs as her orgasm crashed over her.

By the time she’d recovered from it he had gotten dress and tossed down several bills on the bed beside her.

He reached out gave her ass a good smack, smiled and then left without saying a word.

“Thanks baby, come back any time!” her chipper voice echoed out as his cum dribbled out of her ass.

She simply laid there for several more minutes before getting up and heading to the bathroom for a shower.

She still didn’t understand exactly how it had happened, but perhaps the old adage summed it up best. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

It had all started several months before the start of her semester when she had started looking for a new apartment by the university. She was heading in to her third year of her law degree and needed somewhere close to campus, but that was cheap.

She’d been scouring the Internet for deals when she’d stumbled across this place. It was right by the campus, a modern condo tower and was being advertised at half of what any other placed were. She’d phoned right away, still half expecting to be taken already, but found it still available.

The next day she’d signed a year long lease and had a move in date at the first of the next month.

The first few weeks had gone perfectly, she’d had lots of time to get settled as school was still a month away, and had time to explore the area as well.

And then it had happened. She’d gotten up one morning, had breakfast, gotten ready to go take a walk in a nearby park, and then… she was standing outside of her building.

She’d checked her watch and it had been over an hour since she’d been ready to leave and she couldn’t remember anything.

She’d convinced herself that she must have been mistaken about what time she’d gotten up, and carried on with her day, but the gnawing sensation in the back of her mind had not gone away.

It only got worse over the rest of the week as she’d lost more and more time. And there were other things as well, like all the laundry she was doing, even of clothes she was sure she hadn’t worn. Also the odd muscle pains, it was often like she had run a half marathon.

And then it had happened for the first time, right in the middle of one of her missing times, she’d “woken” up. She was on her bed, her legs splayed back at her sides, an older man leaning over her as his dick was inside of her. She could hear him grunting hard and then she realized she could hear her own voice as well, moaning and grunting right along with him.

She’d tried to scream, to push him off of her, but before she could do anything her whole body shook with a massive orgasm as the man released as well.

By the time she regain consciousness, she could heard the laundry machine running, she was completely dressed and sitting in front of the TV, watching some random show she didn’t recognize.

She grabbed her phone and started to dial 911, but her fingers wouldn’t complete the call. She jumped up and ran to the door to go to the police station, but her fingers wouldn’t turn the knob.

She tried to call a friend, then her mother, to tell someone what was going on, but the words would not come out of her mouth.

When it was time to go to school, she figured she was “awake” during about half of the sessions, and each time it was the same. She was aware of what was going on, but unable to do anything about it.

But worse yet was that on the first day of the semester, instead of going to class, she’d gone to the registration office and canceled all of her classes.

After that things had started to progress even more. Soon she was awake for all of her session, and even while she “negotiated” with the men. Sometimes they’d call her phone, other times it was on a site that at some point she’d clearly signed up for.

By the end of the third month something else was gnawing on her, the men always left cash, but she didn’t have as much as she should from two and a half months of this and it wasn’t in her bank account either. Where was it going?

She found out when she had gone down to the building managers office to pay her rent. She’d handed him her standard monthly check, and a brown envelope filled with bills.

It was the first time since she moved in that she could remember paying her rent, and the man had smiled like a wolf at a sheep.

“Hey, you in there yet Tami?” he asked.

“Yes.” she responded to her surprise.

“Good. That will make things easier. Now, if you perform really well for me over the next 9 months, I might let you out of your lease early. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.” she had replied and knew exactly what he meant.

And so here she was, six months in to her lease, fucking every guy that would pay her so she could earn enough money to break a lease that was too good to be true.

The thing was thought that she wasn’t really sure that the building manager would keep his word, or for that matter not have her sign another, longer term lease when this one was up.

But that wasn’t the thought that was gnawing at the back of her mind these days. No, she had no control over when or if the building manager would let her leave.

No, the thought that disturbed her and was gnawing away at her was that she wasn’t sure she wanted to stop. Oh, she didn’t want to work for the building manager any more, that was for sure, but she’d counted every dollar she’d earned and she’d be decades working as a lawyer to make that kind of money.

She’d always looked down at women who used their bodies for financial gain, whether it was a prostitute, a gold digger, a trophy wife, or just to get that next promotion. But after months of being fucked for money, she was far more jaded and realistic.

If she could get what she wanted by letting random guys stick their dicks in her, why shouldn’t she? All she had to do was moan a little, squeal in delight and have a rocking orgasm and they’d throw money at her.

She came out of the shower and picked up the bills from her bed, neatly aligning them as she walked over to her closet and opened the small safe inside of it. She picked up the brown envelope and placed the bills inside of it and then placed it back in the safe, on top of the three other brown envelopes that were stuff full as well.

She knew she could earn enough in just a couple of years at this rate to retire comfortable, but only if the building manager let her go. Perhaps she would have to “encourage” him to do so.

A smile crossed her lips, he’d once told her that he didn’t mix business and pleasure, but it wasn’t business if she didn’t charge him right?

She looked at her closet, filled with different outfits and wondered which one he might like the most. Well rent was due at the end of the week and she could see if she could coax some info from him. If not, she’d just have to pick something sexy and take her chances.

She checked her watch and picked up her pace, her next customer was due in 20 minutes and she had to be ready for him. She grabbed the tight red dress he prefered for her to great him in and headed back to the bathroom to get read.

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