Kelly looked over her shoulder as she lifted the weight up from the patio with both hands for what seemed like the thousands time. It was closer to 50, but she no longer kept count honestly.

Instead her gaze fell upon her neighbour peering over the fence that divided their properties. He was old, well old as far as Kelly was concerned, and a month ago she would have yelled at him to stop staring at her ass before she called the cops.

Of course a month ago she wouldn’t have been standing naked, well except for her “work out shoes”, on her back patio, bending at the waist and lifting the dumb bell for what seemed like hours.

Instead of yelling though she smiled, wiggled her as a bit and the lunged ever lower with the weight. Pausing for just a few seconds, and then raising back up once more.

And then, like a switch had been flipped in her mind, she stood straight up, turned ninety degrees, reached down to grab the second dumb bell, placed both arms at her side and started to do squats.

She knew it would happen twice more, when her squats were done, leg lunges were next, and then finally speed walking around her back yard. If it hadn’t been so damned frightening, the complete lack of control on her part to command her body, should would have been very happy with the results.

She had always been in pretty good shape, but the hour plus workout, twice a day, every day, had sculpted her body in to nearly perfect condition.

Finally, when it was over, she turned and walked in to her home once more, she took a quick look over her shoulder one last time to see her neighbour’s face slump in disappointment as she closed the door behind her. A quick shower later, and she once more applied her makeup, done her hair, and the slipped in to a tight red dress that left little to the imagination and a matching pair of heels.

When she finally finished, she walked back out to her living room and sat down on the couch and waited. It was the same every day for the last month, she’d reamin on the couch for the morning, the make a healthy lunch, do her second workout and repeat the process until dinner time and then finally bedtime.

It gave her a lot of time to think and not much else. She’d tried to turn on the TV, or read a magazine or book, but her body refused to obey and instead remained still. Today was no different, it was almost cruel, as she sat and stared across her living room at the large collection of books she owned.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and she nearly jumped out of her own skin as she lept from the couch and walked quickly to the door. Opening it without a thought, a man was standing on her doorstep. He was in his early forties if she had to guess, not in the best of shape, dressed sharply and with a wide grin on his lips.

She was about to say something when he held up hand and held out a small silver coin. It flashed in the light of day and she gasped for just a second as the familiar feeling in her head flooded her once more.

“Hi baby, come on in!” she said smiling at him and gesturing him inward. Closing the door behind him she then turned around, wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him on the lips, her tongue probing his mouth.

His hands reached down and around her waist, finding her ass and grabbing it firmly, eliciting a moan from her as she wiggled her ass as well.

It didn’t take long for her to guide him to the bedroom, and even less time for her to end up flat on her back with him pounding his dick home in her pussy.

She moaned and squealed, encouraging him on. When he came, she did to, and then he collapsed on top of her. His head landed between her breasts and she squeezed them together to cradle him between them.

“Oh baby, that was amazing, thank you.” she said as she rocked her body from side to side ever so slightly.

He laid there for a while, as she spoke softly about how much of a man he was, how he had completely satisfied her like no one else.

It was of course both true and a lie at the same time. There was no doubt that her orgasm had far more satisfying that any other she’d had, but she was not satisfied in the least. In fact if anything she was horny now than she had been in years.

But eventually he rolled off of her, went to the bathroom and then got dressed and left. As soon as she heard the door close behind him, she felt it again and she immediately stood up, went to the bathroom and started the process all over again.

It took a few more days for the next man to show up, but instead of a silver coin he held a bronze one. She’d knelt down in front of him as he sat on her couch and given him the blowjob of her life, swallowing his entire load.

It didn’t take her long to figure out the system. Each coin represented a different sexual act. Bronze was oral, silver was vaginal, gold was anal. But there were other ones as well; pink made her act like a complete bimbo, rainbow made her bi-sexual, green made her act like it was her first time, and so on and so on.

It was only when the man with the white coin arrived that she learned the truth, at least the only truth that matter.

He was her master, he owned her, and that everything she did was in service to his pleasure. He had wiped away all of the fear and doubt that had been swirling in the back of her mind and replaced it with bliss and servitude.

Now she servered the coins. And whatever they coins needed her to be she was more than happy to be.