Tammy stood still as she watched the doctor walk out of the room and the nurse start to take pictures of the work he’d done to mark up her body.

It wasn’t the first time for her, obviously. Her already huge fake tits got stares from every guy, at lots of girls too. And that was just when she was walking around the city, let alone when she was at work at the club.

She hadn’t know it at the time, but when she started to dance at the club to pay for college, it had been the worst decision of her life. Oh, it had been great to start, her youthful, co-ed looks had been a real hit. She’d made more than enough to pay for college and other expenses just working on Friday and Saturday nights.

The owner, a gentleman in ever sense of the word, looked out for the girls and put up with no shit from the customers. And so things had been fine for the first year, it was only after the owner had announced that he was selling the club to retire that she had gotten nervous.

Once the sale was complete, things seemed to remain the same. The new owner, a much younger man named David, ran the club exactly the same way. Making sure the customers stayed in line and the girls were well taken care of.

She couldn’t put her finger on when things had started to change, the first first time she’d noticed it was after her first semester of her second year.

The club, being one of the few places in the small college town that wasn’t dedicated to “the college life”, had always drawn in an older crowd and a younger dancer. Many of the dancers, like her, were working their way through school.

As such, the place was usually filled with thin, athletic, svelte girls. Much the same as her own thin frame and small breasts. But after the holidays, Tammy had noticed a change, several of the girls had gotten boob jobs and other work done during the down time and the whole vibe of the place had seemed to change as well.

Oh, it was still a pretty chill place, lots of time spent talking to the clients and even more time spent in the VIP with them, but now there were a group of girls that no longer fit that vibe. Instead they were far more forward with the customers, spending less time talking and more time dancing.

And then there was Jenn. Jenn was in her last year of school and was going to have a double major in math and astronomy. She’d already had a full time job lined up at NASA, and spent most of her time at the club in long discussions with the customers about the nature of the universe.

That is until she returned from winter break with a new set of breasts and acting like a complete bimbo when she was on the floor.

Tammy had pulled her aside after work one night to ask what was going on, but Jenn just brushed it off, saying that since this was her last few months working, that she needed to make as much money as she could before leaving.

And Tammy couldn’t really argue with her, Jenn was raking in the cash. Easily making four times what she had been before.

Things really started to go downhill after March break though. If she had to guess, more than three quarters of the girls had now gone under the knife for one thing or another. And the old, chill vibe of the club was gone. Replaced with loud pounding music and a much younger crowd.

It was only a few weeks before the few remaining “natural” girls either quit of scheduled time off to fix the “problem”. And that had left Tammy as the last girl standing, so to speak.

Her regulars had dried up, no one had seemed to want to get more than a dance or two with her and she had to make a choice as well. She’d decided to talk to Jenn about it, as she had been one of the first to make the change and Tammy needed her advice.

To Tammy’s surprise, Jenn had gushed about the change. Without hesitation or any apparent thought about it Jenn went on and on about how much better life was with her new tits and attitude.

It had taken Tammy off gaurd as Jenn had always been a thoughtful person, taking her time to think things through before answering. Instead Jenn had even gone in to detail about how much she loved the fact that her boyfriend could even give her a titty fuck now.

Tammy had been even more confused after her talk with Jenn than before, but there really wasn’t much of a decision to make. She had some money saved up, it would probably get her through the year, but she wouldn’t be able to make enough before the start of next year to complete her degree. And that meant that she would be stuck working at some minimum wage job for the rest of her life.

She’d sucked it up, asked Jenn about her doctor, and taken her savings and scheduled her first surgery.

When she returned, it was like a flood gate had been opened in her mind. She wiggled her ass around the club, gjggled her new double d’s at every guy she saw, and was making more money than she ever had.

The club continued to change too, even faster than before. When the other girls started to offer handjobs to the customers, she’d had to as well to keep her customers. She’d been more reluctant but she needed the money for school. By the end of the summer, the club was little more than a thinly veiled brothel and she even had a few customers that she saw outside of the club.

The thing was though, that while she was making more money than ever, she was also working more and more. So much so that when school started up in the fall again that her grades quickly began to fall. It was after her first warning letter that she’d gone to see Jenn again for advice, and that’s when it hit her.

Jenn was supposed to be half way across the country working for NASA months ago, but here she was, still dancing at the club. And not only that, she’d apparently had a second set of implants put in as her tits were larger than before.

To top it off, Jenn had just squealed like a little girl when she saw Tammy, hugged her and went on an on about how great her life was. Tammy had tried to steer the conversation towards NASA and the job, but Jenn had just brushed it off as “Why would I want to work at a stuffy old place like that?”

After that, Tammy just tried to focus on school work, but just failed over and over. Every time she decided to stay home and study, she ended up getting frustrated after just a little bit and going in to work anyway.

When the expulsion letter came in the mail, she was actually relieved. As a “non-graduation” present to herself, she scheduled her second surgery.

That had been five years ago, and now she was back once more. She was still working full time at the club and each year a new batch of girls came in and tried to take her customers away, so she’d decided it was time for a little refresher.

Going from her current 1000cc implants to 1600cc’s would definitely improve her earnings, as well as the little bit of nip/tuck around her mouth and eyes to stave off any signs of her time at the club. It was an anniversary present of a kind, but she deserved it.

David watched the security camera on the main floor of the club as Tammy twirled around the pole on stage. Her new tits were gravity defying for sure and they guys in the front row were tossing dollar bills at her.

He smiled and turned to the rack of video and audio equipment at the back of his office, even an A/V expert would see anything out of place with it, but he focused in on the slim black amplifier near the middle and gave a chuckle. He’d spent a decade toiling away at the college as a professor in the media studies program for what now seemed like chump change.

It was only after his breakthrough with subliminal audio messages that he’d stood out. Or at least he would have if he’d published his findings, or even told anyone about them. Instead he’d done what any red blooded man would, and used it for his own benefit.

After having his way with several young, nubile, college girls from his classes, he’d stumbled upon the idea of the club. It was in fact one of those students who’d told him she worked there to pay her way through college that had given him the idea.

It hadn’t taken much to convince the old owner to sell, though it had taken longer than he though to get the girls on board with his plan. He’d spent some time on that problem, but once it had started working, he’d just let it slide.

David watched the monitor once more as the song ended and Tammy stepped off the stage and in the embrace of a waiting customer. She didn’t even both getting dressed again before heading back in to the VIP.

He watched the next dancer strut on to stage, Akiko, was a small Asian girl that could parrot out broken English like a pro. After all she’d just resigned from her college courses in English literature.

And that was the beauty of the club, each girl that worked there filled some niche that he’d defined for her and they didn’t step over each others toes.

That of course had been a problem when Jenn had left, leaving behind a gap in the club. Of course by left what he really meant was that she was now the trophy wife of the police chief. Ensuring the police turned a blind eye to any complaints the club my get.

Jenn had been one of his masterpieces. The dumb blonde with tits bigger than her head, she’d been the crown jewel of the club and he’d had to fill her position reality quickly. Tammy had been half way there already so really it was a natural choice.

Of course, that left Tammy’s old position of hot blonde cocksucker open, but he’d interviewed a new dancer from the college just a couple of days ago and she already had quite the rack on her. He was pretty sure she’d fill the postion quite nicely, and if not? Well, there were lots more girls on campus that came to the club all the time to pay for school, one of them surely would.

David watched the monitor for a while longer and then went and did a round or two of the club. He was just heading back to his office when he caught sight of Tammy once more, another customer on her arm. He walked ove to the nearest bounce and leaned in, “Hey Jim, tell Tammy I want to see her after her shift.”

“You got it boss.”

David hadn’t sampled Tammy’s new upgrades and really, there was no time like the present.