Bri laid on the putting mat and played with the golf ball that she held between her fingers, holding it above her eyes and smiling. She then moved it to just above her lips, extended her tongue and flicked it with the tip several times.

There had been a time when she would have been looking to do something completely different with a golf ball, but that was long ago, or at least seemed like it to her. Oh she could still remember the hours of practice she’d put in from a young age, weekends spent on the driving range, tournament after tournament she had competed in. But they were just no longer important, at least not like they had been.

“Hey babe, spread those legs.” the man’s voice came from a few yards down the putting mat, she didn’t know his name, but that didn’t matter either.

She set the ball to the side, reached down and scooped up the ones that covered her pussy and spread her legs wide apart, “Like, sorry! I just can’t help playing with balls! *giggle*” she called back.

The sound of the putter hitting the first ball filled the room and then she felt the ball impact her thigh, “Like, nice try!”

She heard several men chuckle.

The second ball hit her other thigh and ricocheted off to the other side, almost coming in contact with her outter lips as it cross over, “Oh baby! That was soooooo close!”

The third one hit home and she arched her back and cried out, “Yes! Yes! YES!!”, as an orgasm crested.

Another found it’s target before she’d finished, then another and another, until there were too many balls between her legs to let any more in.

When she recovered, they had left and so she closed her legs, scooped up a bunch of balls and placed them on her pussy again, the pleasure coursing through her as she did.

She loved working the putting green, though she had to admit the driving range was a lot of fun too. When she’d first started working at the golf shop, she’d been looking to supplement her income to help keep up her amateur gofl career, hoping to make it to the pro tour. David had been a great boss, letter her take whatever shifts she wanted and encouraging her every step of the way.

Bri parted her lips and slipped a finger between them as she closed her eyes and moaned softly, remembering the many time she’d given David a blowjob since she’d left any though of a pro career behind and started working for him full time.

She realized now of course how silly she had been, thinking she could be a pro golfer instead of the horny little fuck bunny she was always meant to be. David had helped her a lot in that, letting her take time off to see her surgeon, advancing her money to pay for her new tits, lips and ass, and then finally promoting her to VIP hostess for his private golf academy.

She worked her finger between her lips faster, as the memory of the taste of David’s cum bubbled to the front of her mind, only to be intruppted by a new voice.

“Open up slut, I’ve got a large bucket of balls here.”

She popped her finger from her mouth, “Sorry!”, she cried back and once more cleared the balls from her pussy and spread her legs.

A large bucket of balls was perfect, because every time after they’d hit that many balls they’d need their shaft cleaned and Bri loved wrapping her lips around a long hard shaft and polishing it.

As the first ball hit her pussy and the orgasms started, her last thought was to wonder if David would need his shaft polished and his balls cleaned after work. Maybe, if she was lucky she would be able to convince him to take her to the driving range even. After all, no one had made a hole in one in her ass in weeks.