A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday September 05, 2020

“As you can see, she’s been fully reconfigured to your specifications.” The man in the suit said as he tapped away at the tablet he held.

“And the tattoos?” I replied.

“Most have been removed, the ones on her arms are scheduled for…” he said, tapping again on his tablet, “…2 weeks from yesterday. The Tattoo removal shop has been backlogged, so many of this generation have them in the stupidest of locations.”

I nodded in agreement and walked up to Ava and in to her vacant eyes for just a moment before scanning over the rest of her body. Ava was my step-daughter and had been a complete disaster since middle school. At first because her mother pampered to her every whim, and then because her mother had left without saying a word and abandoning the two of us and leaving me to deal with her.

I’d done the best I could, between my busy work schedule and having no way to relate to a moody, goth teenage step-daughter, it hadn’t gone all that well. First came the drugs, and then the arrests, and then working at a strip club to pay for the drugs, and finally the amateur porn.

She’d left the house at sixteen, moving in with her then boyfriend, until that fell apart like everything else in her life and I hadn’t seen her until three months ago. She’d come back to my house with her boyfriend/drug dealer and tried to rob me in my own home. It hadn’t gone as they expected and with some quick thinking I’d taken them both down with a handy golf club.

I’d just about called the cops, but in the five years since I’d last seen Ava, things had changed. First was the fact that a few years after she’d left, my businesses had taken a turn for the worse and I’d been forced to deal with some less than savory people to save it. Those troubles were long behind me, but I still had the connections.

Second was that Ava had changed too. Gone was the slightly pudgy goth step-daughter and in her place was a tight, young woman. She’d obviously had some work done, those tits were certainly not natural and the tattoos on her arms, neck and back were gaudy, but there was something there none the less that peaked my interest.

I quick trip to the garage to retrieve some rope and a couple of makeshift gags later, I proceeded to make two phone calls. The first was to a friend in the mob, from they guy’s ID my contact was able to track down his boss and a little over an hour later a car pulled up in my drive way to take him away. I was assured I would never see his face again..

The second call had a similar result, a unmarked white van appearing in my driveway and collecting Ava’s still unconscious body. The difference being that I was certainly going to be seeing a lot more of Ava in the future.

It was just known as “The Program”, no one knew exactly what it was or who really operated it, but in my dealings with the underbelly of the city I’d come across it. I’d been visiting a strip club to arrange some financing from a less than above board member of the community and had noticed something strange about his “secretary”. I mean, mob bosses don’t really have secretaries of course, but this woman was taking notes, and attending to whatever he needed.

Which might not have been strange in itself, but the fact that she had a massive rack, puffy lips, long blonde hair and seemed liked she should have been dancing on the stage instead of being dress like a business woman, just stood out.

The mob boss had noticed my curiosity and was more than happy, almost enthusiastic, to give me the details. How she’d been his biggest rivals daughter, an up and coming boss in her own right, how her father was dead and the program had made her in to a compliant sex toy for his amusement.

At the time I tried as hard as I could to not show the cringe I felt inwardly, but I’d seem so much worse in the years since that now looking at Ava, I was only thinking about when I could take her home.

“And the delivery date is still on track?” I asked, almost visibly licking my lips.

“Yes, beyond the tattoos, as you can see she still has some work to do on her makeup skills. Fortunately her previous life as a sex worker has given us a good base to build on. She’s already setup with a new identity and moved her in to a condo near your home.”

I nodded again, “Is she…” I asked, leadingly.

“Ready for a demonstration?” the man replied with a raised eyebrow and a small smile, “Yes. Let me show you.” he said and turned to Ava.

“Ava, show us your tits.”

Ava blinked and then her hands went to the sides of her outfit and pulled them aside, revealing the two large round implants that I’d first seen as she laid on the floor of my house.

“Play with them.” the man commanded and Ava’s fingers went for her nipples, rolling them between her fingers and then squeezing her tits as she let out a soft moan.

My dick was at full attention in my pants as the man turned to me, “And one last demonstration…” he said as he turned the rest of the way around and started walking towards the door.

“Ava, give this man a blowjob.”

Ava gasped as she stepped forward, sunk to her knees and fished into my pants for my dick. I smiled as she wrapped her lips around it and tilted her head back slight so she could look up at me. There was a brightness in her eyes that hadn’t been there just moments before, an enthusiasm as she worked up and down my shaft that couldn’t be faked.

Ava was an even better cocksucker than her mother, which had been the reason I’d married her in the first place. But unlike her mother, she wasn’t going to leave me because of the constant demands for them and suggestions about plastic surgery to improve her appearance.

And then a thought cross my mind, as Ava stroked all the way down my shaft and stayed there for a moment, how long it would be before I was enthusiastically relaying my story to another future client of the program?

If Ava was even half way as enthusiastic about me drilling her ass as she was about the blowjob, I had little doubt it wouldn’t be long.

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