She hated this part the most, sitting in the lounge of the hotel; all alone, no one touching her, no one using her.

She knew it wouldn’t last, after all the client would be there any moment. It was her own fault for getting there so early really.

She heard a set of footsteps approach her and she looked up, it was him. A shiver ran down her spine to her pussy and she sat upright, pushing her tits out as she gave him a smile and played with her hair.

The man sat down in the chair just across from her and reached out to place his hand on her knee without saying a word. Her whole body shivered at the touch, releif flowed through her and she let out a small giggle in appreciation.

He finally spoke, “So your Sophia?” he asked.

She nodded her head, “Ugh hun.”

“What if I wanted to call you Patty? Or Tits?”

She wiggled her ass forward on the chair and took his hand, guiding it under her dress and up along her inner thigh, “Oh you can call me anything you like. I’m here for your pleasure.”

She spread her legs as much as she could in the dress so his fingers could find their way to her bare, wet pussy. She let out a low moan when they did.

“I can see that. Sophia is fine.” he replied and pulled his hand away. Sophia pouted at the loss of stimulation of her pussy but stood up as soon as he did.

“I have a room upstairs, let’s go there.” he said and she smiled once more and leaned in to him, pushing her tits against his side as he lead her towards the elevators.

As soon as the doors closed he pushed her up against the mirrored wall. One hand was on her giant tit, the other on her round ass. His lips were on hers, his tongue darting in to her mouth.

She returned the attention in kind, her hands go straight for his crotch, rubbing his pants, feeling his growing erection.

She was about to drop to her knees when the elevator doors chimed and opened to the long hallway that would take them to his room. He pulled away from her and guided her from the elevator, letting her walk in front of him so he could get a good look at her swaying ass.

After a few steps he reached out and gave it a swat. She almost stopped, but managed to keep going after letting a thrilled coo. He repeated the swat several times as they approached his room, each time electing the same reaction.

She could hardly keep her hands off of him as he unlocked the door and opened it. Before it closed she was on her knees, pawing at his crotch, pulling her dress to the sides to expose her giant tits.

He didn’t waste any time and dropped his pants right then and there. He pushed her up against the wall, right beside the little rubber bumper that deadened the sound of the door when it was opened all the way, and started fucking her face with abandon.

He held her head in place with his hands and her own hands dropped to her sides. On the outside she remained passive, letting him use her mouth like some kind of inflatable sex doll. But on the inside her stomach was full of butterflies as the pleasure ripped through her entire body.

It wasn’t long before he got tired of standing though and he nearly dragged her over to the bed by the hair. He rolled her over and made quick work of her dress, pulling it from her body, leaving her naked except the heels she still wore.

Then he was slapping her tits and then her ass and she was crying out in pleasure, begging him for more.

Then he was fucking her tits and then her ass, as she begged him to go harder and deeper.

She lost count of her orgasms, they really weren’t as important as the one he had, and deposited all over her tits.

By the time she recovered from her own state of euphoria, he had cleaned up and left the room. Though he’d thoughtfully left the plain white envelope on the nightstand beside her.

She smiled and picked it up, opening the unsealed envelope with the crisp one dollar bill inside. A small orgasm raced through her as she headed towards the bathroom to clean up before heading out to see her next client.

Sophia signed the prenup with a scowl on her face, not only did she not see the need for one, but she’d never heard of this “The Perfect Divorce” arbitration company.

She put the pen down and looped a short strand of black hair over her ear before checking to make sure her white blouse didn’t have any lose strands on it. One stood out and she ran her hand over her small but firm breast to try and dislodge it.

She pushed the paperwork across the table to the lawyer on the other side, “Anything else?” she almost snarled.

“No, that’s everything.”

She stood up and walked out of the room, firmly fixed on her wedding just a few days away. She had no intention of divorcing Thomas, he was rich and would keep her in comfort, she could put up with a few of his eccentricities for that.

She shuttered unconsciously at the conversation they’d had a few months ago when he’d revealed his preference for “enhanced” women. She’d pulled off a smile and thought she covered up her revolt at the idea pretty well. He had seemed pacified with her statement that she had thought about it in the past herself.

And she had, with utter and total disgust, each and every time she saw an over stuffed set of tits on a stick that looked fake from a hundred miles away.

The conversation had gone no farther since then, though something nagged at her that he hadn’t told everything that night. Maybe he liked blondes as well?

Whatever it was, she’d put up with it until he eventually broke down and divorced her. Then she’d have the upper hand, and no matter what, even if she had to get it one dollar at a time, she’d get enough money to be set for life.