“Dennis! What are you doing here?” Victoria asked, her eyes wide as Malinda tugged upon Victoria’s bra strap with one hand until the clasp finally gave out.

“It’s not what it looks like!” Victoria continued even as her bra fell part way off, only held on by the shoulder straps.

“It isn’t?” Dennis replied, a broad smile on his face.

Malinda raise the hair brush up in the air and land a hard smack on Victoria’s rear end, “Don’t lie to Dennis you naughty little girl.”

Without hesitation Victoria closed her eyes, let out a low moan and then spoke, “Thank you Mistress… I mean Malinda! I mean… I’m not!”

Victoria came back to the moment as soon as she heard the chuckle from Dennis. Her eyes popped open once more, “I mean… it is… obviously… but… it’s just a little bit of fun!”

Another smack of the hair brush landed on her butt, her eyes closed once more as she moaned, “Thank you Mistress…”

By the time she opened them again, Malinda was rubbing her butt and Dennis was standing right in front of her. She titled her head back and looked up in to his face, her eyes filled with a mixture of fear, heat, and desperation.

Dennis placed his knuckle under her chin and titled her head back just a little more, “Just a little fun eh? Let me tell you what I see. I see my hell in heels, control freak, grade A bitch of a wife half naked and being spanked by my secretary while she thanks her and calls her Mistress like a bad little girl. Did I miss anything.”

Victoria bit her lower lip and shook her head from side to side.

“And what do you have to say for yourself Malinda?” he asked, raising his eyes from Victoria’s to the blonde that was still trying to get Victoria’s bra off of her.

“Well Sir,” Malinda started to reply before placing the hair brush on to Victoria’s lower back, and then reaching between her legs and running her fingers over his wife’s outer lips, “All I have to say is that this little slut is dripping wet and has a cherry red ass which is the cause of it.”

Malinda then took her fingers and placed them on her lips, gently sucking on them for a minute before reaching down and taking the hair brush once more.

“Isn’t that right you naughty little girl?” Malinda said as she slapped Victoria’s ass three times in quick succession.

“OH MY GOD YES MISTRESS!!!!” Victoria screamed as her whole body shook from a small orgasm that washed over her.

Dennis watched his wife’s face twist in pleasure and then go slack as a stupid grin crossed her lips as the orgasm receded.

“Do you know what I think Vicki?” Dennis asked of his half out of it wife.

“Like what Daddy?” the words tumbled out of her mouth without any thought to them.

“I think the last few months of subliminal programing have really done a number on you. Now does Vicki wanna suck on Daddy’s lollipop?”

“Oh my god yes Daddy! PLLLLLLEEEEEEAAASSSEEE?!?”

A moment later Vicki had her lollipop and each time she pulled back to the point of it almost coming out from between her lips, Malinda landed another smack of the hair brush on her ass and she dove right back down.

Victoria knew Dennis was cheating on her with that slut secretary Malinda, just knew it, but she had no proof and that made it hard to start the divorce proceedings. The pre-nup was iron clad, unless of course she could prove infidelity.

Fortunately Dennis was predicable, and it had been easy enough to get in to his phone and computer, as he’d used the same password for both that he had since they had first started dating.

She’d been searching through his messages and texts for the last week or so, each day monitoring his activity, but she’d found nothing so far. But she knew she would eventually, she had to just keep searching. At first she’d only scanned over his messages for maybe a few minutes, but as the week had progressed she’d spent more and more time going over them.

She put his phone down and relocked it, he’d been in his study for the last couple of hours and hit had given her her longest look yet at his phone. As she quietly moved away from the hall table where he’s set it when he arrived home, she shook her head in disappointment.

She still wasn’t getting enough time with his phone and computer to find what she needed, perhaps she’d have to get up earlier in the morning and spend some time before he got up searching as well. Yes, yes that seemed like a good idea.

A smile crept across her lips, it was a brilliant idea and she was sure to find what she was looking for. And if not… well, maybe she could drop by his office once in a while and pump that stupid slut for information as well?

Vicki hated moving, she was going to lose all her friends at school! But Mistress… Vicki’s pussy tingle at the very though of her stepmom Malinda, had said it was necessary because Vicki had been a “stupid slut and caused all kinds of problems at school”.

Vicki could still see the disappointed look on Daddy’s face and the simple memory of it still made he reach up and grab each of her pigtails and pout.

“Oh what is it now pumpkin, don’t you like your room?” Dennis asked as the two of them stood in the doorway to it.

“Oh my god no Daddy! I love it!” her pout quickly vanished and she skipped in to the room filled with stuffed animals and pink frilly things all over the place. She dove on to the bed and rolled over several times, giggling as she did so.

Eventually she sat up on the edge of the bed and the pout threatened to return, “Daddy… Malinda…” the word had barely slipped from her lips when the stern look on Dennis’ face appeared, “I mean Mistress said that she was going to home school me from now on, cause, like I’m such a stupid slut that I can’t be trusted around boys.”

Dennis nodded, “Is that a problem Vicki?”

“Uhm… like I totally know I’m a stupid slut, but like, I can be around boys! Honest!”

“Really?” he replied with an incredulous look on his face, “Let’s test that theory out shall we?”

Dennis unbuckled his belt and then undid his pants, letting them drop to the floor. His underwear followed right after freeing his harding shaft from its confinement.

Vicki’s eyes went wide as she slipped off the bed and quickly crawled over and wrapped her lips around it. Her head bobbed up and down until she got what she wanted and Dennis’ cum flowed down her throat.

“Mmmmm…. thanks Daddy! *giggle*” she said as Dennis walked over to her bed and sat on the edge with a disapproving look in his face.

It finally registered in Vicki’s mind what had just happened, “Darn it! I’m sorry Daddy, Vicki will do better, honest!”

But Dennis was already gently tapping his knees and Vicki slowly stood up and walked over to him. Her head hung low and her hand clasped in front of her.

“I’m sorry Daddy. Vicki has been a bad girl. Will you please punish Vicki?”

A single nod and she got on to the bed and laid herself across his lap, ass up.

The first slap of his hand landed and her voiced cried out, “Thank you Daddy!”

It wasn’t long before her cries drew Malinda in to the room and Vicki knew that soon she’d be licking Mistress’s pussy as Daddy spanked her.

A smile cross her lips as the words came out, as she realized that tomorrow, when Mistress started home schooling her, that her ass was going to be red every day.

Cause, she was a stupid slut, and stupid sluts made all kinds of mistakes in school and Mistress would punish her for each and every one of them.