A hands on kind of leader...

Thursday October 15, 2020

The look in Kim’s eyes was priceless as she gazed up at my wife adjusting her stocking. Pure, unadulterated, devotion.

It hadn’t always been that way, my wife and I run a very successful law firm together in the city and we both enjoy the challenge of it. Neither of us is what you would call old, but no longer young either, unlike Kim who was barely out of diapers at least mentally.

Kim had started working at the firm a few months ago on an internship with really only one thought on her mind, use her youth and beauty to land a rich lawyer. She had unfortunately for her, decided to target me as the senior partner.

At the start I was of course flattered, to a degree, and Sarah was more than understanding as she had experienced the same thing from some of the young men that interned at the office as well.

We had an agreement about such things, as long as we told each other about them, we could have just a little bit of fun at their expense. Only a little though and after a few pleasant back and fourths with Kim, I told her I wasn’t interested and quite happy with my wife. Normally that was more than enough to dissuade such problems, but as I said, Kim had only one thought on her mind.

When she sent fake text messages between us to my wife, well, that was unacceptable. I was just going to fire her, but Sarah was more interested in playing with Kim a little more, especially after a few of the fake messages specific called out her “advancing years”.

I believe my wife’s words were “I think that little minx should be taught her proper position”.

Now both my wife and I are generally speaking, good people. We work hard, are well respected in the community, and have a successful law practice. In fact on of the most successful law practices in the country.

This success was in part due to our sharp legal minds and dedicated employees that did their research, but we both also had an advantage of being able to read and control minds.

It was what brought us together and kept us together as well. We both knew how much we loved each other, in a way that no other couples could quite honestly.

But it wasn’t like our power was unlimited or anything, reading a mind was pretty easy, especially for surface thoughts. They almost bubbled up and cried out to be read. Deeper thoughts took some effort and time, 20 minutes alone in a room and either of us could tell you someone’s deepest darkest secrets.

To say that this was an advantage during cross examination and taking statements was an understatement of epic proportions.

Changing a mind though, that took a lot more effort and time. Want to make someone who is indifferent to chocolate icecream, love it? Spend an hour focusing on just that and you’d get part way there. To really have the change stick, you had to re-enforce it over multiple sessions.

We of course had 8 hours a day for months to work on Kim.

It started out with just basic respect, for both of us. Then advanced on to admiration, trust, belief, wonder, awe, and finally submission.

Unbeknownst to me, my wife was also adding in other little quirks to her mind, most notably pet play.

The first time I had come home to Kim at my wife’s feet, her ears sticking out from her head and her tail wagging as she licked Sarah’s feet, had been startling but also exciting.

The timing of it all had worked out perfectly, Kim was fully committed to the idea of being a house hold pet to my wife and I just as her internship ended. Her resignation from her program surprised no one at the school as she had never show much real interest in it anyway.

Kim had been living at our home for the last week in a spare room that contained a large dog bed, a bowl of water and a bowl of some hard crackers.

Sarah finished adjusting her stocking and reached over and petted Kim’s head. Kim immediately leaned in and snuggled up to my wife’s leg.

“Ah, KimKim is such a good girl. Does KimKim want a special treat?” Sarah asked and Kim wiggled her ass and gave out a little bark.

Sarah took a step back and sat on the edge of the bed, spreading her legs to reveal her naked pussy. Kim dove forward and buried her face between Sarah’s legs, her tonge eagerly licking at my wife’s moist pussy.

“Mmmmm… that’s a good girl KimKim, lick you’re owners pussy and get your special treat.”

I walked over behind Kim and leaned down, placing my hands on her hips and pulling her upright so she was bend over at the waist, still licking away. I pushed in to her dripping wet pussy and a muffuled yelp came from between my wife’s legs.

“That’s right KimKim, lick my pussy and take my husbands cock. Be right where slutty little minx like you should be, serving a real man and a real woman.”

I could feel my wife’s power flowing in to Kim, pushing her pleasure up higher and higher. Her desire to have her tongue buried in my wife’s pussy deeper and deeper. Her need for my cock to fill her more and more. But there was something else, something my wife was slipping in around Kim’s already compromised defense, a need for that pinned on tail to become part of her, to be buried deep inside of her, in the only hole that wasn’t otherwise being used.

I smiled at my wife and she smiled back, both knowing exactly what she was doing and it only took a few more minutes for Kim to bring us both to orgasm.

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