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Wednesday October 21, 2020

“MMMMFFFFFFFFFFFGGGGHGHGHHHH!!!!!” Destiny Woman cried out through the ball gag as yet another orgasm rocked her body, the vibrator incessantly buzzing away between her legs.

Her eyes finally opened to the screen once more playing the disgusting video that contained a busty blonde woman sucking a man’s dick. The audio was playing through the speakers to each side of the screen.

“A good fuck toy loves to suck cock. A good slut takes it deep. A good bitch begs for it.”

She struggled at her bonds once more, even as the vibrator slowly brought her closer and closer to orgasm once more.

And then it stopped. The screen went black, the sound went silent and the vibrator no longer hummed.

It was then she noticed The Pharmacist standing beside her. He leaned down and unbuckled the gag from her and pulled it out of her mouth.

“You… you bastard…” she managed to spit out and he smiled down at her.

“I take it then the drug cocktail is working well? The monitors say you’ve averaging one orgasm every 93 seconds, quite impressive really.”

“Fu… fu… fuck you… you.. you can’t do this… I’m Destiny Woman!” she managed to finally say and sound almost convincing.

“Oh my dear Destiny Woman, of course I can. In fact, of course I *am*.” he replied with emphasis. Her entire body shook with the force of his words.

“And you know it too. I’ve already stripped you of your powers and even now, after just a few hours, you’re finding it hard to put up a fight. By this time tomorrow you’ll be nothing more than a quivering fuck toy, begging to be used. And… you… know… it.” he said, pausing between the last few words for effect.

Her whole body quivered again and she failed to suppress a small whimper.

“But I didn’t come here to talk to you about what was inevitable at this point. I have something else to talk to you about.”

“You… you do? What?”

“Well, as much as I enjoy watching you break under the constant attention of our little friend here…” he said, waving at the vibrator, “There’s something I enjoy even more… watching you choose your fate.”

“N… Never! You might break me… but.. I’ll never…”

“Never is the wrong thing to say at this moment, let me tell you why. You see on the other side of the wall behind you, right now, is Fortune Girl. She’s similarly restrained, depowered, drugged, and orgasming like a slut every… 112 seconds. She seems to be able to hold out a little longer than you in that regard. And on the other side of the wall in front of you is Future Matron, similarly depowered, drugged, restrained, and orgasming… every 86 seconds. She was obviously a little more of a slut that you were to begin with.”

Destiny Woman shook her head in disbelief, but the screen in front of her came to life and on it two live video feeds showed her the truth.

Enraged she pulled at her restraints with all her might, but all that happened was they cut in to her now vulnerable skin even deeper.

She glared at him in defeat, “Ah, good. Now here’s the the deal. Each of you is going to gain a personal kink, something that you personally will focus on when it comes to sex. But what that is I’m going to leave to you, to a degree at least. One of you is going to become focused on your tits to the point that you’ll orgasm only for them being fucked, another is going to become a blowjob queen and the third is going to become an anal only slut.”

“No! You… you can’t!”

“There’s that word again…” he said shaking his head, “but as I’ve already said, I can and will.”

Her body shuttered once more at the force of his words and deep down she knew he was right, she was already losing the battle against the drugs.

“So, the only question remains is which will you be, and which will your friends be. And that is the choice I’m giving you. You can pick any of the three and the others will not have it as a choice. Of course the question becomes how do you make your decision. Do chose the one that you think would be the easiest? Giving yourself the easiest time of it? Or do you chose the hardest? Saving your friends for it?”

“I… I…”

“Oh don’t worry, you don’t have to answer right now, I’ll give you a couple of hours to think about it…” he replied and pushed the gag between her lips once more and secured it behind her head. Then the screen, audio and vibrator started up again and he left.

Ending One

“Hey baby… *giggle*” Didi said as she pulled up on her the sides of her top and jiggled her tits. She then stepped forward and wrapped her arms around the man and squished her tits in to his chest and let out a low moan.

“Oh god baby, that feels sooooooo good!”

He reached around her waist and grabbed her ass and then pushed his face in to her cleavage. She closed her eyes and tossed her head back, her lips parting as gasped at the pleasure.

He didn’t wait any longer and pushed her back against the kitchen island and then let go of her ass and undid her top, freeing the two massive tits that it strained to contain.

It wasn’t long before they were in the bedroom, her on her back, him straddling her and sliding his dick between her tits. When he finally released on to them, she cried out in pleasure as her own orgasm crested and her body shook.

He left soon enough, like they all did. She didn’t know where they came from, all she knew was that when the did arrive, it was her job to make sure they fucked her tits.

She let out a sigh as she stepped in to the shower and cleaned up, when her fingers ran the soap over her ass, her mind wandered to her friends like it often did.

Which one of them had become the anal slut and which had become the blowjob queen?

She knew she’d been selfish and chosen the one that would be easiest for her. She’d always been a bit of a titty girl away, though after so many surgeries now she would never have guessed what it would be like in the end.

She shut off the water and dried herself off, she picked up her outfit and checked for any stains the last man might have left and found none so put it back on. There would be another one arriving soon and she still had to re-apply her makeup and get something to eat if she could.

Maybe one day The Pharmacist would let her see her friends again, but she doubted it and so was just happy that she had a constant flow of men to fuck her tits and went back to her routine.

Ending Two

Didi leaned back on the bed and giggled, “Like, hi Daddy, do you wanna play?” she said as she held the pink cuffs between her hands.

She licked her lips and then brought a finger to them as her husband stood at the foot of her bed.  The Pharmacist had “married” her off to one of the local mob bosses in exchange for access to the ports to bring his chemicals in to the country.

She had been more than happy with the arrangement, she’d already been blowing him every week, sometimes twice.  This just meant that she got to suck him even more often.

He grabbed her boots and pulled her down the bed, until her ass almost hung off of it and then pulled her upright.  She twisted around and placed her hands behind her back where he placed the cuffs on her.  Then he pushed her back down and spun her around until her head was where her ass had been and he positioned it perfectly so her mouth and throat were in a straight line.

Then he started to fuck her face… hard.  He knew how she liked it and never held back as she gagged and spit started to come out of the corner of her lips.  She was in heaven and her orgasms started almost right away.

They grew even stronger when she felt him place his hand on her throat so that his cock had even less room to enter her throat.  Her body twitched and spasmed with each orgasm as her makeup was ruined by the spit running down her face and in to her hair.

She would never have imagined it could ever be like this before.  Before she’d chosen this for herself.  it was all she had been able to do, Fortune Girl had always loved her large breasts and so she’d known Future Matron would leave that for her if she was the second to chose.

But not matter how hard she had tried, she had been unable to accept becoming an anal slut, it horrified her to her very core.  And so, she’d accepted becoming the blowjob queen instead, dooming her friend to take it instead.

Perhaps she would forgive her if they ever met again, perhaps not.  But that seemed unlikely.  She was a mob bosses trophy wife now, she doubted either of her friends made it out any better.

As if to emphasis the point, her husband pulled out from between her lips and sent several streams of cum on to her face and lips.  Her back arched, her body shuttered, and she cried out in pure bliss as the final orgasm rocked her.

Ending Three

Didi walked down the beach beside Fifi, their bronzed skin soaking in the island sun. They had only recently been reunited, Fifi having spent several months as little more than a glory hole girl at a club in Miami while Didi was busy on the island “entertaining” the drug lord that The Pharmacist was negotiating with.

The Pharmacist needed the drug lords distribution network, and well, the drug lord really didn’t need anything. That is until The Pharmacist sent Didi to do the negotiations.

That first meeting had ended with her bend over his desk, his cock reaming her ass, and her crying out for him to go deeper and harder. Her orgasm had been monumental.

After that, negotiations had started in earnest. After a month they had “hammered” out a basic deal, that included her ass being permanently impaled on his cock and she couldn’t have been happier.

Well, at least at the time. It was only after thinking about it a bit, and several attempts by him to fuck her pussy or get a blowjob, that she realized the deal might not quite be complete.

She’d suggested a few minor changes, nothing that altered what The Pharmacist wanted, but it did give her an opportunity to suggest that Fifi and Mimi might be good additions to the deal, if he wanted the best blowjob and titty fuck on the planet of course.

She had managed to get Fifi added to the deal and so The Pharmacist had forwarded her along, but Mimi was otherwise occupied, and so the deal was not yet complete.

Fortunately The Pharmacist was fully willing to part with all three of them, having used each of them for months before sending them out to do his bidding in other cities.

Mimi would be joining them soon though, she was simply recovering from her second boob job, and then all three of them would be together again.

“Like, whatcha thinking about Didi?” Fifi said as she looked at her friend.

“*giggle* Like, nothin…” Didi replied, snapping out of her train of thought and back in to the moment.

“Great, then, like can I suggest something?” Fifi asked.

“Like, sure!”

“*giggle* Can we, like go back and see if Antonio wants to use us? *giggle*”

Didi rolled her eyes, but the tingling in her ass told her that it had been too long since Antonio had fucked it and so she let out a sigh, “Ok… like sure.”

Fifi pouted a little, “Ok, but like this time, can I blow him *before* he fucks your ass?”

“*giggle* Like, I can’t promise anything… you know how I get when I see a cock! *giggle*”

“Duh, like yeah… me too! *giggle*”

The two naked women turned and slipped their arms around each others waist and headed back to the house, where they were sure Antonio would be waiting for them.

They both new they would only have another week or so alone with Antonio, when Mimi showed up they’d have to share him three ways, so they were determined to take advantage of the reamining time as much as they could.

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