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Thursday October 29, 2020

Sometimes patience was a virtue.

Take for example these four girls that had arrived at my club two years ago for Halloween. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen them, they often came to my club to hang out, get free drinks, flirt with he guys that they never went home with, and in general have a good time at everyone else’s expense.

Nothing wrong with that of course, heck, most of the guys come here expecting exactly that. In fact they are drawn to my club because it’s filled with girls like this.

But that Halloween was different for them, unlike most of the time, where they knew their limits and only played with the boys on the dance floor, one of them got the idea to hit up the VIP area.

Now you have to understand something about my club, the VIP area is very VIP. Most nights it’s completely empty as you have to have a membership to get in to it. Membership is a privilege.

Members are off limits unless they engage first, and everyone knows that.

But for whatever reason these four decided to break the rule and crash the VIP.

The wreaked havoc for quite a while before the VIP members had had enough and called security and had the four of them escorted out. There were at least smart enough not to come back to my club anytime soon, but that didn’t mean they weren’t on the watch list.

After six months I guess they figured it was safe to show their faces again, little did they know how wrong they were.

It was easy enough to offer them some drinks, they knew who I was, and getting an in with the owner seemed like a good idea to them at the time. As I said though, patience is a virtue and so I took it slow, adding just enough of the drug supplied by one of my VIP’s to string them along.

The drug wasn’t legal of course, and I don’t know where it came from, but I do know what it did.

After just a couple of doses, they were hooked, coming back to the club and making a beeline for me each time. After a few weeks I started to make myself scarce on the floor and watched them on the monitors milling about the club in almost a panic.

When I finally showed myself in the club, they all eagerly agreed to join me in the VIP, which was empty on that particular night. I guided them in to the farthest back area of the VIP where the sound of the thumping music was lessoned just a bit.

The relative quiet let me start to get to work on all four of them. As while the drug was highly addictive, it also opened up the mind to suggestion. If wasn’t like an on off switch where you could just tell them anything and they’d believe it. It was more subtle than that. You had to guide them along a series of small steps to get them to the destination you wanted.

Little things like suggesting they would look good as a blonde, or how fuller lips were all the rage, or how larger breasts would definitely suit them.

And of course any time you could tell them something about themselves that was even a little bit true, that was even better. Like when one of them got a little “handsy” one night and I leaned in and whispered to them how much of a horny slut they are to be unable to keep their hands off of me.

It took time, but I think you’ll agree that by the time Halloween rolled around again, it was well worth the effort.

They sent me this photo as they were just on their way to the club that second Halloween.

All four of them were completely different girls by this point. Gone were the entitled party girls, replaced with horny sluts that could only think about how to get in a guys pants.

I’d arranged for them to stay in the VIP all night as a surprise to the members, sort of as a “sorry about last year” present.

I’m pretty sure that every single one of the VIP members had their dicks in at least one of the girls holes that night and from what I heard, at least two of the girls spent at least the weekend with a couple of the members.

After that night, all four of them became fixtures in the VIP area, often going home with the members. The few nights now when there was no one in the VIP, the girls went out in to the crowd and mingled until they found guys to go home with.

The club had always been a hot spot, but there was now a buzz throughout the city about it and every night there was a lineup around the block right up until close.

Eventually though, something had to change. That kind of behaviour eventually effected other parts of their lives. One of them was fired from their job when they offered to blow their manager after being late yet again instead of being written up. One’s ultra conservative parents, who had been paying for their lifestyle, had walked in to the apartment they had rented for her and found her sprawled out naked on the couch with two guys.

In the end, I did the only thing I could.

I took this photo earlier today at their “interview” to work as waitresses at my club. I mean, there their every night anyway, I might as well put them to work.

I found them a nice apartment building about a 10 minute walk away, technically they have two apartments, but realistically they swap around so much that they pretty much sleep wherever they can find a free bed. Sometimes the bed doesn’t even need to be free, just have enough space so they can join whoever is already in it.

I’ve weaned them off the drug itself, but I spent so much time moulding their minds over those six months or so, they really have no psychological defence against anything that I might suggest.

For example, when I suggest that the last part of the interview process was to see how much cum they could suck out of my cock… well… I’ll just leave this here…

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