Lana walked out of the house and got half way down the walkway before the thought struck her, “Oh my god, what am I doing going out to the store like this?!?”

She shook her head slightly as she rested her latex covered hand on her face and a wiry smiled crossed her lips and a slight chuckle escaped her lips. Turning around she headed back in to the house and headed up to the bedroom and to her vanity.

She picked up the bottle of silicone lubricant and started to polish up her outfit, then, when she was satisfied, she set the bottle back on to the vanity. Picking up the full hood from beside it, she slipped it over her head and made sure it was tucked in to the neck of her top before applying more lubricant all over it.

Once finished, she took a moment to look in the mirror, the hood covering her entire face except her eyes, even her moth was covered with just a few small holes to let her breath through.

Lana quickly walked back downstairs and out the door, moving along the path until she emerged from the house and turned to the left towards the small market down the street.

When she arrived there were only a few other people in it; there was a man obviously taking his puppygirl for a walk, a blonde poured in to a corset with her tits overflowing from it, and the cashier behind the counter.

Lana quickly picked up a shopping basket and moved swiftly through the store, picking up the items she needed to make dinner later. When she was finished she walked up to the counter and unloaded her basket, the cashier dutifully scanning them one at a time.

When he was done, Lana separated her latex glove from the sleeve of her top just enough for the barcode tattooed on her wrist to show through and the cashier scanned it as well, completing the sale.

Lana once more walked down the street, this time towards home, but her thoughts were still back in the store. Still on the blonde, her gigantic tits on display, her mass of long blonde hair almost forming a shroud around her head, the impossible small waist that the corset relentlessly was shaping.

Her owner had spent a lot of money upgrading her and Lana was jealous. Oh sure, her owner fucked her every night, called her a slut and used all three of her holes for his own pleasure, and he talked about how big he was going to make her tits one day, but he hadn’t done anything to upgrade her yet.

She let out a soft sigh as she turned off the street and back to the walkway to the house, perhaps he would soon, she could always hope at least. After all the only thing better than *being* a fuck toy, was being *shown* off as a fuck toy.