A hands on kind of leader...

Friday November 06, 2020

Katrina sipped the cocktail as she sat at the bar waiting, a sudden flash of text on the inside of her smart glasses made her set her drink down and take a look around the bar. Across the room, just entering it, was a man that the glasses lit up like an angel and a smile formed on her lips.

Or at least it tried too, the latest round of fillers in her lips had it hard to smile, or even close her mouth if she was honest, but she had done them anyway.

Slipping the glasses from her nose and folded them and place them in her purse hanging off of her chair, before standing up and walking over to him.

When she arrived she smiled and greeted him, “Hello Sir, I am very excited to finally met you.” she said with a slight lisp from her lips.

He smiled a wolfish grin back and looked her up and down. She made sure he could see everything he wanted to.

“Hello Kitty, I see you are everything they promised… and more.”

“Oh yes Sir, very much so. What may I call you tonight?”

“Well my name is Donald, but I think I like the sound of ‘sir’ coming from you.”

“Oh very good Sir. Thank you Sir.”

He reached out and slipped his hand around her waist and guided her back to the bar. He ordered a drink for himself and one for her without asking.

It wasn’t long before he was groping her ass and tits. By the third drink he was making out with her right there in the bar. She eagerly let him until she couldn’t take it any more.

“Please Sir, can we go to your room? I want that big hard cock between my big fake tits. I want it buried deep in my ass as I beg you to go deeper and harder.” she whispered in to his ear.

He needed no more encouragement as he grabbed her ass and took her up to his room.

Kat rubbed her head as the text scrolled across the smart glasses she wore, “Hey, is a headache normal?” she asked.

“I really can’t say, it would taint the test. Just record down anything you experienced in the evaluation form afterwards.”

Kat rolled her eyes and pursed her thin lips together as she continued to go through the test software. She’d signed up as a test subject not knowing what she would be testing, but had been so excited when it had turned out to be a pair of smart glasses.

Everyone in her computer science course was saying that they would be the next big thing!

But the headache was getting worse the longer she wore them and she still had two hours left in the testing!

She let out a sigh and pushed through it, after all, they were paying her a lot. $20,000 for just one day of testing.

‘I could get a nice big pair of fake tits with that much and still have lots left over!’ she thought and then scrunched her forehead.

Where had that strange thought come from?

Sure, her b cups weren’t huge or anything, but all of her boyfriends had liked them.

‘Yeah, but they were all losers anyway…’

The lines in her forehead grew thicker, were they losers? Well, maybe, they were kinda young and inexperienced after all.

The realization was like a weight off her shoulders and her headache faded just slightly.

Yes, yes they were loses! And why shouldn’t she have big fake tits? And lips if that’s what she wanted to spend the money on?

A shiver of pleasure ran down her spine and nuzzled in to her pussy and her headache vanished as the smart glasses displayed a message.

“Stage one complete. Proceed to stage two? Y/n”

She visually “clicked” yes and let out a gasp as a small orgasm crested.

She finished stage 2 much quicker than stage 1, and stage 3, 4, 5, and 6 even faster than that.

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