The Red Hound stood in the parking garage, her trusty dogs at each side of her as she looked right at the two men standing in front of her.

One was Doctor Knot, a villain she’d been hunting for the better part of six months with no results. The other, she wasn’t sure of.

“Sit!” Doctor Knot said in a firm, commanding voice and her two dogs instantly dropped their bums to the floor. Unfortunately, she did as well.

“Impressive.” the unknown man said.

“Yes, she was quite the bitch to break, but they all break in the end. Isn’t that right Hound?” he asked.

“Arf!” she replied, humiliated beyond belief.

He was right she’d resisted with every ounce of her free will, but the combination of drugs, physical torture, and physiological attacks had, in the end, broken her.

That didn’t mean she was some mindless automaton of course. She still knew who she was and what was going on was wrong. That the man she didn’t recognize was here to purchase her from Doctor Knot and that she had no say in the matter.

“Of course if you don’t want the mutts that’s fine, I brought them mostly as a demonstration really.” Doctor Knot said, waiving his hand as if her prized dogs were little more than strays from the pen. It infuriated her, but her face remained calm and placid even as the coolness of the paving stones beneath her slowly worked it’s way in to her ass.

“Yes, well the client isn’t much of a dog person. I think one bitch will be more than enough for him.”

“Of course, of course. Apollo! Flash! Back to the van.” Doctor Knot barked and her dogs quickly got up and ran and jumped in to the back of the van that they had arrived in. She hoped she would see them again, but deep down she knew that was not going to happen.

“What other ‘tricks’ does she know?” the man asked.

“Anything you might imagine. She doesn’t think she’s a dog or anything, I’ve just told her to act like a dog and she’s playing along with it. She’s still fully in there, just no longer with any real free will. Let me show you… lay down.”

She quickly changed positions so her legs were under her and her breasts were pushed against the paving stones.

“Wag your tail.”

She pushed her ass up in to the air as high as she could and wiggled her ass from side to side.

“Lick my boot.”

She crawled over to his feet and started to lick at his boot toe.

“Enough, stand up and tell me what you are.”

She quickly rose to her feet, her hands at her sides as she bowed her head, “I am your property, your slave. I exist only to serve and please you Master.”

He nodded his head, “Sit!” he commanded and her ass was once more on the paving stones.

“Very good.” the unknown man said, “If you can just give me a moment…” he continued as he pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed a number as he stepped away.

Doctor Knot reached down and stroked her hair and she let out an appreciative whimper, “Very well done Hound, I think you will have a new owner very soon. I’m told he has a large estate outside of the city, he’ll have lots of room to run you through your paces.”

A moment later the man returned and spoke, “You’ll find your asking price has been transfered to your account Doctor Knot.”

She watched Doctor Knot pull out his phone and check, a smile crossing his lips that she hadn’t seen since the moment he’d finally broken her.

He reached in to his pocket and pulled out a leash and secured it around her neck, then passed the other end to the man.

Doctor Knot reached down and titled her head upwards so she was looking right in to his eyes, “You have been sold, this man will take you to your new owner. If you do not perform as you have been trained, he will return you to me and I will make sure that you are so thoroughly broken that you believe you really are nothing more than a dog. Do I make myself clear?”

She nodded her head, almost in tears, as she knew he was not kidding. In the weeks it had taken to break her, he’d walked a fine line, pushing her far enough without going too far. She knew it would have been easy for him to simply wipe out her mind and start from scratch, leaving her little more than an animal.

But what scared her more was the fact that she, even now, didn’t know if it would have been preferable. She had fought so hard to keep her mind in tact, but had it been worth it? A lifetime of knowing she was broken, or a lifetime of blissful ignorance? Which was better?

The tug on the leash brought her back to the moment and she crawled towards the limo that the other man had arrived in, to be taken to her new owner. If she was lucky her new owner would not give her time to think about such things.