Mellisa sighed as she looked in to the mirror, what had she done to herself?

She lifted her hands from the counter and gave her breasts a heft upwards and then frowned, they still looked good, but they used to sit higher. And her lips definitely needed a refill, she smiled widely and moved her head from side to side a little, at least her teeth still were gleaming white.

She let out another sigh and tried to remember a simpler time, a time when her appearance wasn’t as important as it was now. A time when her ambitions were more than just to look sexy and bring pleasure to David.

The though of his name sent a shiver down her spine and right in to her pussy. Her lips parted as she gasped a little and then whispered his name as one hand went between her legs and another squeezed her breast.

He was going to be home soon, she knew she didn’t have time to masturbate yet again, but it took every ounce of her willpower to pull her fingers away from her pussy and back up on to the counter.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again.

It hadn’t always been that way, the mere thought of his name hadn’t always made her wet and needy. In fact when they had first meet it had been the exact opposite. They had been rivals at the tech company they both worked for, both trying to upstage the other, for the next promotion in what seemed like and endless line of them.

And then something had changed… she wasn’t sure what, but she was sure about when.

David… god she gripped the counter harder forcing herself not to give in… had just been promoted above her. They had been jocking for the same position and he’d won out, this time, though she’d won the last promotion before that so technically they were still even, when he’d requested a meeting with her.

He’d shown her a presentation for a project the team he had just inherited was working on, but for the life of her she couldn’t remember a single moment of it.

What she did remember was the change, it was like a light switch had been flipped in her mind. Gone was the drive to succeed at work, replaced with an obsession of her looks and with… him.

A month later she had been demoted due to dereliction of duty. Two months after that she had been fired for sexual harassment when she’d tried to crawl under his desk and give him a blow job. He’d recorded the entire thing and sent it to HR immediately.

Six months after the change she’d undergone surgery and completely changed her life all for him. Somehow, deep down, she knew what he wanted. He didn’t want an equal, someone to have an intelligent conversation with. No, he wanted a a bit titted slut that would fuck and suck him whenever and wherever he wanted.

And so that’s what she’d dedicated herself to being. She reshaped her body, both in the gym and under the knife, just as she’d reshaped her mind with porn and endless vapid reality TV.

The next time she saw him, after the restraining order had expired, was at the club she’d been stripping at to make ends meet.

He’d taken her back in to the VIP where she’d let him maul her tits and ass, stick his fingers in her mouth and pussy, until she could take it no more. She’d unbuckled his pants and gone down on him just like she’d practiced to all those porno she’d watched.

She’d pulled back at just the right time for him to cum all over her face and her body has shook with the orgasm that had crested.

For the first few months he’d text her when he would be coming over and she eagerly waited for him to fuck her.

Finally, he’d just told her she was moving in to his house, and for the last four years she’d been exactly what he wanted.

But things had started to change, she could see his eye drifting from her on to other women. Younger women, bustier women, blonder women.

With a final sigh she reached over and picked up her phone, scrolling through the numbers under she found the one she was looking for. A moment after dialing it, a familiar voice answered.

“Hello, Dr. Drogen’s office. Tammy speaking.”

“Hi Tammy, it’s Mellisa Duncan calling.”

“Oh, hello Mellisa! What can I do for you today.”

“Does Dr. Drogen have any appointments free this week?”

“Um, let me look… not this week but he has one next Wednesday at 3pm if that works?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

“Great! Can I put down what the appointment is for?”

“Sure. I’m looking to upgrade my implants and maybe do something more permenant with my lips.”

“No problem, thanks. Anything else I can do for you today?”

“No, that’s it Tammy. Thank you.”

“Ok, have a great day then and see you next Wednesday at 3.”

Mellisa set her phone down and looked in the mirror once more, what had she done to herself?

Whatever she had done, it was nothing in comparison to what she was willing to do to keep David.

This time she couldn’t help herself and her fingers shot to her pussy as she sunk to the floor. In her mind she imagined herself with a full head of blonde hair, puffy new lips and a massive new rack.

She came hard when she imagined David standing over her, her hands jerking him off all over her new tits.