“Marfm!” Pebbles spoke through the bone between her teeth as she extended her paws out towards her owner.

Things were so confusing for Pebbles, there was a voice in the back of her head screaming at her to run away, she was outside, he’d never be able to catch her, the fat fuck!

But every over fiber in her body told her to stay right here, just as he’d commanded her to just a moment ago.

“Johnathan!” a familiar voice called from a little ways away to Pebbles left. Her owner turned to look and so did Pebbles, which was a mistake of course.

Her own slapped her paw, “Bad girl. Bad Pebbles, stay!”

Her eyes shot straight forward as she let out a little whimper from around the bone. Her owner turned to the side as another man walked up to him.

“Donald, how are you?” her owner asked of the other man.

“Good, good. I was beginning to wonder if we’d see you out in the park again, or if our little wager had gotten the better of you.” the other man said with a smirk.

“Oh, what, her?” her owner said, nodding his head towards her, “Don’t be silly. These ardent feminists take a bit longer to break in, but once you do… well…”

Her owner turned towards her, looked her right in the eyes and issued a command, “Sit!”

Before she knew she had even reacted she was on her knees, her arms stretched out to the ground, her chest pushed forward as she looked up at the two men.

“Roll over!” ignoring the dirt she got down on her stomach and rolled over on to her back.

“Spread them!” she grabbed her ankles and pulled them up to her head, her bare pussy on display for the two of them.

“Beg!” she whimpered through the bone between her teeth as they watched.

“Good girl.” her owner said and her whole body shook as an orgasm came over her.

“Most impressive Johnathan, most impressive. I have to admit, I was sure I’d win, after all how would you convince her to spend enough time with you to influence her. But hiring her as your ‘diversity champion’ for your company was a stroke of genius.”

“Yes, I had to admit it worried me for a few days until I saw that speech she gave about driving diversity in the executive ranks. After that it was easy, she even got to claim ‘success’ when she stepped down to ‘pursue other opportunities’ as the corporate speak goes.”

The other man chuckled, “Well I guess I owe you a bottle of scotch…”

“Thats not quite ture yet… after all, I promised a show puppy so she’s not quite done yet. There’s still a little bit of the old her in there, but it will be gone in another week or so, and then I’ll start her physical changes. I mean, you can’t have a show puppy with tiny tits like that now can you?”

The other man chuckled again, “No, no you can’t. Right as always Johnathan. I look forward to seeing the results.”

Her owner nodded and then turned back to her, “Stand!” he commanded and she shot up to her feet. He started to walk way and she followed along behind him, the little voice in the back of her head whimpering, simpering, begging for her to run away. But all Pebbles could do was think about how proud her owner would be to show her off once she had those big fake tits he kept telling her about.