A hands on kind of leader...

Tuesday November 24, 2020

Rachael looked at the door and wondered who it would be. She didn’t know who had bought her, or for that matter how something like that was even possible, but she knew it was true.

Just like she had known she *needed* to get breast implants, and spend more time at the gym, and to change her entire wardrobe.

These things hadn’t been her own ideas, just like the thought that simmered in the back of her mind all the time wasn’t hers; she was property.

Had it been that new vaccine that everyone had gotten? Or maybe her visit to the laser eye surgeon? The new phone she’d bought?

It was impossible to tell for sure how it had been done, but one day that thought had wormed its way in to her head and hadn’t left since. It had changed her life entirely, from top to bottom. Where once she’d been a successful real estate agent, making a good living for herself, she was now nearly broke and desperate for her owner to finally take possession of her.

She had seen similar changes in several of her friends, as they abandoned long held beliefs and habits for new ones. She hadn’t talked to her best friend Tabitha in over a month, the bubbly blonde seeming to be especially susceptible to whatever had been done. Rachael was pretty sure Tabitha’s new owner had picked her up just after the last text message Rachael had received from her, “Oh my god, like, he’s here!”

After that, there was only silence from her friend.

Rachael heard the door of the hotel room jiggle and then the electronic lock whirl as it opened. Her eyes went wide, her lips parted as she too in a gasp of excitement.

He stepped in to view and her head swirled in excitement as an orgasm crashed over her and she fell back on to the bed, her back arching, her body twitching.

A single thought ran through her head over and over, “My owner is finally here!”, and her body confirmed the joy that brought to her over and over again.

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